Russian escorts: hot or cold?

Friday, 22 May 2020

What man would give up the opportunity to have a sexual relationship with a woman of cold and elegant appearance and who, deep down, was a horny and passionate woman, a true sex machine? Surely none. That is why there are many men who, when looking for a company girl to have a date, look for a Russian escort.

To enjoy the intimacy of a Russian woman is to enjoy elegance, beauty and passion at the same time. A Russian prostitute is a mystery to be discovered. It may seem cold and distant at first glance. Even distant. But, when the moment of intimacy arrives, a Russian whore is an erupting volcano. That is why many men go crazy with desire when they think about the possibility of fucking a Russian whore and that is why our website gathers a wide and exquisite catalog of women that this nationality who are willing to give you the opportunity to live one of the most exciting erotic experiences of your life.

Those who have tried them know it. They know how hot they can be. They know how far they can empty you without leaving a drop of force in you? Russian escorts are often insatiable. Young or mature, under its icy appearance they hide a real volcano that, when it erupts, destroys everything around it. It is enough to know some experience of someone who has been lucky enough to live a date with her to realize to what extent the myth is true: Russian luxury prostitutes are the cane in bed. If you have not tried it and you do not know it, read the following experience of someone who has been able to enjoy the exclusive and maddening erotic services of an unforgettable and sensual Russian escort:

I called her on the phone and she didn't pick up the phone. That surprised me, really. But not even five minutes had passed when he called me. Hello, she said very nice. Yes, I said to him; I have called you to stay with you. You can? Of course, he said: whenever you want. We meet a little later in his private apartment.

I got ready and when I got to his block, I stung him and he opened the door for me. When I got to his apartment, what do you want me to say? I was pleasantly surprised. The first impression was magnificent. The girl was sensual and her gaze, what can I say about her gaze? It was an authentic invitation to folleteo. It could be seen with the naked eye that he likes the bed very much.

We went to the room and talked for a while. Well, the truth. He was fluent in the language and easy to communicate with. For me that is important. We could arrive little by little, but not in a cold way, to what I had gone to look for there. And it was a long time since I dreamed of embedding myself in a Russian escort. I had never tried any and I was curious. She was also very open. Not one of my questions bothered him, and look, I came to ask him how long he had been doing erotic services. When I was little I dreamed about it, she told me. That made me very horny. I understood that I was in front of a true sex fanatic.

But I had not gone to his apartment to speak. To speak I already have my friends. She told me that I should take a shower first and I understood that. It is the usual. Cleaning above all. I told him to take a shower with me. She told me that she had already showered but that one more shower didn't matter. I liked that, especially because he said it without pouting.

In the shower, of course, my fever was increasing. She was very good and was there, naked, close to me, feeling like me as the water licked our bodies. I can't help but touch it. I touched its parts and opened and calibrated dreaming of the moment when I could enjoy them and get inside it. She, smiling and kind, allowed herself to be done. How about we go to bed, sweetheart? He said to me. There we can have a much better time.

And said and done: we went to bed, I completely spliced and she, I think, a little hot too. I notice immediately that she is a woman who likes to take the initiative, but I like to do things my way. At least for now. So I tell him to lie down and spread his legs. I love to masturbate women and I want to masturbate my Russian whore. I do, and she, sighing, closes her eyes. It lets itself be done. How excited are you really? I do not know. I would like to continue to dominate the situation. I would like to feel how her pussy gets completely wet, but she, I have already said, is an active woman, very active. So he takes my cock and massages it with maddening caresses. I like to feel how he caresses my balls. It is something that I have always liked and that not all women understand. They focus on the limb and forget their companions. She does not. She caresses them well and makes me completely ready to fuck her. I do it, first, missionary. But the Kamasutra, or our Kamasutra at least, has many pages and she and we want to review them all.

Russian whores

And at GirlsBCN we know a lot about Russian whores since hundreds of Russian escorts have been announced since we started our career, both in Barcelona and Madrid and besides being very feminine, kind and affectionate girls, they fuck as well in bed as the whores most famous on the planet, the Brazilian, Venezuelan, Colombian, Argentine and other Latinas. But be careful, when we talk about Russian escorts we refer to all those mature or young women who come from Eastern Europe as Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Belarusians and other frigid lands. In our next article we will continue talking about these lumis and how they fuck, you will surely enjoy the stories and if you have not slept with any of them, you will want to do it from now on.