Rampant rabbit: rabbit vibrator to stimulate the clitoris

Monday, 24 January 2022

There was a time when it was taboo to talk about female masturbation . Few women, in fact, admitted to masturbating. Series like Sex and the City have helped break the taboo. Today, many women already recognize that solo pleasure is not just for guys. With their fingers and hands or with the help of an erotic toy , girls also know how to give themselves sexual pleasure. Many of them use a very special and fun-looking sex toy : the rampant bunny or rabbit vibrator .

Like any type of sex toy , the rabbit dildo can be used alone or shared with a partner. After all, shared games are always better than solo games.

In this article we are going to explain what a rampant bunny is and how to use it.

rabbit sex toy

What is a rampant bunny?

This erotic toy is called that, rabbit vibrator , because of its peculiar shape. At its end it has two rabbit ears that fulfill a major function: to stimulate the clitoris .

Studies on female sexuality show that this type of stimulation is essential in the process of female arousal and pleasure. Not surprisingly, women experience most of their orgasms from clitoral stimulation. This organ, in addition, does not fulfill any reproductive function. It exists, solely and exclusively, to provide pleasure. When stimulated it fills with blood and swells like a small penis. As the woman moves toward her orgasmic response, this organ tightens.

The first device of this type was born in Japan, a country where this animal is considered a lucky charm. Without a doubt, the gadget came loaded with it. In 1998 it was already sold all over the world. His success was immediate. Not surprisingly, its benefits are many. The most sophisticated models of rabbit vibrators can stimulate up to three zones at the same time:

  • Simulate penetration.
  • It reaches and stimulates the G-spot through gentle movements.
  • Stimulates and massages the clitoris.

This triple combination of stimulations makes women who use a rampant vibrator reach very intense and powerful orgasms.

female vibrator

Which rabbit vibrator to choose?

A wide variety of rabbit vibrators can be found on the market. Shorter, longer, thicker, thinner, with the most curved shape, straightest, of all imaginable colors... Which one to choose?

If you know yourself well or you know the tastes of your partner well, you will know which one best suits your needs. In any case, our recommendation is always to try. Experimenting will allow you to get to know yourself better and, in any case, will enrich your sexual life.

Regarding the material it is made of, we always recommend choosing toys for adults that are made with hypoallergenic materials. The silicone ones, for example, are very soft and allow very pleasant penetrations. Its maintenance is also very simple.

If you choose a silicone rabbit, it will suffice that, after using it, you remove the batteries and wash it with warm water and neutral soap. Of course: you should let it dry well before storing it in its cover or case in a cool place.

rabbit vibrator

How to use a bunny vibrator?

The first thing you should do when you are going to use a toy of this type is to have a water-based lubricant on hand. Any stimulator performs its functions better and is more pleasurable if its caress is lubricated.

It is important that the product you choose to lubricate the rabbit is not silicone. Why? Because this type of lubricant ends up damaging items made with silicone. The water-based one is also easier to clean.

Once you have lubricated it correctly, you can insert it into your vagina looking for a way for the ears to fulfill their function by correctly stimulating the clitoris.

If you wish, you can also use it while having sex with your partner. This gadget can be used, for example, to enrich a missionary. How? Lie on your back and let the rabbit-shaped vibrator's ears rest against the base of your clitoris while your man is penetrating you. Placing this toy in this way, the man will also notice the vibrations and both of you will feel a remarkable pleasure.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention when talking about the uses of this toy that there are men who have used the rampant bunny to stimulate themselves. How? We give you two ideas:

  • Using the ears to stimulate the tip of the penis and the testicles.
  • Separating the ears, placing them on each side of the shaft of the penis and ensuring that the vibrations are concentrated running up and down the shaft of the penis.

As you can see, sex and the use of sex toys just have to be imaginative.

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