Club BDSM DomRoom: Dungeon for rent in Valencia and Bilbao

Thursday, 08 July 2021

We all have dark desires. Everyone. Without exception. In the DomRoom Club they know this and that is why they have decided to become accomplices of our fantasies. How? Offering a long list of exclusive services to all BDSM lovers.

The main of all these services are two centers with rental dungeons , one located in Bilbao and the other in Valencia.

The dungeons of this BDSM Club stand out mainly for two qualities. One of them is sophistication. The other, elegance. Combining both qualities, the Club DomRoom team has managed to create several perfectly conditioned environments to enjoy that mixture of pleasure and pain on which BDSM practices are based.

Lovers of kinky sex , whether they have just started in it and are newbies or if they have a proven experience, will find in the BDSM rooms of this firm all kinds of accessories and erotic toys that will help them enjoy the experience more and better. make your wettest and kinkiest fantasies come true.

Beyond those dungeons and their fully equipped rooms, Club DomRoom offers its clients a series of exclusive services, among which we can highlight the orientation for beginners, workshops and courses related to the sexual practices typical of the bedesemero universe, the organization of everything type of parties and events, as well as private sessions to enjoy Domination or, where appropriate, submission.

The activities carried out by this club are aimed at all types of profiles. There are scheduled activities for solitaires and activities for couples. There are them for beginners and there are also for experts. Participation in them is done anonymously and in small groups, which facilitates the maintenance of privacy, something essential in this type of club.

BDSM events

BDSM events and organized trips

One of the most exclusive services provided by this BDSM club is to organize personalized trips and special events.

Whoever wishes to enter the European liberal environment with all the guarantees of security, discretion and privacy can do so by resorting to the services of this exclusive club. He offers his clients the best hosts in countries as diverse as France, Holland, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Greece or Malta. Also, logically, you can find a perfect BDSM host in Spain.

The personalization of these trips is absolute. The customer's profile does not matter. Club DomRoom organizes everything so that the trip and the activities included in it are absolutely gratifying for the client, whether he is a novice who is starting to learn about the bedesemero universe, or he is someone experienced and in search of extreme practices.

The client who hires one of these personalized BDSM trips can choose from the type of company to the hotel, going through a wide range of activities: basic classes, intensive courses, extreme parties, dungeon setup, visit to swinger clubs , to night clubs. girls, to gay discos ... By proxy, the client can decide if they want to have a translator, mayor, driver, bodyguard or personal shopper for their exclusive trip. The exclusivity of these trips is, without a doubt, guaranteed.

BDSM Valencia

BDSM dungeons in Valencia

Whoever lives or is passing through Valencia and wants to live a unique and unforgettable experience in a dungeon equipped with everything a BDSM lover could wish for to have a good time can contact Club DomRoom and rent one of the three rooms that the firm has in the BDSM dungeon of Valencia .

The BDSM rooms in Valencia of this exclusive service company are equipped with shower, soaps, single-dose lubricants, condoms, disinfectants, etc. and they have all the comforts (TV with DVD, minibar ...) as well as all the necessary security measures (the panic button would be an example) so that whoever visits with the intention of having fun and enjoying their sexuality should only worry and exclusively to express your imagination and enjoy it to the fullest.

The rooms of the Valencian dungeon are called Sala Bondage, Sala Kinky and Sala Clínica. Each of them stands out for having a particular setting that is different from that of the other two.

The Bondage room, for example, has a wooden pergola, a load-bearing beam with suspension points, a punishment rack, a vertical cage and adjustable mirrors, among other endless accessories and BDSM erotic toys .

The Kinky room, for its part, has a Saint Andrew's cross , a swing, two punishment boxes and a large assortment of dildos of multiple shapes and sizes, as well as a wide variety of toys for adults specially designed to practice torture. genital and all kinds of gynecological games.

Finally, it should be noted that the Clinical Room, as its name indicates, is equipped and set for practicing clinical games. Anyone who wants to play all kinds of dirty games should rent such a dungeon . Its stainless steel bench, its utensils to practice the anal shower and its pool for liquids, food and fluids make this room the ideal place to practice these types of games.

Beyond the possibility of renting one of these three rooms, this exclusive BDSM club offers its clients the possibility of enjoying endless activities, from participating in bukake or gangbang sessions with a pornstar to enjoying a swinger party or training. part of a public humiliation and torture session.

These activities are aimed at all types of profiles. The same can participate in them alone as couples can.

BDSM Bilbao

BDSM dungeons in Bilbao

Club DomRoom's Bilbao dungeon has three rooms: the Sissyland Room, the Royal Room and the Black Room. As in the case of Valencia, each of these spaces are equipped to enjoy all kinds of fetishes and games. Clients who come to them will find gloves, condoms and single-dose lubricants at their disposal, among other accessories and amenities.

Lovers of feminization find their paradise in the Sissyland Room. Equipped with all kinds of wigs, makeup, masks, shoes, etc., this space is specially designed for crossdressers . Apart from all the accessories already indicated, those who visit this room in the Bilbao dungeon of this firm specialized in kinky leisure will be able to find whips, dildos, collars, restraints and other sex toys for BDSM .

The 180 cm high baroque throne serves to give its name to the Royal Room, a space in which the client who visits it can find a wooden cage, a punishment box and different accessories and accessories to practice flagellation and spank .

As its name suggests, black is the dominant color in the Black Room. Its horizontal cage with torture benches, its adjustable LED lights , its black walls, its punishment rack, its metal cross and the long list of accessories for the practice of restraint, flogging or insertion make this room a corner very special for lovers of this type of sexual practice.

As was the case with the Valencian dungeon, this one in Bilbao also organizes all kinds of activities, courses and workshops are given and the services of some of the most experienced and prestigious Masters and Mistress in the country can be hired.

Finally, it should be noted that Club DomRoom has a large hygiene and toilet area in its two dungeons. The common shower area is also equipped with rings to practice restraints and restraints. In it you can also find accessories for anal shower. The club also allows you to use this space to practice water torture, dog training and games with fluids.

If you want to live a truly exclusive and sophisticated BDSM experience, Club DomRoom is the place you are looking for.

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