Sunday, 09 May 2021

There are several online escort guides that operate in Spain. In them advertisements of whores who provide their erotic services in various corners of the Spanish territory are published. One of those whore websites is . We have talked about , , and Erosguí . Today we have a new guide, "Substitutes". was born in Valencia. It was in the Levantine city where it began to function as a website on which prostitutes from the city and its surroundings could be advertised. Today, Sustitutas is one of the main directories of online whores in all of Spain.

And it is that on this site you can find a long list of announcements of company girls who provide their services in the most varied provincial capitals and Spanish cities.

On this website we can find advertisements for escorts in Madrid , Catalonia (especially Barcelona), Valencia , Andalusia, Aragon, Balearic Islands, Euskadi, Murcia, Andorra , etc.


Ads of escorts, transvestites and boys in Spain

On this erotic website we can find three basic types of ads: those for escorts, those for transvestites and those for boys.

On its home page there is a selection of photographs of prostitutes who offer their services in different autonomous communities and cities of the country. Also featured on this home page are photos of transvestites who also work in different geographical locations in Spain.

All you have to do is click on any of the photographs to access the ad of the escort or transvestite advertised in it.

The basic details of the advertiser appear in each of the prostitute ads on this escort website. That is: name, presentation text, characteristics (age, sex, height, nationality, breast size, sexual orientation and languages spoken), services and hours.

Each of the advertisements also provides information on the advertiser's rates and the place where it provides its services.

Logically, each girl's photographic book is also published in the advertisements.

The user of this contact website has at the top of the home page of the same a bar in which the following concepts appear:

  • Escorts : If we place the cursor on this word, a tab with three options is displayed: Escorts in Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. Just click on an option to go to the screen that shows all the advertisers working in the chosen geographical area.
  • Rooms : By clicking on this tab, you access a directory that contains both places to rent a room such as whorehouses, brothels, hostess clubs or whorehouses from different places in Spain where you can enjoy an erotic encounter high voltage.
  • Transvestites : Placing the cursor on this option, two options are displayed for the user: Transvestites in Madrid and Transvestites in Barcelona. As in the case of escorts, all you have to do is click on an option to open the ads corresponding to it before the user's eyes.
  • Guys : In this section there are published ads for gay escorts from the most varied places in the Spanish geography. As in all sections of the web, just click on the photograph of one of the hustlers to access their ad.
  • Publish Announcement : This option allows the user of this site to access the list of requirements that must be met to publish an announcement on this notice board.

Contact Ads

Regulations for advertisements in

Like any online dating site, Substitutes imposes its own regulations.

Said regulations appear in the Publish Announcement section. It informs about the photographs that may appear in each advertisement (15), the possibility of including a video in it (as long as it does not exceed 10 MB of memory), and that only one advertisement per person can be (except if you want to change roles), etc.

The website also indicates in this section that it only accepts profiles with real photos and that these must be of quality and without watermarks.

It is also reported on this screen of the system used by to verify the profile of advertisers.

Anyone who wants to know the rates that this whore ads site applies to its advertisers can do so, from this screen, by clicking on the corresponding link.

Finally, a space reserved for advertisers appears at the top of the home page. This space is called the User Panel and from there it is possible to contact the site management team to manage the ad (change photos, include video, change data ...).

Whore ads

A responsive contact website

In it has recently updated its website to adapt it to current times. Searching from smartphones is now very common and for this a responsive design has been made to guarantee and facilitate access to the web from mobile phones.

With these changes, the site has managed to enhance the visibility of ads and advertisers. The photos, thus, have acquired a greater prominence.

Substitutes offers four language versions in addition to Spanish: German, French, English and Italian; and allows access to a Mexican edition. By clicking on the flag of Mexico that appears in the upper right part of the web, you will access