The wonderful world of escorts

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

That every rite has its officiant specialized in it is something that any believer of any religion will emphasize to you. The practice of sex has, in a way, something of a ritual. Between the preliminary, hesitant and exploratory kiss and the almost agony moan that accompanies the orgasm, there are a series of steps that do not have to follow in a mathematically closed way but that must always be pointed, like arrows that have agreed to impact on the same target, towards the achievement of that final moment of ecstasy that justifies the rite and magnifies it.

Among the steps that are part of the sex ritual we can find fellatio (that oral and linguistic adoration with which the male sexual organ is honored), cunnilingus (that oral and linguistic adoration with which the female sexual organ is honored), erotic massage (that adoration in which all parts of the body can intervene and with which homage is paid to the whole body), kisses (more or less sweet, more or less black), prostate massage (that pleasure that the Men only discover when they break down the wall of the taboos and to which, once discovered, they return whenever they can), small erotic bites and some other practices that, depending on the way of conceiving the sexuality of each person, can serve to eroticize and excite a human being to lead him to what the French call the "petite mort" (little death) and which is nothing more than a small preview of Glory.

It goes without saying that to officiate this ritual it is not necessary to undertake many theological studies. In fact, anyone can officiate the rite of sex. After all, nature is wise and the animal that lives in us is smart as hunger. That animal instinctively knows what the body needs to enjoy and, leaving it free, it searches for it. But that animal does not usually live in full freedom since its freedom is restricted almost from birth. That is why, when officiating at a sex ritual, the animal is often crouched, afraid to go out or imprisoned behind bars of cultural taboos, fear of divine punishment or fear of receiving a “no, darling, that is not ”By the couple. The ritual of sex, thus, is half fulfilled, and the "petite mort" that was being pursued, that ecstasy, leaves on the lips of the believer who has decided to practice the aforementioned ritual a taste of ash in which happiness is mixed, frustration and yes but no.


There is a way, however, to prevent that feeling from occurring. There is a way to ensure absolute ecstasy. And the way to avoid that sex ends up becoming that something that, aiming so high, stays halfway, is to find the ideal person to officiate your rite. And the ideal person to officiate the rite of sex is, without a doubt, an escort.

The escort is that woman who has turned sex into an art. The escort or companion lady is the woman who, loving the practice of sex , enjoys each of the stages of the ritual and knows how to make the man who shares them with her enjoy them. The luxury escort or prostitute turns a fellatio into a little masterpiece. Delivering herself in each caress, the escort is the queen of mime, the perfect lover, the erotic dream of every man made flesh.

Thanks to the escort, the man discovers that the intensity of all the pleasure he imagined when, as a teenager, he began to masturbate for the first time imagining what it should be like to have a sexual relationship, was not an intensity merely imagined and unattainable. The escort will allow you to discover that intensity. The escort will allow you to experience it. And, once he has experienced the intensity of that joy, the man who has decided to hire the services of an escort will understand the whole truth contained in those phrases that in the escort advertisements say things like "I have come from Brazil to make you discover the highest peaks of pleasure ”, or“ make your dreams come true with a beautiful escort from Eastern countries ”, or“ do you want to know the exact meaning of the word pleasure with a lusty and ardent Latin escort? ”.

Luxury whores

And it is that the escort ads for example this one of Putas in Madrid do not sin, never, of being simple verbiage. Because the escorts, wherever they come from and whatever they are (high or low, plump or more stylized, with larger breasts or smaller tits, black or tan skin or white as cotton), they know all the springs there are what to touch to lead man to that unequaled pleasure in which any person, however humble, has the right to compare himself to a god.

The escorts are the priestesses of the rite of love. They are the ones who know the rhythm to impress a fellatio, a Cuban straw or a movement of the hips. On our page you can find some of the most beautiful escorts in your city. Get in touch with any of them and get ready to discover that unique pleasure that you always dreamed of.

And now after these ramblings and if the concept of an escort has become clear to you, you can visit all the ones we have announced both in Barcelona and Madrid. Obviously you can use terminology as luxury whores or simply prostitutes , but being more educated you could also use the companion term that would be the synonym of escort in Spanish.