Tantric massage: what it is and what it is for and steps for it

Monday, 14 March 2022

Tantric massage . There are many massage centers and salons that currently offer it among their services. Do you know what it consists of? Surely you relate it to a sexual practice and, deep down, it is. But it is much more than that. Not in vain, Tantra is a whole philosophy of life that pays special attention to the mental and spiritual. Its objective, therefore, must go beyond the purely corporeal.

In this post we are going to explain what a tantric massage is, we are going to specify its benefits, we are going to tell you how it differs from an erotic massage and we are going to detail how it is applied step by step.

Tantric massage: what is it and what is it for?

There are many people who believe that a tantric massage is the same as an erotic one. They are wrong. At first glance, both types of stimulation may look similar, but they are not the same. Somehow, the tantric could be defined as an erotic but applied in a different way and looking for other objectives.

Later we will talk about the differences between these two types of stimulation, but for now stick with the idea that, very briefly, a tantra massage is an erotic massage applied with tantric techniques.

What do we mean by it? That everything that is pursued during the massage practice is the ultimate goal of Tantra itself, that is: the balance and harmony of energies towards a higher state of consciousness using the sexual energy that lives within all of us in an appropriate way.

When performing this type of stimulation, the erogenous zones are especially worked on. This work seeks to enhance the knowledge of the body by the massaged person and the stimulation of their senses.

That the stimulation we are talking about leads to orgasmic ecstasy is common, but it is not what identifies this practice. Orgasm is not the priority. The priority is to bring the massaged person to a state of pure consciousness and spiritual fullness through the correct stimulation and channeling of their erotic energy.

And it is that Tantra, more than something specifically erotic, is a whole philosophy of life. What it pursues is not that moment of sexual joy that is specified in orgasm, but the development of our senses and, therefore, our enrichment and a form of wisdom that allows us to harmonize desire and spirituality.

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Benefits and advantages

Stimulating the couple's sexual desire is one of the great objectives of this type of stimulation and is also one of its great benefits. But he's not the only one. With extensive advantages for the body, mind and spirit, tantric massage has, among others, the following benefits:

  • Helps to find physical and mental balance.
  • It allows us to become aware of our own body.
  • It improves our way of breathing and, therefore, optimizes the function of our respiratory system.
  • It reduces anxiety and stress, favoring the fact that we can enjoy a state of calm and a good state of mind.
  • It promotes the physical and affective relationship of the couple.

Some of these benefits also occur in the so-called sensitive or erotic massage , but that does not mean, as we have indicated above, that they are the same. In the next section we will explain the differences between one and the other.

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Differences between erotic and tantric massage

Many people tend to confuse erotic massages with tantric massages. Although they have many points in common, they are not the same.

The former are directly linked to the concept of pleasure. In many cases, that pleasure reaches the point of ejaculation . Massages with a happy ending , with their different types of ending, would be a very common form within the group of this type of practice. There are many people who resort to this practice looking precisely for the happy end .

The latter, meanwhile, pursue different objectives. In them, pleasure (and, within it, erotic pleasure) is not the end, but a path. To that? Towards the expansion of consciousness.

The intention behind each of these practices is also different. The erotic wants to excite. The tantric , pursue that expansion of consciousness that we talked about earlier.

Finally, we must highlight that the attitude between the masseuse and the massaged is also different in one type of stimulation and in another. In the tantric there is a current of love and devotion towards the other that is not contemplated in the erotic. This second is much more tied to the purely sexual. Love, here, does not count so much.

Let's see below how a tantra massage is performed.

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Tantric massage: steps for him

If you go to your header search engine and type in tantric video massages you will be able to see how you are directed to a long list of porn pages that show images of high erotic content that have little to do with what is really a practice of this type.

And it is that the lingam massage , a tantric masseuse practice, is not exactly a simple masturbation, as it is contemplated in many of those streaming videos. Neither is yoni massage , which would be tantric but focused on the female genitalia.

If you want to apply a tantra massage, the first thing you must internalize is that the steps must be done slowly and showing devotion and love towards the person receiving it at all times. These two concepts should not be confused with submission. The masseur or the masseuse must always maintain control of the situation and must maintain the appropriate application rate.

Taking into account what has been said, and once you have chosen the oil or gel, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Gently massage your chest and shoulders and descend to your abdomen, feet and then to your legs, all slowly and calmly.
  2. Massage thighs, perineum and pubis.
  3. Focus momentarily on the testicles. As you do, take them in your hand and gently rotate them with your fingertips. Gently drag your nails across the scrotum.
  4. Start stroking the shaft of the penis. To do this, wrap your hand around it and make long, slow strokes along its entire length, then alternate between hand and rhythm. As you do this, vary the strength and speed of the stimulation as well.
  5. Stroke the frenulum and the head of the penis but without prolonging this stimulation. The key is to bring the massaged closer to orgasm but without leading him to it. If it gets closer, slow down the stimulation and focus it on areas close to the penis but not reaching it. Tell the massaged to take a deep breath.
  6. If he accepts prostate stimulation , proceed to perform it with your finger and his anus well greased with lubricant. In tantra massage , the prostate is known as the sacred point .

At this point it should be noted that orgasm is not necessary to comply with this type of tantric practice, but it is usual to finish it off.

If you want to live an experience like this, you just have to type in your computer tantric massage Madrid , or Barcelona, or Seville, or Zaragoza, or Malaga, or the Spanish city in which you live, to discover how many centers and salons are near you to enjoy an experience that every man should live at least once in his life. In a very high percentage of situations, whoever tries it repeats it.

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