The sensuality of Asian escorts

Friday, 18 December 2020

Delicate, mysterious, cultured, submissive, experts in all the lovemaking arts ... all these are characteristics with which the oriental woman is associated. In the oriental woman many men see the most morbid image of femininity. Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Korean thus become the forbidden dream of many men, the perfect aphrodisiac to awaken the most fiery sexual desire in them. It is for this reason that Asian escorts enjoy a special prestige in the prostitution market.

The oriental whores seem wrapped in a kind of mysterious halo. Her delicate appearance, combined with her exquisite mastery of the most varied sexual techniques, is certainly irresistible. Daughters of a millenary culture that, unlike Western culture, has always been characterized by being intimately related to the idea of sensuality, Asian luxury prostitutes are precisely that: a hymn to sensuality.

To speak of a Chinese prostitute or a Japanese whore is to speak of a woman whose skin is as silky as the clothes they usually wear to enhance their charms. Stroking that silk skin leaves the fingers of the gentlemen who hire her services a soft and fine touch that is difficult to find in women of other races.

Arrivals from China, Japan, Korea or Thailand, or descendants of people originating from these and other eastern countries, Asian escorts treasure the millenary knowledge of a culture that has paid great attention to the well-being of the senses since its origins. .

Nobody like an Asian woman to perform such pleasurable sexual techniques as, for example, the so-called Singapore Kiss or Pompoir, a sexual technique that consists of contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles to simulate a suction effect while penetration is taking place. vaginal lumi. Without a doubt, the pleasure derived from the application of this technique is the best presentation poster for a pleasure professional when it comes to advertising her services.

Chinese whores

Another of the most famous oriental sexual techniques of the many that are collected in the different manuals that can be found in bookstores on oriental sexual techniques is the so-called Filipino reel technique. Like the previous one, this technique is closely related to the mastery of the pelvic floor muscles. The best oriental escorts master this technique consisting of contracting and relaxing the vaginal muscles during intercourse to provide the lover's penis with extra stimulation.

Why is the aforementioned technique called reel technique? Because, apparently, in certain places in the East, women were trained, since they were girls, in an exercise consisting of inserting a spool of thread into the vagina. Once the reel was inserted into such an intimate place, the girl / woman had to perform the appropriate pelvic muscle movements to rotate the reel and unwind it. The woman who mastered this technique managed to provide her lovers with orgasms of extraordinary intensity.

And that is precisely what gentlemen who wish to hire the services of an Asian luxury prostitute are looking for in the sex market: a sexual experience different from all those lived, more intense and explosive, more pleasant. Something exotic and out of the ordinary.

Oriental whores

On the other hand, when we talk about the anatomy of the Asian woman we are talking about a woman generally with small but sensitive breasts and a vagina that is narrower than that of Western women. Whether the idea that Asian girls' pussies are narrower than those of women of other races and geographical origins corresponds or not to reality or whether it is part to a greater or lesser extent of an unfounded myth does not matter. What matters is that many men are guided by this idea when hiring an oriental lumi.

The thought that an Asian escort girl may have a narrower vagina than girls of other races makes these men think of a sexual relationship in which the penis, feeling more "embraced", is more stimulated. Thus, sexual intercourse with a woman with a tight pussy would become more pleasant than intercourse with women of another race.

On the other hand, thinking of the oriental woman's vagina as a narrower vagina can serve to inject a small dose of confidence into men who have some kind of complex about their penis size. There are men who can regain some of their sexual confidence thinking that their measurements will better fit those of the genitals of an oriental woman than those of, for example, a Latin, Brazilian, European or Asian woman.

To all these explanations about why the success of oriental prostitutes must be added a reason that in no case should be ignored: elegant by nature, mysterious as everything exotic usually is and with a usually remarkable educational level, Asian lumis are the best company that a gentleman can have when attending an event in which elegance prevails and in which sensuality is an especially valued quality. After that event, what opens for the gentleman who has hired the services of a Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean escort or from any other country in the East is a paradise full of pleasures that, without a doubt, he will not want to leave.

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