The most anthological whorehouses in Barcelona

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Now that we are confined and those of us who love company girls cannot enjoy their company, we are going to remember those famous whorehouses in Barcelona that we can no longer visit, with or without a pandemic, as they were left for history. Many were left behind by the rise of the Internet that changed the way of contacting prostitutes, now escorts, even the name of the girls' profession changed. And others due to the passage of time, such as another type of fashion venue, made customers choose other locations.

It is enough to pronounce their names so that a tear runs down the cheek of so many lovers of the night and of the pleasure that, in Barcelona , still long for them. They are places where, in not so distant times, a man with the desire to enjoy a time of company and pleasure could find beautiful, sexy and ardent ladies of company who, knowing everything a man needs to feel happy and relaxed, they were going to make them feel really special men.

Among those names, perfect symbols of how truly alive cities (and Barcelona, without a doubt, it is) are in continuous transformation, are those of Bailén 22 , President Palace or Pub 240 , places that in their time served to heat the Barcelona night and that today are part of the memory. Neither the Paseo de la Bonanova is the same since the President Palace lowered its number 111 or the section of Bailén located between the streets of Casp and Àusias March since the famous Bailén 22 stripper and strip club disappeared.

Those who had become accustomed to the affable and affectionate treatment of the escort girls who carried out their work in them suddenly saw how the caresses felt and the pleasure experienced were located in that little corner that in memory we reserved for nostalgia. That French that kept them so excited, those spicy conversations that made them more passable one winter or the sinuous and exciting movement of that girl recently arrived from the East, from Brazil or from any country in Latin America and that injected them with a dose of desire was kept there. Certainly irrepressible as they swayed and rubbed against a dance bar marking an unforgettable striptease.

Whorehouses in Barcelona

For every missing brothel there is a queue of mourners looking for ways to ease their grief. For each alternate room that lowered the blind, a melancholy that can only find comfort when the man imprisoned by melancholy, the one who enjoyed the atmosphere of those premises that one day closed so much, finds a substitute, a substitute, a new premises in the one who can contact girls like the ones he found in those places and thus enjoy the company of wonderful prostitutes, sensual escorts, extremely sexy erotic masseurs or relax girls arrived from the four cardinal points to turn into reality the most intimate dreams of those men that, in his arms, they will be able to recover the smile, momentarily lost after the closing of their old whorehouses of their confidence.

Luckily for all that procession of men distressed by the closure of the traditional brothels in which they found so much pleasure, Barcelona is a very lively city. And the vitality of a city is demonstrated, above all, in the vitality of its commerce and in how new premises always come to fulfill the function that other premises previously fulfilled. These new premises that come to occupy the sentimental and practical place that the old ones occupied are also born with the vitality of an updated and renewed offer, at the height of time and of a city that is a reference for tourism around the world .

In today's Barcelona, therefore, you can find fantastic escort agencies , places where you can find beautiful and sensual erotic masseurs who can offer us the most exquisite erotic massage services or company ladies who are going to make us feel the most envied men at an event or that they are going to provide us with a wonderful GFE experience that can culminate in the enjoyment of some certainly heart-stopping sexual services.

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