Sexting: Distance sex with escorts

Monday, 01 June 2020

The confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made us lose many routines that made us enjoy life. One of them has been to be able to meet with a beautiful escort to enjoy an intense and lusty date. Thanks to new technologies, however, we can enjoy incredible moments of eroticism and sexual pleasure ... at a distance. Relieving the rigors of confinement with good virtual sex sessions can be a good way to keep the machinery greased for when the confinement is over and we can meet again with a luxury companion to enjoy sex in the traditional way.

Sex at a distance or cybersex is an excellent way to demonstrate the happy virus that can affect many organs in our body, but not our libido. It will be exercised and maintained at the appropriate levels when we understand that distance sex is better than longing for the lack of that melee sex to which we are willing to return.

But practicing virtual sex is not easy for someone who has never practiced it. To enjoy it, we must first of all free ourselves from complexes. If the look of the eye of the camera of the mobile, tablet or computer scares you, take away that fear. Sooner. To have distance sex, you have to be willing to do things in front of the camera that you usually do in private. Peel us, for example. Once we overcome this shyness or that complex, we will understand how exciting it can be to masturbate in front of the camera while looking, for example, at the same time as we do, the woman with whom we have this distance sex relationship.

Practicing cybersex involves diving into our most intimate sexual fantasies. The more we let our imagination run wild and the more we dive and search for those fantasies, the more our minds will open up and the more we will enjoy cybersex. Taking into account that the first sexual tool of the human being is the brain, distance sex can be very, very gratifying for all that it has of stimuli for it.


The wonders of sexting

Many couples who have been forced to be physically separated for a time have exploited everything that sexting offers them to the last consequences. Sending images and videos of sexual content through electronic devices has helped them keep burning what is called the flame of passion.

Without a doubt, during this quarantine due to the coronavirus, sexting has occupied a very prominent place among the different practices that can be part of distance sex. Telegram, for example, offers the opportunity to participate in secret chats to practice sexting with unknown people in a safe way. And, just as in the face-to-face, you have to count on the participation of the condom to avoid taking according to what risks, also in the practice of sexting you have to be careful. It would not be pleasant, for example, if some video began to circulate around there in which we were seen with eyes gone with pleasure and cock in hand. That is why Telegram imposes on the channels of these secret chats a special encryption that prevents taking screenshots and forwarding the messages that are written. What is pursued with this is that we can enjoy an exciting remote sex session with the person with whom we have connected but safeguarding our right to privacy and our dignity. After all, spreading unauthorized and intimate images of a person is a crime. And as a crime it is is punished.

The best way to enjoy a remote sex session is to have a sex toy on hand that makes the session more fun and stimulating. Masturbating with your hand while looking at what a woman does for us on the other side of the connection is fine, but doing it with a masturbator that gives us new sensations is undoubtedly much better. Masturbating both while looking at each other from a distance is very, very exciting. We lack the smell of bodies, that smell of sex so aphrodisiac, and we lack the power to enjoy the sense of touch, but we can enjoy the sense of hearing (the moans and filth spoken during sexual practice are also powerful aphrodisiacs ) and, of course, that of sight. Or wouldn't it make you horny to see a woman masturbating while she watches you masturbate?

Escorts that do Sexting

We will continue with the topic but before finishing for today we want to remind you that due to the pandemic, we have created a section on Sexting or sex through video calls. A section that, incidentally, seems to stay because the experience reported by the escorts on our website that offer this service will maintain it once we pass the Covid nightmare. In fact, this service can serve for the user to finish deciding to hire the services of a luxury whore, if there is chemistry through WhatsApp, surely in bed and fucking much more ...