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Wednesday, 24 March 2021
Today we are going to relate an experience of those that are usually seen in sex forums , specifically of a couple from Barcelona who want to try the experience of a threesome with an escort. A story based on real events that occur very frequently and specifically in marriages that have been together for many years and the routine makes them not enjoy sex as in the beginning. We hope you like it...

Passionate start ... until the routine arrived

At the beginning of our relationship we were like all couples. We fucked whenever we could. In the back seat of my SEAT Ibiza, in a room for hours, at his house or mine when our parents were absent, in hotels when we went on vacation ... Once, we even got to do it in a fitting room of El English court. The lady who was trying on a skirt in the dressing room next door we think she noticed. That made us even more horny. Certainly, it was one of those hard-to-forget fuck. We had barely been together for a month.

When a relationship begins, passion sweeps everything away. Cristina (as my current wife is called) came in those days to suck me off next to the elevator room of the block where I lived. There, taking advantage of the darkness and the silence that reigned on the stairs on Sunday nights, I opened my fly, took it off and put it in my mouth to, with a masterful blowjob, empty my balls for a few days.

Then, of course, all that passion faded. It's hard to live on the crest of the wave of excitement. As they say: law of life. And the law of life is associated with a series of routines. We too, like other couples, looked for a flat, we found it, we got a mortgage to buy it, we had children (two) and we saw little by little how what once was fire turned to ashes. A fuck a week (and if the period did not coincide with the weekend) and thank you. That was the untimely blowjobs and unforgettable fucking.

That's when I flirted with infidelity. I was about to bed with a coworker. I even thought about the possibility of hiring the services of a lumi . But a trace of sincerity held me back. Cristina and I had always believed each other to be a different couple. We could lose the passion. We could stop fucking like lions. But we would never fool ourselves at the first change.

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Sincerity led them to new experiences

I told him what was wrong with me. I missed sex, I told him. I needed it. And she wanted me to go with her. That she continue to be the protagonist of my sex life. If not, I don't know how long it would take to find me some adventure that would satisfy my needs.

Cristina understood it the first time. What's more, she told me that the same thing happened to her. He was not yet forty and her pussy was asking him to go. We tried to rekindle our sex life but we saw that something was missing. For whatever reason, we were no longer enough for each other. Perhaps we had toured our bodies too many times. Perhaps, as that one sang, we had broken our love from using it so much. The point is, we needed sex but we didn't want to separate. How to do it?

Cristina proposed an exchange of couples . I had read that there were people for whom it had worked. A simple visit to a swinger club had helped them to reactivate their married life. I rejected this proposal. Selfish? Maybe. Male chauvinist? As well. I'm not saying no. But the truth is that I did not feel like seeing how another man screwed my wife.

And hire an escort to care for couples ? The truth is that Cristina seemed tireless launching proposals. Like I told him. Yes, he answered: a good whore for attention to couples. Surely that works for us dead: a professional who does not care to eat your cock than lick my pussy. Don't you get horny just thinking about it? He asked me.

How to say no? Damn, I told myself ... to have a threesome , it better be adding a woman, right? In addition, with a combination of this type, hiring a lumi to attend couples, Cristina could recover the lesbian sensations experienced during an old experience lived many years ago.

When we were not yet a couple, he told me, Cristina had once hooked up with a colleague from the faculty. After a long study session and a couple of drinks (I have always said that the glasses would be more than the pages studied), they had ended up rolling on the carpet at Cristina's parents' house, literally devouring each other's cunts . Cristina knew that her friend was an avowed lesbian, but she had never had sex with any woman. And never, in fact, had she been attracted to one. How did that happen? Don't ask him because he doesn't know. In fact, shortly after that night of lesbian passion, Cristina met me and, I believe her when she tells me, never since then had she had any sexual relationship of that type again. And that he said he liked. Or, at least, that she hadn't been uncomfortable feeling her friend's clam melt in her mouth.

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GirlsBCN and luxury escorts

We looked for a web page putting in Google " Escorts Barcelona " and we found GirlsBCN, where luxury prostitutes with a different style from the rest of the webs will be advertised. When looking for a whore to attend couples, it better be a luxury whore. We used the filter on the website, we displayed the catalog of escorts for couples and we were dazzled by the beauty and sensuality of all of them. Each one with her style, each one with her look, those escort girls for couples were real temptations.

Laia, Amara, Sofía, Nuria, Alexa, Alma, Rocío, Alicia, Sara ... all of them made me tremendously horny. From some her gaze excited me, from others her unsightly nipples; of others, their powerful buttocks. I would have fucked them all. But ... and Cristina? What woman of those could excite Cristina?

I knew it right away. Because of her spicy way of biting her lip (a gesture that Cristina made unconsciously when she was attracted to something), I knew that the escort for attention to couples that attracted her was Laura, a brunette with southern features who declared herself completely bisexual and who She was willing to turn dating her into one of the best sexual experiences a couple could have.

I was the one in charge of calling her. I asked him if he went home and he answered no. Don't worry, handsome, he told me: in my house you will feel in paradise itself.

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Experience with a very beautiful luxury prostitute

Laura provided her services in a central apartment in the city. Later we found that, in addition to being central, it was wonderfully comfortable. A place decorated with exquisite taste and in which everything was thought out to the utmost detail.

We meet Laura on a Saturday afternoon. We left the children in the care of the babysitter, took a taxi and headed to Laura's apartment. At first glance, Laura looked as pretty as she appeared in the photos in her ad. At second glance, it was much more so. And it was one thing to see her breasts portrayed on a web page and quite another to see them in motion, wobbling under her blouse as she walked.

Laura served us a glass to break the ice and I felt how, rather than looking at me, she was looking at Cristina. I wondered how much my wife liked to feel evaluated this way by another woman, but my question was quickly answered. Cristina bit her lip like she only used to when her pussy got wet. I mean: Cristina was starting to get horny. She was beginning to feel attracted to this woman.

That woman knew them all. It didn't take him long to eat my wife's mouth. As he did so, his hand stroked my package. Needless to say, I was getting very, very horny. I liked to feel how that hand caressed, even though it was still through the fabric of my pants, my cock and my balls, but I also liked to see how Laura was going to remove my wife's blouse and how Cristina's nipples seemed ready to explode. Yes: Cristina was really enjoying herself.

Laura's wisdom and good work allowed us, almost without realizing it, to be the three of us naked. From there, everything was a tangling of bodies guided at all times by the wise and experienced direction of that lumi for attention to couples who, certainly, seemed to be passionate about both cocks and vaginas.

At times it was my wife who was sucking me while Laura rewarded her with a superb harness fuck. In others, while I was penetrating Laura's pussy from behind, she was giving Cristina a cunnilingus that seemed to be about to bring my wife to the very edge of paroxysm. Savoring Cristina's pussy while Laura, from behind, licked my balls and my asshole was also a pleasure.

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Renewed couple thanks to the threesome with an escort

We returned home exhausted but happy. We stank of sex, and Laura offered us her shower before leaving. We reject it. We wanted to take its scent hooked to our skin. When we got home, we paid the babysitter, put the kids to bed, and went to bed. We recognized Laura's scent on our body. We still felt the taste and smell of her pussy. And that turned us on. With the rest of the strength that we had left we hit a wild fuck, a fuck that in no way detracted from those crazy fucks from when we were dating.

At the end, Cristina confessed to me that she had chosen Laura because she physically reminded her of that old college classmate. I must admit that I felt a bit jealous, but also lucky to have been able to live such an experience. In fact, we have repeated it from time to time. Sometimes, when the three of us are fucking, I have the feeling that there is a special connection between Laura and Cristina. As if Cristina had ever hired Laura for herself. I do not know. I'd rather not think about it too much. After all, I, since then, have also hired the services of a lumi exclusively for me.

And our sexual life as a couple ? Wind in the stern and at full sail. We have recovered the heat of the past years. That is why I recommend to any couple who wants to revitalize their sexual life to hire the services of an escort to care for couples. It has been great for us.

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