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Friday, 11 December 2020

Halle Berry, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Zoe Saldana, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks ... all these women are united by two factors. One: that they are beautiful, sexy, seductive, beautiful. And two: that they are all dark-skinned women. That they are all black.

Any of the aforementioned women is enough and more than enough to demonstrate a truism: that beauty has no color. There is something in female beauty that transcends the color of the skin. In the same way that blonde women, brunettes, redheads or those who have their hair dyed in some bizarre color can be beautiful and sexy, women with white skin, those with cinnamon skin, oriental women and, can also be irresistibly attractive. of course, the black ones. It will be the taste of each one that gives a special value to the color of the skin and that, in a list of preferences, puts one type of woman above another.

There are many men who are powerfully and sexually attracted to what used to be called women of color. In that expression, in that of a woman of color, there was something of shame. They were called women of color as if calling them black was something of a kind of insult, as if being black or black was deep down something degrading. Fortunately, people of that race began to proudly claim the color of their skin. To do so, they came to say: "We are all colored, one and the other, but only we are black."

Black whores

Fortunately, this claim has been penetrating broad layers of society and, thus, today we can talk about blacks and women without, when speaking in this way, we think that we are disrespecting someone and we can also speak without dissimulation of all those men who, regardless of their race, have a special predilection for black escorts when they seek to contact a pleasure professional.

For these men, the pleasure that a black luxury prostitute provides has nothing to do with what a white escort can give you on a sexual date. If we look at what is said in the forums, the colored lumis give the men who date them the feeling of living a double adventure. On the one hand, you enjoy the professionalism and experience of a pleasure professional with that woman. On the other hand, you can enjoy with him that exotic touch that only sharing a bed with a woman of a different race than ours can give.

Sleeping with a woman of a different race than yours is for many men something like discovering a new universe, something like entering a territory in which the concepts of exploration and adventure acquire a special meaning.

If we know the texture of the skin of the women of our race because as a general rule it is with them that we have been sexually educated in pleasure and joy, the texture of the skin of a black whore is for the race man. white an unexplored territory. Enjoying the act of caressing that skin, feeling how that bare skin rubs against yours, is presented to many men as a mystery that deserves to be revealed.

Black prostitutes

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Fucking with an escort of color who generally comes from Africa becomes for many men a kind of search for the sources of the Nile, an unparalleled adventure full of enriching surprises. The swollen blackness of her nipples is camouflaged on the ebony body of the woman of color, but the red horny of her vagina stands out like a succulent slice. In the ebony body of black prostitutes, the elegant feline flexibility of their movements and the indescribable roundness of their buttocks stand out.

And there are asses and asses, but a black woman's ass is an ass that seems to be beyond Good and Evil. Muscled, powerful, irreducible, the black woman's ass is always a temptation and an abyss, a challenge and a destination.

African whores are also given a naturalness and fierceness in the bed that turns them, in popular ideology, into authentic sex panthers, uninhibited women who seem to immolate themselves and give everything in every encounter and who seem to go to their appointments with the ultimate aim of draining your client of energy, leaving him reduced to an exhausted garbage.

Indulging in the pleasures of a sexual date with an African escort is one of those experiences that every man should try sometime in his life. And it is that possibly only in the arms of a black lover a man can return to the time of Earthly Paradise and live sex by shedding all kinds of prejudices and taboos, surrendering solely and exclusively to the joy of enjoying it.

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