Spalumi: the oldest whore forum in Spain

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Men, after fucking, like to tell about it. We could put a thousand examples to confirm it. It happens to the posh bullfighters after pricking a Hollywood actress and the mechanical turner who recounts his exploits at the bar counter. Technological advances and the internet have brought a virtual bar counter where everyone can give their opinion on what they want. Those virtual bars are the forums.

For prostitution clients, whore forums are the place to tell how they did with the lumi on duty and whether they advise her (or not) to others. In Spain, if you enter the term whores forum in Google, you will see that the site appears in the preferred place.

Whore forums

The rules of Spalumi

With more than fifteen years of experience in the sector, Spalumi is a forum for escorts that, according to its own words, was born with the idea that users of relaxation services (that is: whorers) could share their knowledge to, thus, recommend and share the best professionals of pleasure.

Over time, the page evolved and, nowadays, it also opens a space to luxury escorts and prostitutes so that they can publicize their services and notify their professional colleagues of any topic that may interest them. What the lumis cannot do in this forum is to participate in the experience forums together with the clients, much less comment on them or in the forum for professionals or, of course, in the one that is opened for prostitution users .

Despite this participation of the escorts in the lumis forums, we must not forget that these are made for the foreros and for them to act in favor of the other foreros. In its operating rules, the forum makes it very clear: whoever participates in the forum should never be a kind of messenger or representative of the girls. And the site sums it up with a definitive phrase: "the loyalty of the Spalumi members must be towards the Spalumi members, not towards the professionals".

Spalumi Forum

The Spalumi forum is not an advertising page. Thus, criticism of whores is allowed. In fact, they must exist. The puteros should know, thanks to the forum, which escorts are working on it and, also, which lumis do not. That is the ultimate meaning of the site: that a forero tell the others, for example: because the other day I was with Fulanita de Tal and I thought she was a very dedicated MILF , one of the best horny mature women I have ever been with. Or, on the contrary, and for example: this girl who advertises herself as a young girl is not as teen as she appears in the photos and with me she was more aware of the clock than of making me enjoy myself.

Criticisms, then, are an essential part of the operation of this site and every hooker should know, based on the opinions expressed by other foreros, which sex worker is a good professional and which worker is not. Of course: all criticism must be done, as indicated on the website itself, respecting people. Respect for clients and professionals must be present at all times and in all the threads that are published. Likewise, the right to privacy of foreros and prostitutes must also be safeguarded.

Failure to comply with the rules of behavior of the forum will allow the Moderators of the same to edit the thread that has violated the rules and, even, its elimination. If a user were to repeat this type of behavior, the moderators of could opt for their permanent elimination as a user of the web.

Whores Madrid

The functioning of the forum

Basic explanations on how the forum works are included in the All Spalumi section. There it is explained, for example, how you can open new topics in the forum, how you can publish photos and videos, how you can report a post, etc.

To participate in this and to be able to access all its contents, it is necessary, previously, to register. The registration process is very simple. Few data must be given. Once the registration is provided and finished, the forero will be able to access all the contents of the site.

Spalumi offers its users the possibility of knowing the opinions about prostitutes who practice their profession in their Autonomous Community or their city. Thus, all you have to do is go to the De lumis por Madrid section to find out what opinions the foreros have expressed about whores in Madrid , flats with whores and agencies in Madrid, erotic massages , transvestites, relaxation professionals, etc.

Entering into the section of Lumis by Madrid you can access multiple subsections. Among them, for example, we could highlight the subforums on street whores, whores in the Marconi sector, about oriental whores, about street transvestites, etc.

And the same thing that happens with Madrid happens with the rest of the autonomous communities of Spain. The Spalumi user can leave De lumis in the Valencian Community and Murcia, in the Basque Country and Navarra, in Galicia, in Aragón, in Andalusia, in Castilla y León, in Castilla-La Mancha, in Extremadura and, of course, in Catalonia.

If you live or are passing through Barcelona and want to know what opinions about some prostitutes in Barcelona are expressed in one of the main forums in our country, you just have to register in Spalumi and go to the Barcelona whores section to know how they work. some of the pleasure professionals who practice their profession in the Catalan capital.

Whores Barcelona