GirlsBCN's first post

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

It has been 17 years since the domain was registered and since then we have experienced a bit of everything but never something like what we are experiencing these days, a pandemic that until recently nobody believed that we were going to happen. We used to laugh at Ebola, bird flu or swine flu, but in the end a virus affected our lives, causing social distancing, at least from physical contact. And obviously this affects services like the one we have been announcing for years and that is why virtual relationships are promoted, something that is not really the same. Only a few girls keep their ads active, either to offer the video call service or to maintain their visibility so that clients of luxury prostitution in Barcelona or Madrid do not forget them.

It is a sad situation for all but hopeful because beautiful initiatives have come out of this mess. And while the day comes when the confinement is over and we can re-socialize as before, we will have to wait and entertain ourselves. And in that situation we are, to contribute our grain of sand. And for this we have created our first official blog after 17 years and to inaugurate it, it occurred to us to talk about where we will go when we can go out and celebrate freedom again and we will start by enjoying this event in the city of Barcelona.

Going out at night in Barcelona

Nightlife in Barcelona

All cities have day life, but only truly large cities have intense night life. Barcelona is one of those cities. Located in a climatically enviable place and turned into one of the main tourist attractions in southern Europe, Barcelona offers everyone who wants to visit it or enjoy it a wide range of possibilities for nightlife.

The nightlife in Barcelona is, like the city itself, colorful and modern. The entire city is dotted with restaurants, pubs, discos, clubs, etc. where the night lover can find a thousand and one reasons to take to the streets and enjoy all that this beautiful city has to offer.

Barcelona's nightlife offer can be grouped into several areas. Perhaps the most well-known and attractive for all those tourists who come to Barcelona wanting to have a good time is the one who, in one way or another, is in direct contact with the sea. The Paseo Marítimo de la Barceloneta and the Villa Olímpica are those two areas where the possibility of dining on the seafront, with sea views, becomes a reality and in which the discotheques have terraces on the beach. That, in a city like Barcelona, with mild temperatures throughout the year, makes this area one of the main centers of attraction for all those who like to enjoy nightlife in Barcelona.

Competing with this Barcelona nightlife area is what is usually known as the Zona Alta and that we could delimit with the name of three streets and their surroundings. Those streets are Calle Aribau (in its upper section to Diagonal), Marià Cubí and Santaló. In this area of Barcelona you can find a large number of cocktail bars, pubs, music bars, restaurants, discos ...

The third area to highlight in Barcelona's nightlife is the largest neighborhood in Barcelona: the famous Eixample, born in the 19th century from the expansion of the old medieval city beyond its walls and as a result of the partial application of the urban plan designed by Ildefons Cerdà, capital character in the history of Barcelona. In the Eixample, in this universally recognizable urban grid, you can find all kinds of restaurants, state-of-the-art discotheques, pubs and clubs for all tastes.

It could be endless to give a list of all the names of places that, whether they are intended for music and dance, or for catering, cocktails or drinks serve to give splendor to the nightlife of Barcelona. Despite this, it is inevitable to give some names of places that, either for their tradition or for their modernity, have managed to gain a well-deserved prestige as places of reference in Barcelona's nightlife.

Luxury whores in Barcelona

Among those names one could highlight, for example, that of Shôko; An Asian restaurant located on the Passeig Marítim that, after a certain time, becomes a nightclub. Next to it is Opium Barcelona , which happens to be one of the most visited clubs in the city. Like Shôko, Opium offers varied modern dishes during the day to become, at sunset, a nightclub where electronic music becomes the queen of the night and where the most renowned DJs of the moment end up puncturing. It is true that there will be beautiful girls and among them, if you take a good look you will find some of our Barcelona whores who will be enjoying their free time in the company of friends ... Who knows, maybe in the end you end up fucking one of them without the need to financially gratify them.

Along with these two clubs, the almost mythical names of Pachá or Jamboree (ideal for lovers of jazz, blues, hip-hop, funk or black music) or those of Soho (with their New York style) should also be highlighted, Otto Zutz (with his strict reserved for VIPS), Bling Bling, Sutton Club (temple of the dress code), Luz de Gas, Bikini, Razzmatazz (the Poblenou neighborhood disco and musical performance hall), Sala B, Sidecar (wonderful place to enjoy live music in the Plaza Real), Trauma, Jazz Room (the other name of the traditional Cova del Drac), Karma (temple of nightlife that, for years, has served as a meeting point in the Plaza Real for all lovers of rock and grunge), Arena Classic (classic of the Barcelona gay scene), Magic, Elephant ...

The list of places to enjoy the nightlife in Barcelona could be, as we have said, endless. Not enjoying this offer when all this is an unforgivable sin, the same as not sharing a bed with a luxury whore on our website.