Sex swing: types and erotic positions to use it

Wednesday, 02 March 2022

The universe of sex toys is almost endless. The usual thing, when talking about them, is to think of vibrators, dildos, Chinese balls, anal plugs... But sex is the best territory to let your imagination run wild. Have you considered the uses it can have and how much fun it can be, sexually speaking, a sex swing .

An erotic swing can introduce a marked playful accent in your sexual relations. These, while more intense and pleasurable, can be much more fun.

Can you imagine all the sexual positions that a device of this type can allow you to recreate? The Kama Sutra can outgrow you if you have a love swing , a certain fitness level and some practice.

But... what is a sex swing? A contraption made up of a series of adjustable harnesses that can be hooked to different places (ceilings, doors...) and that allow one of the two members of the couple (which is usually the woman) to remain suspended in the air while sexual relations are held.

In some cases, these types of contraptions come to have ankle straps. What is achieved with it? Larger leg openings and easier and deeper penetrations.

The design of these erotic toys allows easy placement and removal and can support weights of up to 160 kg.

Below we will explain the different types of existing erotic swings and, what is more important, how to use them.

sex swing

Types of sex swing

In sexshops you can find very varied models of swing for sex . All of them, however, can basically be grouped into two prototypical modalities:

  • The ones that hang from the ceiling.
  • Those who have their own support.

These gadgets usually come factory assembled, so their assembly is usually not complicated.

The ceiling ones have a steel cable that is screwed to the swing. This type of device is the most suitable for all those couples who are going to use it intensely. One of its great advantages, moreover, is that it allows you to rotate 360º. There are models of this type that can support up to 200 kg of weight.

There are models that can be installed on a door. Doorway sex swings allow more mobility for those couples who like to experiment with changes in location. These cheaper models have a handicap: usually (and unless the user has a lot of flexibility) they allow very few postures.

Those that have their own support are also resistant, as they are made of steel tubes. This type of erotic swings usually support up to 150 kg of weight.

A device of this type can be made with many materials, but the most common is to find them made with neoprene or nylon, as they are very pleasant materials to the touch.

Swing to hang from the ceiling

How to use an erotic swing

A sex swing is characterized by having incorporated openings to insert the legs and, also, to be able to use the hands according to the chosen position.

The possibilities that a couple has to enjoy a device of this type are many. The creativity of the members of the same will determine, to a large extent, the use that is given to the toy. In some cases, it will be the two who are in the air. In others, only one of them will be "hanging" while the other remains in skin. Regardless of the option chosen and the position adopted, the use of a sex swing requires a minimum of balance and also strength.

To use the ceiling ones, you have to hook them with special rings to the same. Afterwards, it will be enough to sit down like in one of those classic swings that can be found in playgrounds.

To use the door ones, the two ends of the straps must be passed over the door to then close and secure it. At the end of these straps there are two kinds of holes that allow the legs to be inserted so that they remain suspended in the air.

In order to find the perfect angle of penetration, whoever is suspended in the air must hold on tightly to the straps to start enjoying it from there.

In the BDSM territory this is a highly valued device. Not surprisingly, there are many people who call it swing sado . And, of course, having the submissive person or slave hanging from the ceiling and, thus, largely immobilized, allows many games of domination and erotic torture.

Self-supporting swing

Sexual positions for suspended sex

As we have indicated before, the use of a toy of this type requires a lot of imagination. It is she, together with its own features and characteristics, which gives it meaning. We believe, therefore, that it must be your own imagination (and that of your partner) that leads you to enjoy such a utensil.

However, we are going to propose several erotic positions so that, if he catches you with your imagination asleep, you can enjoy him. Those positions are as follows:

  • oral sex As you well know, sex goes far beyond penetration. Or it can be much more varied. Cunnilingus and fellatio are two very pleasurable practices. Enjoying them suspended can be a good way to give them a special touch. In these cases: the passive part will be suspended and will support its back on the widest base of the straps. The active part, for its part, will remain on the ground to provide stability to the sexual practice. With some practice you can get to practice the 69 .
  • flying puppy. You know doggy style, right? Has it occurred to you to practice it on one of these fun devices. Your girl, lying on her stomach on the straps, receives you, who are standing up and enter her from behind. The swing of the swing can be very, very erotic and pleasurable.
  • Sitting face to face. This way of having sex can be very romantic. Not in vain, girl and girl are face to face, looking at each other and feeling the contact of their breasts. To practice it, the boy will sit on the swing and she will stand on it. The sensations will be multiplied by ten by not having support points.

Undoubtedly, there are many more possibilities to enjoy this gadget. You can try, for example, a vertical 69. Or you can do the wheelbarrow, with both members of the couple suspended. Or you can try the flying spoon (he sitting and she sitting on him but with her back to him). The postures, without a doubt, can be many. It is not for nothing that this apparatus is also called a sutra swing .

Do you dare to try one?

sex positions with swing