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Thursday, 30 September 2021

In 1999 Natxo Allende Fernández, better known as Torbe , created PutaLocura.com , a porn website that was destined to become a reference page among Spanish lovers of porn pages .

Before founding this porn website , Allende was a DJ on local radio stations, a comic artist, a musician and a porn actor .

Already immersed in the world of pornography (in 1996 he began to make his first collaborations in this industry), Torbe (a pseudonym that comes from his musical days) discovered the immense future that online porn had. With his home camera he began to do what X film production companies did not do at that time: direct their production towards the Internet.

It was then that he decided to create PutaLocura . In doing so, he became the first to make porn on the Internet in both Spain and Latin America. The page founded by Torbe has reached the figure of 300,000 daily users.

Jimena Lago

Spanish girls fucking in amateur porn videos

Since it was founded, the site has shown almost 4,000 scenes starring Spanish porn actresses , the vast majority of whom are amateurs. If someone wants to see Spanish fucking , this website is, without a doubt, the best place to see them. Homemade and amateur porn have become one of the hallmarks of the work of this Biscayan born in 1969.

His other hallmark, quickly identifiable in any of the Torbe videos , is the very particular mix that occurs in them between sex and humor. He himself described this mixture of humor and sex as freak porn in his day and he, of course, did not hesitate to set himself up and to qualify himself as the king without competition of this type of porn.

A large number of girls of many nationalities have passed through the bed and before the camera of Natxo Allende, although the Spanish ones predominate above all. Some of them have managed to become professional pornstars recognized by lovers of the genre such as Jimena Lago or Carolina Abril, nowadays CumLourder stars.

Carolina April

Torbe's porn page categories

Like all porn pages , this one also integrates various sections and categories. At the top of the home page, for example, there is a horizontal bar in which the main sections of the site appear. Those sections are:

  • Porn videos.
  • Actresses The user can contemplate entering in this section the catalog of girls who have ever recorded a video for the web and, thus, directly access the scenes starring a particular girl.
  • Categories.
  • Casting. The web offers its users and visitors the possibility of participating in a porn casting . Anyone who wants to enter the world of homemade porn or amateur porn, or simply wants to participate in a bukkake scene, can do so by contacting Torbe through the section dedicated to it.
  • Webcams. It allows access to a catalog of girls who, live, show their charms or, if the user wishes, can participate in a cybersex session.

Fucking madness

After all these sections, the site reserves two tabs, one for subscribing and the other for identifying yourself. After identifying himself as a subscriber of the site, the user can access without limits to the contemplation of all the porn videos collected on it. Subscription to this website has a cost of one euro per day.

The videos on www.putalocura.com are cataloged and classified in different categories. There are videos of anal sex , pregnant women, gang bang , blowjobs , black and white fucking, couples, public sex, striptease , busty women, teens and, of course, Colombian, Argentine, French, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian and, of course, Spanish (among other nationalities).

Porn videos

The website is updated daily with a new video.

Two of the most successful categories on PutaLocura.com that make this page one of the best porn sites are those dedicated to bukkake and the one known as Las Pilladas de Torbe.

The first of these categories shows scenes of men who, in a group, and after receiving the alternative blowjob from the pornstar on duty, masturbate and ejaculate in the girl's mouth, who receives the shower of cum while she tries to swallow it without leaving even one drop without swallowing.

The videos of the Torbe caught , for their part, show scenes in which street girls are offered money to practice sex. The give and take between who offers the money and who has to receive it if they decide to take a step forward sets the narrative rhythm of a scene that inevitably ends with the girl giving a blowjob to the offeror or, directly, fucking with him.

Porn actresses

Torbe scandals

It is impossible to separate the success of this porn site from the personality of its founder and owner. Provocative to the core, Natxo Allende Fernández has had to face more than one complaint.

He has been accused of including a 17-year-old girl in a porn video, of xenophobia, human trafficking, tax evasion, money laundering, child pornography ...

In some cases, Torbe has been punished by the Justice, in others he has had to pay bail to be released, in one of the cases where more media dust was raised, he was released without charges because the case was dismissed by the prosecutor ...

Its page, today, continues to function like clockwork and its porn offer, due to the originality and freshness it brings to the sector, continues to be one of the most visited in Spain.

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