Pornstars who are escorts in Barcelona or Madrid

Sunday, 10 May 2020

The GirlsBCN user knows that from time to time he finds some pornstar on our website, it has been quite common for a few years. Obviously porn is no longer the business that it was a few years ago since it can be enjoyed for free through the most popular websites. These websites live from advertising but it is true that many people go in, choose a video, masturbate and go again without leaving anything on the web, since they neither go to the advertised webcamers nor click on a single ad. Also seen the thousands of videos that are hosted on these websites, it is difficult for anyone who publishes a video to monetize it in a substantial way. That is why many girls occasionally combine their work as an actress with that of an escort and depending on their fame as a pornstar, as their rates vary.

We are not going to give the names of the actresses who have passed through here although it is usually in the public domain in specialized forums such as Spalumi or Sexomercado. There, its users are expert ad trackers, from any website where whores, escorts or masseurs are advertised. In fact, in the Sexomercadobcn forum there is a thread titled "Pornstars who are escorts" very active and that as of today has 156 pages. It is a thread that started precisely on May 10, in this case of the year 2012, so today is precisely his eighth birthday. And we must say that it is a coincidence, we did not have this coincidence planned.

Porn escorts in Barcelona

Are pornstars better as whores?

Well frankly, we do not believe that in the sexual aspect there are great differences between an anonymous escort and an escort who in turn is a porn actress. If we look at our Barcelona whores page we find girls who are a rod in the sexual aspect, who show their faces without problems but although they know how to fuck like the best, they will not lend themselves to record it on video because otherwise that video may be in shape eternal on the net. And although the photos can also remain, after all, many of them are artistic and in no way as explicit as in a video where he appears fucking. So, what differentiates them from each other is that those who dedicate themselves to porn movies do not mind being seen in the sexual act, but fucking, they all fuck just as well.

Now we will review the whores in Madrid on our website. At the moment no porn actress is appreciated and we see that Brazilian whores predominate. All the girls in this category are because of something they have in common, that they offer the hottest sexual services such as Greek and natural French without a condom . Let's say that they are the most daring in the sex that we have published and we can guarantee that the work that these girls do in bed, have nothing to envy of the pornstars, simply that they remain in their privacy and obviously, in the memory of the men who passed through their beds.

Porn escorts in Madrid

In short, we could say that it is very morbid to fuck an actress that you previously know from websites such as Cumlouder, Pornhub, Xvideos ... among the hundreds of websites that exist on the subject. Yes, that morbid exists because the fact that you have seen several videos of a specific actress and you are a fan, when you are with her, you will feel like a porn actor. But be careful, because many clients create many expectations and in the end the porn is a lot of theater, so on many occasions, they end up disappointed because they expected much more (and maybe the powder has been quite good). In any case, we neither recommend nor stop recommending, each user knows what gets him the most and he has to base himself on that when he is choosing a whore to fuck with.