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Monday, 26 April 2021

Technological advances have changed the trades and the way of exercising them. New technologies and, above all, the impulse of the internet and the appearance of new applications have been a before and after in the lives of many professions. The oldest profession in the world could not remain oblivious to these changes.

In essence, prostitution remains what it has always been: a client hiring the erotic services of a pleasure professional. What has changed, and in what way, are the ways to put that client in contact with that professional.

In the old days, prostitutes either hung out on the streets to attract clients or they practiced their trade within the walls of a brothel . The whorers had to drop by one of those lupanares or they had to approach some street lumi if they wanted to enjoy their little time of paid sex.


Telephone numbers to contact escorts

With the expansion of the written press, brothels and whores were able to place their advertisement in the newspapers and thus reach a large number of people. In those ads, brothels and escorts put their phone number. Thanks to this, customers could contact to set up an appointment.

The appearance of the internet led to the appearance of other types of advertisements. The contact websites became the ideal means for the hookers to access a wide range of both independent and agency escorts. The means of contacting prostitutes, however, remained the same as when agencies and whores were advertised in the newspapers: a phone call. Something that can be very useful but, at the same time, very uncomfortable. And it is that, no matter how much you depend on them, phone calls do not always arrive at the best time.

And it is that not all escorts are full time. Many are engaged in providing sexual services on an occasional basis, as a way to obtain a bonus or a way to give more intensity to their sex life and, in addition, to obtain a financial benefit. They can be businesswomen, models, porn actresses, masseurs, students ... The fact is that for these women the calls of the clients did not always arrive or they arrive at the best moment.

Even for girls who only work as escorts, customer calls are not always timely. Maybe he catches them in the gym, in the hairdresser or visiting his parents. That is why the arrival of WhatsApp was revolutionary.

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Advantages of dating an escort by whatsapp

WhatsApp, the famous free messaging application, was created in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Its expansion was meteoric. Facebook bought it in 2014. Today there are many millions of people who use it both personally and at work.

Beyond the history of WhatsApp, what matters to us is how this application has revolutionized the way to contact a luxury prostitute . Using this means to meet an escort is extremely comfortable for both the client and the lumi. It makes it much easier to set up an appointment.

The great advantage of using whatsap to contact whores over the phone call is that whats never interrupts anything. It does not require an immediate response as, in principle, does the telephone call.

Luxury prostitutes find in this application a professional tool of great help to contact their clients. If they have other professions outside the provision of sexual services or are university students or, simply, they are housewives who want to get a bonus or live a more intense sex life, this application is the ideal tool to avoid inopportune calls.

The user who wishes to contact a company girl by whatsapp will just have to send a message. This can be for an appointment or simply to request information or clarification on rates, services, etc.

The chosen escort will see the message sent when she can and will respond when she has time to do so. That can happen at the same moment (if the girl is free at that moment) or later. In any case, the student, model, businesswoman, supermarket cashier, masseuse, hairdresser or, simply, full-time escort who is currently busy, will not see her activity interrupted and will be able, at the same time, to keep the door open. entry of new customers.

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Sex on WhatsApp

Contacting a luxury prostitute by WhatsApp can also serve to warm up the atmosphere before a sexual date. The girl may choose, for example, to send her client a more intimate and personal photo than those that appear in her ad. That can serve to finish convincing the client that she is the girl he is looking for. It can also serve, as we have said, to put you in tune before an appointment already established. As a way of saying: "look, handsome, this is what is going to be yours in one, two, three or even hours." A kind of anticipated kiss.

Not surprisingly, sexting and distance sex through WhatsApp are increasingly common practices in some couples, occasional or not. These use the sending of explicitly sexual comments or images to raise the temperature prior to an appointment or to give hotter content to a masturbatory practice in unison and at a distance. Thanks to the video call, I watch you masturbate and you watch me jerk off.

More and more sex workers are including distance sex among their services. The erotic video call becomes the technological tool that makes it possible. This application offers that double possibility. You can date a whore by WhatsApp or you can also have remote sex with an escort thanks to the video call service of this application.

In short: WhatsApp has revolutionized the way luxury prostitutes work. Thanks to this technological tool, the escorts have found a more comfortable way of contacting clients, a new possibility of working (the sexual video call) and an invaluable help when it comes to organizing their schedule and combining their personal life with their profession. be it occasional or full time.