Alternatives to flirt today: paid apps and websites

Sunday, 07 November 2021

In bars, in discos, at work, at the university ... There are many places where it has traditionally been linked and linked. Whoever was born a flirt by nature knows that the favorable places to flirt are infinite. For the purebred seducer, there is no place or situation where it is not feasible to make one more notch in the butt of the rifle. Even a hospital is a good place to flirt. Even, why not ?, a funeral home.

The flirt by nature finds feasible situations to flirt anywhere but ... and who is not good at conquering? What alternative does he have to driving a pike into Flanders? Traditionally, these people had to choose two paths. One of them was to resign oneself to being single. When the concept of single had not yet achieved the prestige it has today, the bachelor was that man who, seen from the point of view of others, either had no luck, or had not known how to search. In no case was it considered that remaining without a partner was a personal option. Certainly, in a traditional, patriarchal society, it used to not be. And it is that in those days being single did not have the glamor that today it is supposed (or sold) that it has.

Some of those evicted from dating, feeling strangers in a society that valued the stable match very positively, sought the advice or help of a matchmaker or matchmaker. In most occasions, that role of matchmaker was played by a friend. They were the first dating providers. This system, as old as the world, is still used today and will undoubtedly be used for centuries and centuries and as long as direct humane treatment is not replaced by virtuality. "Go ... cheer up ... come with us this Saturday ... a friend of my girlfriend will also come," is a recurring phrase. Later, if things fit, then better than better.

Beyond the help provided by these amateur matchmakers and matchmakers when it came to meeting girls , boys or men who could not find a way to flirt or who had no luck doing it within the circle of known people, they sometimes resorted to help. from Celestinians or titled Celestinas, people who had turned the search for dates for others into their profession.

When we talk about these professional Celestinians we are talking about marriage agencies . These still exist, and they are, together with the applications to flirt , the two alternatives (beyond the traditional ones of getting to know each other somewhere and getting intimate little by little) more present today for all those people who cannot find the way to flirt. We are going to talk to you about both alternatives below.

Flirting with girls in nightclubs

Dating apps

One of the most used alternatives today to find a partner is that of dating applications . The expansion of the internet, as well as the technological development of smartphones , has enhanced the role of matchmaker for many dating platforms and websites. Thanks to them, many people can meet people almost without leaving home.

Among the best dating apps we find platforms such as Tinder , Meetic , Badoo , eDarling , Happn, POF , Bumble , Lovoo or Adopt Uncle . Gay or bisexual guys, meanwhile, can use apps like Grindr or Wapo .

All of these platforms work, in the end, in a very similar way. The vast majority of them have a free version and a paid version. To register in them you have to create a profile. In this profile, beyond a photo, a series of data is put: age, hobbies, professional dedication, etc.

Once the registration is made, there are applications to meet people that perform a screening and offer their clients a series of profiles of other registered people so that, based on this, the client indicates which of these people they like and which they do not.

The fact that the "likes" of two people intersect makes it possible in most of the apps to meet people that these two people can chat with each other. The chat function thus becomes a very useful tool so that the clients of the different applications can become more intimate with those people with whom they may, in the end, wish to meet. Let the date curdle to have a good time, well. That after several good times the possibility of reaching something else opens up, well, better.

Among the dating apps, there are those that have gained prestige as tools to achieve serious relationships and there are those that make it easier to have much lighter dates. Among the first would appear applications such as Meetic or . Among the latter, we would find POF (where sporadic relationships abound), Ashley Madison ( dating website for those who already have a partner) and Tinder, widely used among young people. Gay dating applications, for their part, have a reputation for being platforms that allow their users to enjoy many casual sex dates.

Dating apps

Guaranteed sex dates

Considering the alternatives to flirt more common to the traditional ones and that are offered today, we must emphasize that those who wish to have an exclusively sexual date, without any sentimental involvement, have a much more direct way than resorting to applications to flirt. That path is also much safer in the sense that sex on it is guaranteed.

This path goes through hiring the services of an escort . In this case, in addition to being guaranteed, the sex will be high quality , as corresponds to the sex that is shared with a true professional of pleasure.

On many occasions, in addition, the search for a flirt has more to do with the search for a bed partner than with the search for a shared life project. Come on: that on many occasions the search for a flirt starts, solely and exclusively, from the desire to fuck. Once that is assumed, life is much easier for single men. Whoever does it, who recognizes that what they are looking for is sex more than love, quickly discovers the way to be happy.

Does it cost some money to get it? Yes, of course, but ... what luxury does not cost? And being able to sleep with a woman who adapts perfectly to our physical and sexual tastes and with whom we know exactly how far we can go in bed (her catalog of services indicates this very clearly) is, certainly, a real luxury. And all this can be achieved without the need to waste hours and appointments in trial and error.

Therefore, in these cases, we always recommend, as if we were priests of pleasure, to make a severe and sincere examination of conscience. Let us clearly know what we are looking for in order to know where to find it. Do we want love and a serious relationship with a view to sharing a life project? Let's use the services of a dating agency or a serious dating app. Do we want sex? Let's call directly who is going to offer it to us. The time is gold.


Wedding agency

When we talk about a marriage agency we are talking about a company whose specialty is the search for dates between compatible people. What is sought with these dates is that love and a long-term relationship emerge from them.

Those who seek to connect thanks to the services provided by a marriage agency seek, above all, to maintain a long-term relationship, a serious relationship that is destined to endure. Those who resort to the services of this type of agency are not looking for a one-day flirt or a passing adventure. To get a flirt of this type there are already numerous apps to flirt . We will talk about them later, as they are, without a doubt, one of the most popular alternatives to flirt.

The work of the specialists of the marriage agencies is based on the realization of psychological profiles and on the crossing and screening of data. The experts of these agencies, commonly specialized psychologists in personal relationships, personally interview their clients and, based on these interviews, sketch a kind of robot portrait of their personalities, preferences, tastes, etc.

Once this sketch or profile has been made, the agency team looks for, among other profiles, that of the person or people who best adapt to the profile drawn up. Having searched for these profiles, the agency proposes to its client to get in touch with whoever has been selected and then set an appointment.

If the appointment is a success, the agency can be satisfied: it has fulfilled its objective. If the appointment fails, they return to look for new options and organize new meetings. As the saying goes: whoever follows it ... gets it.

Marriage agencies