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Thursday, 04 November 2021

Day by day the number of people interested in BDSM increases . Bondage , Domination or submission and sadomaso (confluence of sado and masochism) attract more and more people. Some say that this increased interest in bedemeseras practices is due to the boom caused by the phenomenon born from the novels and films that revolve around the character of Christian Gray . Either because of that, or due to a progressive release of taboos, the truth is that there are many people who are interested in BDSM, who are curious about its practices and who wish to enter a universe as unknown as it is full of stereotypes.

Providing information to all those people is the main objective of InfoBDSM , one of the most complete guides on the world of BDSM that can be found on the net. Looking at this BDSM website is looking at a space where you will find information on how to perform the most diverse BDSM practices and on how to enjoy them to the fullest.

This BDSM information website includes all "non-vanilla" sex, from Bondage or Shibari to Domination , submission , Femdom or sadomasochism.

Those who wish to learn how to practice CBT, figging , knife play , games with wax, practices with needles or blood or medical games with probes, specula, etc., will find on this site about BDSM the necessary information to get started in all of them in a safe way and in which maximum pleasure is guaranteed. Also those who are interested in Fetishism or have a fetish will learn ways to get the most out of them.

InfoBDSM is a website that tries to be didactic, simple and, at the same time, documented. With your guide, anyone with a desire to experiment and who has an open mind and free of complexes and taboos will be able to have the necessary information to take a step forward and enrich their sexuality. Not surprisingly, the catalog of BDSM games and practices that is talked about on this website is vast. From the lightest fetishist practice, to the most 'hard' sadomaso game, everything has a place in InfoBDSM.


This page, with its documented and extensive content, with its long list of posts, shows to what extent the ways of living sexuality can be varied. There are those who dream of being a Dominatrix , a severe and implacable Dominatrix. There are those who, on the contrary, enjoy experiencing the humiliations and punishments of submission and slavery. There are people who feel their desire triggered by a certain fetish and men and women who experience orgasms of the highest intensity when experiencing pain.

InfoBDSM delves into this entire universe based on two principles. The first has to do with respect. The website emphasizes at all times that any way of understanding sexuality is respectable as long as those who participate in a sexual act of this type do so of their own free will and respecting the limits of the other. The second relates directly to security and consensus. As required by BDSM, all the practices that are proposed in the articles published on this website must be carried out safely and, of course, in a consensual manner.

All the information provided by this website regarding practices and ways of living BDSM is grouped in the following sections of its Blog:

  • Bdsm
  • Bondage
  • Fetishism
  • Domination
  • Sado masochism

Let's see below what can be found in each of these sections.

BDSM info


The initials BDSM are born from the initials Bondage / Discipline, Domination / submission and Sado Masochism. They serve to name a group of often erotic practices or a series of role-playing games that include attitudes of slavery, discipline, dominance and submission.

The range of practices discussed in this section is very wide. Some can even be done by people who do not consider themselves members of the so-called BDSM community.

In this section, the web user can find generic articles on various aspects of BDSM, from texts that talk about the different punishments and penances to posts that talk about the instruments that can be used in the different practices Bedemeseras such as nipple clamps, gags, multi-tailed whip, whipping paddles ...



The user of this website will find in this section articles that explain how to make Bondage knots . The instructions given in these articles are intended to help lovers of erotic bondage learn to make their own bondage. For this, the web invites in some of its posts to know the work of the most representative photographers and artists of the Bondage universe.

Looking at the work of these artists and discovering their way of conceiving Bondage and Shibari can be a good way to get an idea for your own practices.

The InfoBDSM user can also find articles in this section that talk about an essential element to practice Bondage: the ropes. Knowing how to finish them, knowing what their ideal length is, learning how to dye them, acquiring the necessary knowledge to choose strings of a certain material, internalizing how to care for them, store them and preserve them ... all this can be learned thanks to the articles published by this page about BDSM in this section.



Few things serve as much to discover to what extent the world of sexuality is complex and varied as taking a look at this section of the InfoBDSM website. The isms are endless in this section: anaclitism, restifism, pygmalionism, candaulism ...

All of them refer to specific fetishes. Making known what these fetishes consist of and how they intervene or influence people's sexuality is one of the fundamental objectives of the articles in this section.

One of the main characteristics of the articles in this section is that they de-dramatize the different fetishisms and give them a playful and fun character.



Domination and submission always go hand in hand and that is something that is very clear in the articles that are grouped in this section of this website about BDSM. In them, the user of the site can find information on how the different Domination / submission practices can be articulated and ideas are provided to practice various types of games or practices.

The posts in this section analyze the role of Mistresses and Tutors, of a Dominatrix and her submissive, of a Master and her slave. The FemDom or Female Domination acquires a special relevance in many of the articles in this section in which, for example, it is reported on practices or techniques aimed at denying orgasm, forcing masturbation or, for example, using male chastity devices.

Also relevant in this section are the posts in which ideas are given to practice D / s games in which the woman, as a Dominant part of the relationship, assumes the role of Goddess, Amazon, Governess, Nanny ...


Sado masochism

This is, without a doubt, the hardest section on the web. In the practices discussed in the articles in this section, the concept of pain acquires a special relevance. Said pain is experienced by lovers of these practices as a gateway to pleasure. That is the basis on which the sadomasum is sustained and that is what is talked about in the postit of this section.

They talk about playing with needles, the way in which a lit cigarette can be used in an S / M practice, the use of the anal hook or bladder catheter, how to practice playing with knives or infusion into the scrotum. , the art of whipping the different parts of the body (buttocks, tits ...), the game with fire, the violet wand, the urethral game ...

Sado Masochism

Sado and Dominas in Barcelona and Madrid?

Finally, it should be noted that InfoBDSM, in addition to providing information about the BDSM universe and its practices in the aforementioned sections of its Blog, also offers its users two sections so that they can find a Dominatrix or a place in which to enjoy BDSM in Madrid or Barcelona.

The BDSM clubs in Madrid and Barcelona highlighted by this website are among the most important of the two great Spanish capitals. The site promises to soon expand its guides on Sado to other Spanish cities such as Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Bilbao, Palma de Mallorca, Zaragoza ...

Anyone who is looking for a Dominatrix with which to start in the FemDom universe can do so by resorting to the information that InfoBDSM provides for this purpose. Many of the women who adopt the role of Mistress are escorts from Madrid or Barcelona. InfoBDSM opens the door to the possibility of contacting them.

Dominants in Barcelona and Madrid