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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Girls Barcelona is an online directory of luxury escorts who provide their services in Barcelona. Like all the directories belonging to the GirlsBCN group, a group specialized in advertising promotion of professional sex and which has been present on the network since 2003, this site advertises both independent luxury prostitutes and company girls who work for agencies. Without a doubt, it can be considered the best website dedicated to luxury female accompaniment in Barcelona.

This online guide to luxury prostitutes in Barcelona stands out for being very visual and functional. Navigating this website is very simple and intuitive. Its design seems to fulfill the two main objectives of the site: to facilitate the visitor's search task and to focus the attention on the advertisers. Advertising the charms of the advertised girls in a conspicuous way and getting their ads to stand out is, after all, the goal of any advertising directory. In that sense, perfectly fulfills its mission.

Another aspect to highlight about this website of luxury whores in BCN is that it is designed in a responsive way. What do we mean by that? That the web is designed and adapted to be perfectly viewed from any type of device. The user who wants to access this domain can do so with absolute simplicity, both from a computer and from a tablet or mobile phone. You can also do it in an agile way. A good way of respecting the user of a website is to make it easier for them to navigate through it and make their searches take up as little time as possible. And that, girlsbarcelona does. The browsing speed is what is expected of a site that knows that time is money, both for its managers and for its users.

This browsing speed is guaranteed despite the striking slider that appears on the home page of the site. This slider, which does not reduce the speed of the page in any way, is showing cyclically various images of some of the girls that are advertised on the web. In the image of the girls there is a small box / tab that allows access, simply by clicking on it, to the portfolio or advertisement of the girl in question.

Girls Barcelona

To the left of the space occupied by the slider and the images that appear in it, the GirlsBarcelona user can find the main menu of the web. This menu consists of different options or tabs that give access to different content. Among all these options we can highlight the following: Escorts Barcelona, Mosaico, Sexcam, Videos of Escorts, News, News, Agencies and Map of Escorts. What information do we access if we click on these tabs or menu options? Let's see it next.

To access the catalog of all the luxury company girls advertised in we can click on two of the tabs indicated above. Said menu options are Escorts Barcelona and Mosaico. The difference between these two options is basically visual. By clicking on the first one, a catalog will be displayed in which, at a glance, we will be able to know some of the main data of each girl's advertisement. These data are the following: name of the advertiser, age, measurements, minimum rate and if they work as an independent or, on the contrary, they work for an agency.

For its part, if we click on the Mosaic option we will access a catalog in which 'only' we are offered the always sensual cover photo that each of the girls has chosen for their advertisement. For the user of this online directory of lumis de Barcelona, it is enough to place the cursor over a photograph to know the main data (to which we have referred in the previous paragraph) of the indicated girl.

To access the full ad of the chosen girl, just click on the cover photo of it, both in the version that we access in the menu when cycling Escorts Barcelona and in the Mosaic version.

In each of the ads for luxury whores in Barcelona we find a long list of data. These data, combined with the striking elegance of the photos that appear in it, should serve to help the user to find their dream light. These data are, among others, the following: presentation text in which the most striking charms of the announced girl are collected and praised, age, weight, measurements (chest, waist and hips), eye and hair color, nationality and languages he speaks.


Along with these data, it is also important that one who tells us about whether the advertiser has an apartment in which to receive their clients and if they make outings. Knowing whether or not you go to hotels, whether or not you work in apartments by the hour or whether you accept the option of going to your client's home is a fundamental piece of information for all paid sex consumers.

Likewise, in the advertisements of the exclusive escorts on this website of luxury company girls in Barcelona their rates and, of course, their telephone number are advertised. It will be thanks to him that the users of the site will be able to contact the advertiser with whom they wish to have an appointment.

One of the tabs that have recently been added to the menu is Sexcam. By clicking on it, you can access the catalog of advertisers that provide videoconferencing or remote sex services, something that the COVID pandemic has made very fashionable. If he can't fuck with bodies, let him fuck with imagination. This is what can be extracted from this new initiative of many luxury lumis who, in some way, wish to continue to maintain contact with their regular customers and open the door to new ones to contact them while waiting for better times.

The Escorts Videos tab, for its part, allows access to the page where the ads of girls that include a video in theirs are collected. This option is highly valued by many users, as it is not the same to see a beautiful girl photographed statically than to see her in motion. In addition, a video tends to be less deceiving about the real physical appearance of a person than a photo. A photo is always more manipulable. Much of the prestige of the GirlsBCN group's luxury prostitute directories is based on assuring their users that there is no big difference between what advertisers look like in their ads to what they look like in real life.

This last aspect is highly valued by the users of this site. They also value being informed on a daily basis about which new girls are advertised on the page, which of them have gone on vacation, how many have returned or about which of them has posted new photos or incorporated a video into their ad. GirlsBarcelona guarantees you this information through two options / tabs on its menu: News and News.

Barcelona escorts

In the Agencies tab, meanwhile, the site user finds invaluable information. By clicking on it, you access a directory that lists all the Barcelona escort agencies that are advertised on the web. By clicking on the advertisement of any agency, the girlsbarcelona user will access the website of the agency in question, and will be able to meet the escorts that are advertised there and contact the agency to book an appointment with the chosen girl.

The Escorts Map tab, for its part, allows access to a map of the city of Barcelona. On it, with blue and red indicators, it is marked in which area each agency is located (in the case of the red markers) and where the escort who owns it has her private apartment and has decided to announce her location (in the case of the blue). This option that offers its users is very useful for many of them, as it allows better planning an appointment when the proximity to the place of work or home is especially valued.

Apart from these basic menu options, this directory of luxury escorts in Barcelona allows its users access to other GirlsBCN group websites. Thus, if the user wants to access the page that started the group's history 17 years ago, he only has to click on the GIRLSBCN tab. Those who, for their part, wish to meet the best luxury whores in Madrid, should only click on the Escorts Madrid menu option to access the site

The Contact tab, meanwhile, is a menu option specially designed for both web users and potential advertisers. The former can use it to present complaints and suggestions. The second, to know the necessary requirements to advertise on the GirlsBCN group websites, to know how advertising works on this website for the promotion of whores in Barcelona and, finally, to access the form that must be filled in to be able to advertise.

Another tool specially designed to provide a better service to the web user is the Quick Search. This tool makes it easy to find a company girl with certain characteristics. It is enough to write, for example, blondes, so that the web shows all the blonde whores advertised on it. And the same happens if you write a certain hair color, or a specific eye color, or big or small boobs, or a certain nationality. The Quick Search tool is also used, for example, to search for luxury prostitutes who perform a certain erotic service. If a prostitution client likes to have anal sex with his date, all he has to do is type Greek in the Quick Search space so that the girls who provide said service appear related.

Finally, it should be noted that this directory where you will find the best escorts in Barcelona is published online in ten different languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. To access any of these different language versions, you must go to the tab that, at the top of the menu, indicates Languages. Once this option is displayed, just click on the desired one to see GirlsBarcelona in the desired language.

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