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Wednesday, 06 May 2020

There are many men who when looking for an escort do not want the girl to be very young. The reasons for some is that they look for a mature woman like them so that there is more compatibility both mentally and physically (it is known that young girls have a lot of energy and to fuck with them it is necessary to be very fit). In addition, older women have more experience in aspects of intimacy and are more knowledgeable about the male gender, so they will know how to better direct the intimate relationship. And like when you have an encounter with a luxury escort, the most abundant on GirlsBCN , in addition to the sexual act there is an interaction between the two. A conversation between a 60-year-old man and a 20-year-old girl can be complicated by the large difference in age.

But not all men choose a MILF escort because they want to fuck in a quiet way, some are because they are simply morbid mature women and although they are young they want to fuck a mature woman . And beware, that all older women fuck in a relaxed way is a myth, there are MILFs like Ani, a Russian escort in Barcelona , who is a cane fucking as indicated in the forums. Here are some examples of experiences with this busty Russian escort :

After many months with the chastity belt on, a specific appointment with Ani. A wonder, a full-fledged woman, super attractive and captivating. I arrived at his home exhausted for the whole day. He received me dressed in Latex and each and every pain went away. He takes me to the room, after undressing in the living room, and there the show begins. It provokes you, insinuates you, touches you, distances itself, lets you touch, takes your hands in case you don't touch it, it scrubs, it sways, it ... and more, everything. It doesn't let you go at all. It is appreciated that she is a woman who likes to take command, and it is going well for me, after so many months of sinful abstinence. This woman made me, after multiple games, a French to the exorbitant end. He does with that mouth and his tongue everything. After the first attack, she gave me a very gentle massage, very relaxing and invigorating. After the massage and a little talk, we started the second attack, but the same with the irrepressible French alternating with postures in bed, he rides me, sideways, on all fours ... blessed vision of this woman! and more with that speculum that she has in the room, more French, Cuban with those magnificent and glorious breasts, until the moment when I explode in her mouth kneeling in bed and I standing.

MILF Barcelona

Yes, Everything likes to immobilize and supervise you. With the French I submerged myself to the end of the intestine and, terrified, was already seeking the Light to come out of the rectum, fearing I would never get out of there again. Suddenly he started pumping me with such a crash that I thought my neck was breaking and the scars of circumcision were opening. It was the pleasure of terror. That woman is a sexual theme park, but she already suffered for my integrity.
Ani, is a mature woman, who always and in all circumstances clarifies my sexual part but fierce and wild. He always and in all circumstances does it in a way that makes me feel high and confident. She always and in all circumstances fixes everything in the wild, and with beautiful and frank smiles. I am crazy that a woman sexually unties me the part that wild and passionate we have. Ani knows how to do it the natural way. Or at least for me it is how I feel in the best way.

Having said that, we are going to describe what the acronym MILF means, which comes from English and would mean Mother I'd Like to Fuck you or what is the same, "Mom, I would like to fuck you". Obviously it is not about the mother herself but about others, but we would be from an Oedipus complex. Rather, it refers to women who are mothers and who are sexually desirable and attractive, a term that originated in the 90s. The age of a MILF would be between 40 and 55 years, although on our websites we have older mature women. Here you can find MILF escorts in Barcelona and here MILF escorts in Madrid . There you will find women even approaching 60 years old, very much in demand indeed.

MILF Madrid

They are also very suitable for GFE (Girl Friend Experience) services for older men. If a 55-year-old man shows up at a restaurant with a Lolita, it will be more than evident that this girl is a luxury whore , while if he is accompanied by an elegant forties, people will see him as a lucky man who has a mature woman. and stunning. Dinner, a drink and fucking a mom, the perfect evening for any man who knows how to value age as an object of desire.