The unrepeatable Belle Chandon

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Belle Chandon is one of the historical escorts who have been through GirlsBCN. In fact, it is not possible to speak of it in the past because it usually makes us an annual visit in the summer despite the fact that it has been established in France for years. It is also still active, in fact it has its own website hosted on the domain where it reports its services and tours.

And why is Belle Chandon so special? First, because in each photo shoot he takes he reinvents himself again. An extraordinarily studied look with an incomparable aesthetic. Let's say that she would be a Madonna in the field of escorts, although obviously much younger and more beautiful, although surely her musical side will not be the same as the American diva of Italian origin.

Without going any further, there are already 29 books that he has presented on his website and in the last one he maintains the same level as in all the previous ones, his inspiration does not stop. In this book Belle perfectly combines an exciting red lingerie with youth sports that make her incredibly sexy, pure creation of this imaginative mind. Popcorn and a "Estrella Damm" that has either been photographed in our land or is a nod to our city that misses so much. The mansion where the photos were taken is of real luxury, like all the scenarios that it usually uses. It is a pleasure to see the different rooms where the Photobook has been made, it looks like a French palace. Because Belle spared no expense for her photo shoots, she hired the facilities of Circo Raluy, used the Casino de Barcelona or went to the Greek island of Mykonos itself ... Productions comparable to music videos by renowned artists.

Belle Chandon escort

It is also that we get dressed as a bunny and look at that bunny:

Playboy bunny

The session is really incredible and it is really worth seeing it completely, so we recommend that you visit its website. By the way, as it is not otherwise, a bottle of Moët & Chandon could not be missing in the photoshoot.

Luxury escort

Seriously, do not stop visiting its website, it is pure photographic art. And when we say art, we mean it in the strict sense of the word, because each production has great work behind it, as well as exquisite taste and unlimited imagination. And we are lovers of good taste and aesthetics that is why we are fans of this luxury escort who is also an educated, responsible, friendly and delicious person. We are very proud that you have chosen our website to be published for so many years.

Returning to the thread of his productions, we cannot forget his videos. Without going any further, here is the latest production that she published on GirlsBCN in the summer of 2019:

Behold what locations, what lingerie, what art this woman has with the camera. She loves posing, feeling beautiful, wanted ... She is a star and that is not incompatible with being a luxury prostitute because any type of dedication can be done with art and she is thoroughly employed with everything she does. By the way, it has its own video channel on Vimeo, do not stop visiting it because it is nice to see it on the move. Here you have one of his videos from his channel, Belle Chandon in High Resolution:

And how is this diva in bed? In his advertisement he publishes services such as BDSM, Kisses, Rimming, Cuban, Costumes, Fetishism, Body ejaculation, Facial ejaculation, Fantasy, Toys, Natural oral sex, Anal sex, Lesbian, Massages, Striptease, Tantra, Erotic shower, Prostate massage, Pornstar Experience, Full French ... Come on, it offers absolutely everything since Belle is a very sexual woman and open to any specialty in sex. Imagine an erotic shower with this goddess of love, having her soaped and running her sponge all over her body and especially that crotch that in a few moments you are going to penetrate her. And attention to Greek lovers, anal sex is one of the specialties of this irresistible lover, imagine yourself riding her with that piece of buttocks. If you are a horny man, you will be able to enjoy this complete lover and if you are a calm and affectionate man, Belle will be your sweet and sensual girlfriend ... It is what has many facets, it is a woman that serves for the types of sexual desires . And if you can afford an evening with her, we don't even tell you, it can be a pure spectacle to go to a luxury restaurant with such a escort girl.

And we do not say it because we are in love with this extraordinary Brazilian, her own clients say it and as proof of all the experiences reported over the years in sex forums with such prestige as Sexomercadobcn and ForosX. Here are some examples:

I think because of many different colors that we all see. Belle makes it impossible for me to defraud someone.
It was a reunion with this beautiful woman, my third time with her, he remembered me right away. Really nice, loving and friendly at all times, just arriving offered me something to drink, made me sit on the sofa, and from there, kisses, kisses and more kisses. She undresses me little by little, I take off her bra and panties, I eat her nipples, and she invites me to bathe, which I admit. When I get out of the bathroom, I find her in the dining room just as I left her, naked except for her stockings and shoes. Right there she makes me scandalous French, me standing and she squatting. I kiss her, we kiss, I touch her, she touches me, I caress her, caress me, especially her fantastic tits. We went to the room, and now completely naked, more of the same: more oral sex, more and more kisses, a few long preliminaries, as I like, he puts on the rubber and I ride for a while, until the moment when i cum Afterwards, a chat time enlivened with more kisses, until the moment when I must leave. Another shower, I pay him and until March.
I was with Belle last Friday. Third visit to this goddess, I had not been with her since she was in the apartment on Gran Vía, more or less a year and a half ago, the last time she came I could not stay with her. Impressive, she is beautiful, much better than in the photos, operated nose but it has been perfect. Too bad about the scars on the breasts, but apart from that ... also the implication is something out of the ordinary, what a deep throat my gosh !!! What kisses, what lips, I could spend hours just kissing her ... The truth is that I left the floor trembling, like in a cloud
Rating 10 out of 10. The best thing about her is her, her dedication, passion, ... everything. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED with all the letters in large. The worst, nothing for my taste.

At this rate we will have to create a Belle Chandon fan club and if so, we would like to be members of honor because this girl always leaves us well as an advertising page and it is a tremendous pride to be able to publish it every year. Stay tuned to our escort page in Barcelona because it always appears sooner or later and you have to take advantage when it comes because it is only 10 days away.