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The pro puteros know her and know her strengths and weaknesses. is one of the websites to contact the most famous whores in Spain . Among the directories of prostitutes in our country, Slumi is, without any doubt, one of the most popular. This popularity is largely due to the ease of navigation of the site and its visual impact.

Entering this website is to look at a whole catalog of lumis that, sexy and provocative, await the call of the users of the site. It is difficult for a man looking for paid sex not to find on this site to contact lumis in Spain the woman who conforms to his tastes.

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When looking at the main page of Slumi, the user of it can choose to dive between three different catalogs. One of them is intended for ' Escorts and whores '. Another, to 'Transvestites'. The third, for its part, is the catalog reserved for the 'hustlers'.

If you enter the catalog you enter, the user of this directory to contact whores in Spain will contemplate a long series of basic sheets of advertisers. This file is made up of a photo of it (it can appear with the face uncovered or with the face covered, veiled or pixelated) and a series of basic data.

The data that are never lacking in this kind of file are the population in which the girl provides her services and her age. The advertiser can also decide that their rate will appear on this initial tab or cover of their ad or that the web user is provided with the possibility of accessing their videos (if they were published in their ad) or the comments they have on it. made some of your clients.

To access the ads of the girls advertised in Slumi, just click on the file or cover of it.

In the advertisements of this website of lumis in Spain there is always a text introducing the girl in question, a photographic book of her and a telephone number to contact her. Rates also tend to appear (there are advertisers who prefer to wait for their customers to call to report them) and schedules. Some advertisers, as we have indicated above, place a video in their ad, and others allow their clients to post comments regarding them and their services in order, based on them, to advertise themselves to the rest of the web users as good professionals. . In their ads, the lumis published in this directory of Spanish whores can inform its users if they agree to communicate by WhatsApp.

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In the right area of its ads, Slumi offers its advertisers a space for self-management of their ads. By means of a password, the girls advertised on this site can modify the data of their advertisement (include new photos, change rates or schedule, reform the presentation text ...) and can also make it more visible by programming, for example, uploads automatic of the same.

To do all this, as well as to publish ads on the web, it is necessary that the advertisers have previously registered with it. This can be done from the home page. In the upper right part of it the site offers the "Publish" tab. By clicking on it, you access the registration process on the web.

In this same area of the advertisements, the web informs its users and its advertisers of a series of statistics. Among them, for example, we could highlight the data on the number of people who saw the advertiser's phone or the days that the advertiser's ad has been highlighted.

In the advertisements, the map of the exact or approximate location of the private apartment (if any) in which the advertiser provides its services may also appear.

At the bottom of each ad, below the area reserved for the photographic book and, if they exist, the map, videos and comments, there is an area where the site offers the possibility of contacting girls who are looking for " one-night stands "or, in other words, a date for fleeting, non-binding sex. By clicking on the photographs of any of the four girls that always appear in said space, the user is redirected to the website Once in it, the user must register for free and create a profile to be able to contact the users of the same and, thus, have the opportunity to make an appointment to enjoy casual sex without commitment with any of the girls registered on the web.

Finally, at the end of each advertisement, Slumi offers its users the possibility of reporting it, informing about any type of incident related to the girl advertised in it.

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One of the great virtues of and, without a doubt, one of the causes that explain its popularity as a website to contact escorts in Spain are its filters. The search filters on make it extremely easy for the user to find a girl who matches their tastes.

To begin with, at the top of its home page, the website allows direct access to the directories of the lumis advertised in Madrid and Barcelona. To access those in cities such as Valencia, Zaragoza, Sabadell, Bilbao, A Coruña, etc. You have to scroll to the bottom of the home page to click on the name of the desired town and thus access the catalog of the girls advertised in them.

At the top of the main page, Slumi also offers its users the possibility of communicating their location to, based on it, select those advertisers closest to it.

Along with this option, the site, under the title 'What are you looking for?', Offers its users what is, without a doubt, its great search tool. By displaying the filters tab, the user of this directory of whores in Spain can fill out a kind of form to filter their search.

When displaying the filter tool, you can choose, among other items, the minimum and maximum price that you are willing to pay, the age range in which the lumi you want to hire must be, if This must be agency or independent, the services to be performed, your nationality, your ethnicity, the color of your hair, your height (you can search tall or short), your physical appearance (thin or chubby), your chest (chest natural or busty) or where she provides her services (if it is in her private apartment or if she makes outings at home, hotels, etc.). In order to offer filtering possibilities to its users, this search tool allows you to choose between girls with shaved pubis and girls with unshaven pubis.

Without a doubt, it is difficult that, after using this tool and taking into account the number of advertisers published in Slumi, a user of this directory does not find the type of woman with whom he would like to have a sexual affair.

The maximum problem that the user of may encounter is one that is directly associated with all those whore websites in which the same advertisers manage their ads: that of the veracity of the advertised photos. That most girls are legal when it comes to posting their photos does not mean that some of them are not. There is always the possibility of posting very old photos and, in some cases, of another girl. It can also be possible for a girl to publish different profiles on the web. In fact, there have already been sextortion problems with this website.

In this sense, it is of great importance that, as we have commented before, Slumi offers its users the possibility of reporting advertisements whose content does not conform to reality. Basing itself fundamentally on them, Slumi has eliminated, in its time of existence, more than 33,000 escorts with false photos. Or that, at least, is what you specify on your home page.

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