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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

GirlsMadrid is an online directory of independent and agency escorts that provide their services in the capital of Spain.

Belonging to the GirlsBCN group, a group of online directories with 17 years of experience in the professional sex promotion sector, this site also advertises escort agencies based in Madrid, giving the user of the page the possibility to access to the websites of the different agencies with a single click. Once inside these websites, the user of can meet the girls who exercise their trade in each agency and find out what their physical characteristics are, what services they provide and what their services are.

This online guide to luxury whores in Madrid stands out for being very visual and for putting the accent on what really matters on a page of this type: the promotion of the girls who advertise on it.

On its home page, this online directory of callgirls from Madrid presents a slider that occupies a large part of the screen and that allows access to the portfolio or advertisement of the girls that appear in it. On the left side of the slider, different options / tabs are displayed. Each of these tabs gives access to different content. Among them, the tabs of Escorts Madrid and Mosaico, those of Sexcam, News, News and Videos of Escorts, and those of Agencies and Escorts Maps stand out. Let's see what each of these tabs is for.

If we click on the Escorts Madrid or Mosaico tabs, we will access the catalog of all the girls advertised in Girls Madrid. What is the difference between one option and the other? Simply, the visual presentation. If we click on Escorts Madrid, we will be able to know, at first glance, several characteristics of each of the announced girls (their name, their age, their measurements, their minimum rate and the fact of whether they are an independent or agency escort) . If, on the contrary, we click on the Mosaic version, we will see exactly that, a mosaic with the cover photos of each of the announced girls. In order to know the internally indicated data, we will have to pass the cursor over the photographs.


Both in one version and the other, it will be enough to click on the photo of the chosen girl to access her ad. In each of the ads for luxury whores on, the data that every user needs to know to decide on one escort or another appears. Among these data we can highlight the following: a presentation text that highlights the girl's main characteristics, age, weight, measurements, hair and eye color, nationality and languages she speaks; the services it provides and where it provides them, if it is done only in its private apartment and, if it makes outings, where it does, if only to hotels and apartments by the hour or also to the client's home Likewise, the advertiser's rates and, of course, their personal telephone number are advertised in the ad. Thanks to this information, the user of this directory of luxury lumis in Madrid will be able to contact the chosen girl.

The Sexcam and Escorts Videos tabs, for their part, allow access, respectively, to the advertisements of those advertisers that provide videoconferencing or remote sex services and those that include a video in their advertisement. Thanks to this option, users can see advertisers on the move. Users of this type of site highly value being able to have this option since in a video you can better see the girl's real physique. The photographs can always be more manipulable, although this directory of high class prostitutes in Madrid prides itself on carrying out an exclusive quality control to guarantee the correspondence between the appearance that the advertisers show in their advertisements and their real appearance.

The users of can be aware of the new girls that are announced on the web thanks to the information that appears on the screen when clicking on the News and News tabs. If thanks to the first one you can know which escorts are incorporated into the directory, thanks to the second one you can know which girls start vacations, which ones rejoin after them or which ones have updated their photographic book or have incorporated a video to their ad.

The Agencies tab, as its name suggests, allows access to the catalog of agencies that are advertised on the site. Once inside that catalog, just click on the ad of one of the agencies to be redirected to its website.

If the Girls Madrid user clicks on the Escorts Map menu option, he will see a map of the city of Madrid taking off before him, on a new screen, in which, with blue or red signs, it is indicated in which neighborhood A certain escort provides its services (blue sign) or where an agency is located (red sign).

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Beyond these basic and fundamental tabs, this directory of luxury callgirls in Madrid offers its users the possibility of accessing other pages of the GirlsBCN group. For example, if the user wants to access the group's main page, he will only have to click on the GIRLSBCN tab. If, on the contrary, you wish to access the website, you must click on the Escorts Barcelona tab.

To contact the GirlsBCN team to make any kind of suggestions or to request information on how to advertise on the web, the site makes the Contact tab available to users and advertisers. By clicking on it, you can access all these possibilities.

Finally, we could not stop talking about this site without mentioning a very useful tool for all its users. This tool is the Quick Search tool. What does this tool allow? Narrow the search for an escort. The user points out a characteristic that they value especially in women (hair color, eye color, whether or not they have large breasts, who perform certain sexual practices, who have a specific nationality, who speak a language in concrete ...) and, based on that data, the web selects the ads and the profiles of the girls that have this characteristic. This option, logically, is of great help for users, since it greatly simplifies the search for a lumi of their choice.

This directory of luxury whores in Madrid is published online in ten different languages. Apart from the Spanish version, it can also be found in Catalan, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. To access them, just go to the Languages menu option and, once the tab with all the options has been displayed, click on the desired one.

This site stands out, above all, for combining an attractive and colorful appearance with its functionality as well as advertising the best escorts in Madrid . The prominence of the advertisers is highlighted at all times and the user can move through the page in a simple and fast way. At the same time, we must highlight the responsive design of the web. This allows it to be viewed perfectly and quickly from any device, be it a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. The browsing speed is a sign of the respect that the GirlsBCN team seems to show towards the user. If his time, like anyone else's, it is better not to waste it, something that girlsmadrid has achieved.

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