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Saturday, 16 May 2020

It is difficult to be immune to the bombardment of an idea. When it is repeated a thousand times, it ends up adopting real works. This is how topics are born. Someone begins to say that sex with prostitutes is cold and soulless and, in the short or long term, that ends up being introduced into our minds as a dogma of faith. A host of films have contributed to this, a whole narrative tradition and, of course, an education that has been responsible for tortuously linking the concepts of love and sexuality. According to this essentially platonic conception, sex can only be good when it is the fruit of a loving relationship. Love, thus, ends up mediating our conception about something that, after all and ultimately, has much more to do with our animality, our instincts and our desire than with any story made in Hollywood.

To love is to love and to fuck is to fuck, and in none of our genes is it written that the second cannot be enjoyed without the former. This does not mean, however, that in the search for a sexual relationship with a sex professional, the man seeks only the technical perfection of the professional, the mastery of the felatrix or the slow and maddening rhythm of the hips of those who know exactly how to suck the inflamed excitement of our penis with her vagina to take us to an unforgettable and unforgettable ecstasy. The customer is not just looking for that, no.

Sex does not need love to be pleasant, but it does require a certain connection between the escort and the client. A powder enjoyed in an environment of sympathy and sweetness will always be better than a mechanical powder in which open legs or a woman placed in the puppy pose behaves like a simple container that waits for the moment when the client spills, satisfied Pleasure. And this is known by true sex professionals.

The best ladies in the company, those escorts that seduce us with their lustful and exciting beauty in the online ads on this website, they know perfectly well what we are talking about. They know the importance of tenderness and sweetness. For these girls, feeling someone say that sex with prostitutes is cold and soulless is a kind of insult. They know how to be loving. They know how to be sweet. They know how to be nice. In fact, all of them are nice, sweet and affectionate women and as such they behave. That is why they turn each of the relationships they have with their lovers into a perfect demonstration of what has been called the GFE ( Girl Friend Experience ) service.

GFE Escorts

The GFE service is that service in which a sex professional behaves towards her client like a loving girlfriend. The relax girl for GFE is a kind of lover who, full of sweetness, and eager to give her boyfriend the best, becomes a vicious and devoted lover, a hot and lusty panther who will make that boyfriend the happiest man of the world.

If you want to enjoy a wonderful GFE experience with a beautiful escort, you are in the right place. See any of the girls announced in this section, select one of them, phone them and get ready to live a love and sex story that will seem like something out of a movie that would have brought together the best of romantic and most intense cinema of porn. Because GirlsBCN has a lot of girls in Barcelona and Madrid willing to be your girlfriend for a day, two or whatever it takes, beautiful and tasteful girls with whom to go out for a drink and end up in bed fucking like possessed. Oh, and don't confuse the concept with a sugar baby . These girls say they are not professionals and only ask for help for their supposed studies and expenses, now, if you do not control what you give them, in the end they will be much more expensive. The best, go to a professional with very clear rates.