Play with dildos

Friday, 15 January 2021

One of the best ways to enrich our sexual life is by introducing the use of sex toys . What have always been called dildos are much more than something designed to "console" oneself for the absence of a partner with whom to enjoy sex. The dildo, dildo or vibrator can be used to masturbate (without that, masturbation should be understood solely and exclusively as a sexual practice of people without a partner), but it can also serve to enrich the sexual life of the couple and to make it more playful.

That is why, when we talk about instruments such as the dildo , the anal plug , vibrators , or, more informally, when we talk about dildos, we are talking about erotic toys . And it is that all these instruments that we have mentioned serve to introduce in sexual relations a playful factor that feels very good to them.

The benefits derived from the use of dildos and other erotic toys are also very varied. This is what sexologists and sexologists say. On the one hand, sex toys allow us to get to know each other better and understand in greater depth our sexuality and our tastes when it comes to enjoying sex. On the other, they provide us with more intense and lasting orgasms. That is to say: they make us enjoy more.

Playing with dildos and vibrators allows us to keep our sexuality well lubricated and active and stimulates our erotic imagination. And the imagination, let's not forget, plays a fundamental role in sexual relations.

Ideas for playing with dildos

With the benefits of using dildos and vibrators already highlighted, we are going to give here some ideas about the things that, in bed, we can do with various erotic toys.

If what we want is to increase the pleasure experienced by the woman and favor the arrival of her orgasm, nothing better than to dedicate ourselves to the stimulation of the clitoris, since it is the stimulation of this female sexual organ, in the vast majority of cases, which allows women to climax. Playing with a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris is a guarantee of success. Clitoral suckers, bunny vibrators, vibrating eggs or vibrating bullets ... there are several adult toys that allow this type of stimulation that we are talking about.

Another good way to play with vibrators is to use them to enrich oral sex. A vibrating adult toy can be very helpful in making fellatio or cunnilingus even more exciting. Adding a little vibration to the testicles while giving a blowjob or playing with a vibrating bullet on a clitoris while licking a vulva are excellent ways to play with adult toys and to give more intensity to oral sex, enriching it.


Play with dildos, plugs and anal vibrators

Another great way to play with vibrators and increase the level of arousal in an erotic encounter is to experiment with anal stimulation or, directly, with anal sex. In this case, the ways to do it can also be quite varied. As always, it will be the imagination and the existence or not of taboos regarding anal sex that allow us to advance more or less along these paths of sex. Of course: one advances more or less through them, it must be borne in mind that these paths must always be traveled taking into account that anal sex is intimately and closely linked to the use of lubricants. Intimate lubricants are essential to achieve anal intercourse that is not painful or annoying, since the anus, unlike what happens with the vagina, does not lubricate naturally.

Playing with anal dildos can open a window of sensations for both women and men. Not surprisingly, the man's G-spot, the prostate, is accessed from the anus. Dildos, vibrators and anal plugs are designed, in many cases, to allow that prostate stimulation that is the gateway to male orgasms of a special and very pleasant intensity.

When playing with anal dildos or any type of sex toy dedicated to anal sex, it must be taken into account that the toy used has been specifically designed for said sexual practice. It is not just because sex toys for anal sex have that kind of flared base that identifies them. You have to think that the anus tends to suction and that, if that flared base does not exist, in a moment of passion and maximum excitement, you could run the risk that the toy of yore, dildo, dildo, plug or anal vibrator, was engulfed by that black hole that, at times, seems to want to devour everything.

Erotic toy

Double penetration and other combinations

If one thing makes it possible to play with erotic toys in sexual relationships, it is to expand the range of things that can be done between a man and a woman who want to mutually enjoy their sexuality. For example: double penetration becomes feasible without having to use a third person to be involved in the relationship. The use of a dildo or a vibrator allows, for example, the man to anally penetrate the woman while the erotic toy takes care of vaginal penetration. Or the other way around: the man can opt for vaginal penetration reserving the anal for the dildo or plug. Or two sex toys can be used to penetrate the woman both vaginally and anally while she, meanwhile, performs fellatio on her partner.

As can be deduced from what has been said so far, the combinations that can occur as a couple when using sex toys can be many. For example: the man can enjoy anal stimulation by feeling the presence of a plug or a dildo in his rectum while, at the same time, penetrating the woman anally or vaginally.

Another possibility that can occur when playing with a dildo as a couple is to practice the exchange of roles and experiment with pegging, a sexual practice consisting of the woman, using a dildo or vibrator attached to her pelvis with a harness, anally penetrates the man.

As you can see, there are many possibilities for a man and a woman who, as a couple, decide to play with sextoys . It is for this reason that more and more pleasure professionals include the use of erotic toys among their services. If you have never had the chance to fuck using sex toys, hiring the services of a luxury prostitute with a sex toy service is a good way to get into a new and richer way of enjoying sex. By the way, many escorts have a large collection of these toys.