Wednesday, 17 February 2021

You cannot talk about dating platforms and contacts in Spain without mentioning . Today, this website has more than 50 million members and it is estimated that it publishes more than 16,000 daily publications.

This online platform was born as a section that was part of the website. Before the sale of this platform to the investment group Schibsted Spain in 2014, the creator of the same decided to keep his contact section. This origin explains the great stylistic resemblance between Milanuncios and Pasion.

The categories

Currently, the creator of this contact page has managed to turn into a very special page and, above all, highly valued by its users. In it, the word appointment can have many nuances. In fact, the web wants to present itself as a platform rich in categories and in which the ads do not necessarily have to be related to what we understand as sexual encounters.

Thus, on this Spanish dating website you can find ads of people looking for a stable partner, casual encounters or relationships or, simply and simply, a friend or a partner to go on a trip.

Whoever enters this contact portal in Spain finds the following categories of ads:

  • Male Contacts
  • Contacts Women
  • Gay Contacts
  • Lesbian Dating
  • Transsexuals and Transvestites
  • Liberal Couples
  • Rooms
  • Erotic Lines
  • Erotic Webcam
  • Erotic massages
  • Erotic Items
  • Friendship
  • Travel Companions
  • Marriage agencies
  • Lost people
  • Others

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This wide range of advertisement possibilities and this wide list of categories is one of the reasons that explain the success of The website also imposes specific rules for each category. Thus, a priori, sex ads cannot be published in the categories of Friendship, Travel Companions and Missing Persons. For its part, the category of Matrimonial Agencies is reserved solely and exclusively for advertisements published by agencies of this type and not to individuals.

To the reason for the success of the web derived from the wide range of advertisement possibilities that it offers to its users, we can add some more. For example: the platform is a guarantee for them. Users of the same approach it knowing that, in all probability, they will find the type of appointment they are looking for. When the date is sexual in nature, the probability of finding the desired date becomes certainty. Either by publishing your own ad, or by responding to ads already published by both men and women, sexual encounters are guaranteed on this Spanish dating platform.

How to post ads on

The initial publication of announcements on this website is free. To publish an ad you have to fill out a start form. In this form it is very important to mark certain data. One of the most important is that of the town or province. This makes it easier for the web to create subcategories and makes searching more efficient.

After entering this data, the web opens other windows. This window is where, among other information, the ad text, sex and age of the advertiser are configured. After that registration can be done. For this you have to use a real email.

Ideally, when creating an ad for, is to incorporate a photo to it. A photo in an advertisement is always a guarantee of more visits and, therefore, an increase in the possibility of achieving the desired appointment.

Once the advertiser's email account has been verified by the portal team, the ad is published.

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The auto-renew option

This contact page in Spain offers its advertisers the possibility of hiring what is known as a self-renewal service. What is this service about? To renew the ad automatically as often as the advertiser chooses. Renewing the ad makes it rise back to the top of the list of ads in its category. This, of course, increases the visibility of the ad and increases the chances that it will generate a contact.

To contract this service, you have to buy credits through the web. The higher the auto-renewal frequency chosen by the portal advertiser, the more credits will be required. The cost of each credit is 0.20 euros and the advertiser can choose, for example, that the ad auto-renew every 2, 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours, always bearing in mind that there are no auto-renewals between 12 at night and 9 in the morning.

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Keys to the success of

Previously we have pointed out some of the keys to the success of this dating portal in Spain . We have discussed the wide range of categories and how leads are guaranteed. We are going to point, now, some more.

One of them, very important, is based on the fact that the platform allows an unlimited exchange of messages through it, something that does not happen with other dating sites.

The good design of the search function would also be among the keys to the success of Pasion. By being able to filter the search criteria (for example: by age, by ethnicity, by sexual identity ...) it is narrowed down and what is being searched for is found more quickly.

The portal team also highlights the importance of the preservation of anonymity and respect for the privacy of its advertisers. These, for example, in addition to the ability to correct their ad whenever they want, can also choose to hide their photos to share it only with certain members of their choice.

The negatives of

One of the negative points that some other user and web analyzer has found in this contact portal is that the control over the published announcements is not as strict as it should be, especially in the categories that have to do with contacts sexual. In many cases, the same advertiser serves multiple similar ads in the same category. In others, in addition, false photos abound in addition to advertisements from undercover agencies (you think you will go to an intimate apartment of a girl and then it is a house with many girls and no privacy. This, without a doubt, makes the web lose quality with respect to other portals in the sector where photos and profiles are verified more rigorously.

In addition, lately there are many advertisements of scammers who extort web users by blackmailing them to talk to their wife or other similar things. This was one of the reasons why the portal was subjected a few weeks ago to a ddos attack for which the web could not be accessed for a few days. There is even a platform for those affected as there are hundreds of people who have reported extortion.

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