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Saturday, 24 April 2021

The expansion of the internet and the prohibition of advertisements for erotic contacts in the written press prompted the birth of online erotic guides. Various erotic contact websites were gradually gaining the favor of Internet users until they became reference online dating sites. One of those pages is Erosguí .

Founded in 2004, erosguí offers a long list of ads for escorts and shemales from all over Spain . Whoever wishes to contact a luxury prostitute in Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Malaga, Valencia or in other multiple Spanish locations can do so through Erosguía.

This site can be viewed in five different language versions: Spanish, English, French, Italian and Brazilian (Portuguese).


Erosguí ad categories

This site of ads for whores in Spain offers its users four main categories of ads: Escorts, Agencies, Transvestites and Massages.

The first category is integrated, in turn, by three subcategories: Barcelona Escorts, Madrid Escorts , which are the most important and then another section for other cities in Spain. By clicking on any of them, the online catalog of luxury whores of the indicated subcategory is displayed. In the case of the subcategory of Spain, the site offers the opportunity to display a list of Spanish cities: Alicante, Almería, Bilbao, Girona, Ibiza, Las Palmas, Lleida ... By selecting any of the cities, the web shows us the catalog of lumis work in the selected city.

The Agencies category of Erosguí is also made up of three subcategories: Barcelona, Madrid and Spain. By clicking on any of them, we will access a wide range of brothels, brothels, relaxation flats, hostess clubs ... or what is the same, any type of brothels or brothels of different price ranges. Afterwards, all you have to do is click on the name of a venue to access the interior of its ad. Once you have accessed it, you can see the main photos of the escorts of that agency announced in Erosguía.

The same thing that happens with the two categories indicated so far happens with the Transvestite category. It is also made up of three subcategories in which the transvestites who provide their services in Barcelona, those who do so in Madrid and those who, finally, do so in other Spanish cities are advertised, respectively. This erotic contact website boasts of having some of the sexiest trans in Spain advertised. The online shemale ads thus acquire a very significant weight on this site.

It is important to note that the Erosguia transvestite section is perhaps the most important at the national level, in fact they were the first to specialize in it.

The Erotic Massage category, for its part, only contains two subcategories: Barcelona Massages and Madrid Massages . Some of the best erotic or tantric massage centers in both the Catalan capital and the capital of Spain are advertised in both subcategories.

Advertise in Erosguia

In each of its categories and subcategories this site offers the possibility of contacting the Erosguía Group by email to, from there, initiate the procedures to advertise.

The Erosguía Group defines itself as a multi-portal group and offers its advertisers the possibility of advertising on six portals:,,,, and

Erosguía's whore ads

The main photographs of the different escorts advertised in this online directory of luxury whores in Spain are accompanied by a minimum series of data: the name of the girl, her height and measurements and her minimum fee. To access the ad for the girl in question, just click on this main photo. By doing so, the ad is displayed in a new tab.

The Erosguía advertisements include, apart from the photographic book and the name of the advertiser, a presentation text of the same, her country of origin, her weight, her measurements, her age, the languages she speaks and the services she provides ( also if they go out or not), as well as their rates and, of course, the telephone number to be able to contact them either by phone, or (if the girl allows it) through WhatsApp.

In some cases, too, the ad includes a video in which you can see how the escort, in motion, shows off her charms.

Erotic masseuses

Erotic masseuses from Erosguía offers the possibility of accessing, through a single click on the massage tab, a very complete online catalog of erotic masseurs in Barcelona and Madrid. That catalog is

In the section dedicated to Massage, some of the best erotic masseurs from the most exclusive massage centers in Madrid and Barcelona are advertised. By clicking on the name of each city, you will get to the same directory that was already accessed by clicking on the corresponding subcategory of the Massage category.

Once inside the online directory of centers in any of these cities, all you have to do is click on the cover of the advertisement of a specific center to access its advertisement. Once in the advertisement in question, offers the possibility of reaching, through a link, the site of the selected massage center. By accessing this site, the user of this website of sexual contacts in Barcelona and Madrid will be able to know which erotic masseurs work in said massage center with a happy ending.

Erosguia Webcams

Erosguia webcams

Finally, this website offers its users a webcam space. What can we find in this space? Four subsections: sex webcam, shemale webcam, video calls and shemale videos. The first two options offer the possibility of exclusively enjoying (and paying for) a remote sex session. The second two, meanwhile, allow you to watch porn videos starring escorts or transvestites advertised on the site.

Photographs of escorts in Erosguía

As with other erotic contact portals in Spain such as, or, in many hooker forums the veracity of the photographs published in the Erosguía ads is questioned. Some foreros speak, directly, of advertisements in which false photos appear.

This problem, the result of the lack of strict personal quality control on the advertisements, does not seem as pronounced in this portal as in some of those mentioned above. After all, these problems tend to occur in a special way when it is the advertisers themselves who, directly, manage the graphic content of their ads and the information that appears in them.

In any case, it is enough to point out that these types of practices and problems derived from them harm the sector and enhance the value that, on websites with this type of content, the daily and personal work of controlling advertisements has. Nothing better than personal control over the content to give value to an ad and, with it, to the girl who appears in it.

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