Edurne naked and fucking: the hottest photos of the singer

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

The years go by and Edurne , that sexy blonde who looks like a good girl who appeared in the fourth edition of Operación Triunfo , is already 36 years old. Born on December 22, the day on which the Special Christmas Raffle is traditionally celebrated in our country, this blonde with an unforgettable body is the jackpot that David De Gea , the famous Spanish goalkeeper who plays in the ranks, won in his day. of Manchester United.

And it is that not all men can have the honor of saying that they have shared bed and table with a blonde as beautiful and sexy as this sexy blonde. With 7 albums behind her, a performance at Eurovision, a handful of appearances as an actress in various television series and a notable success playing the role of Sandy Olsson in the musical Grease , the Madrid woman was chosen as the sexiest Spanish woman in 2010 by FHM magazine.

In that year, her appeal was so strong (the singer looked splendidly 25 years old at the time) that she managed to be named the second sexiest woman in the world according to the same magazine. Only one female surpassed her on that date in attractiveness. The name of that woman is one of those that inevitably makes a certain part of the male anatomy stand at attention: Megan Fox.


A hot and morbid singer

Undoubtedly, Fox won over our beautiful Madrilenian for her slightly more brazen and daring air, a little more aggressive and brazen, a little less like a good girl. And it is that the presenter and model, despite all her fame and her experience in front of the cameras, still exhibits a certain air of shyness. Sometimes it seems as if he is afraid to let his hair down. And that, she may not know, makes us very horny.

And it is that few things are more exciting than seeing how a young woman from a good family and well educated forgets social conventions and lets herself be carried away by passion. The Sandy played by Olivia Newton-John in the famous film musical of the seventies also appeared to be like that: modest, shy, insecure...

Modesty Sandy needed only a pair of black leather pants and a tight top to bow down to Danny Zuko's flirt at her feet. The image of Travolta drooling at the foot of a Ferris wheel in that memorable end of the year at the Rydell Institute remains in the history of cinema.

And that's exactly how we imagine a XXX scene between Edurne and De Gea : she's hot; he, lying at his feet, surrendered as if they had scored five goals in a derby with City. And we say De Gea because he is her partner and the father of her daughter as we could say the name of any man who walks the Earth and is straight. Because... what macho man is going to disgust Edurne naked ?

sexy edurne

Naked Edurne: very desirable tits

No nude photos of Edurne circulate around. If you click on Google, for example, Edurne tits , you will not find an authentic photo in which the singer from Collado Villalba shows us in its entirety that breast that drives us crazy. The images that can be found out there showing Edurne's boobs are fakes. They are not real photos. They are montages.

Yes, we can find endless images in which we will see the singer wearing dresses, t-shirts and tops with necklines that are as suggestive as they are impressive. Despite the beauty of her eyes and the innocent luminosity of her smile, our gaze inevitably goes to her breasts that we would like to caress, kiss, lick, bite... and that have grown surprisingly since we first intuited them. in Operation Triumph .

edurne lingerie

Those necklines, together with her narrow waist and her perfect and sinuous curves, make the singer from Madrid an irresistible temptation, the woman that any man would like to take to a company dinner as a companion to arouse the envy of all his colleagues.

What a pleasure to think that all of them would look at her corroded by jealousy and that they would be mad as hell imagining her in our bed, given over to our whims and fantasies, filled with desire, fucking as only good girls know how to fuck when they are free. of all the prejudices and the weight of his exquisite education. You know what they say about young girls who have come out of nuns' schools and schools of the like...

Naked Edurne

Edurne fucking

We have also imagined Edurne fucking on more than one occasion and we have drawn her wild and happy in our dreams, playful like a girl who, having grown up, has not yet completely ceased to be one and who, therefore, turns sex into a kind of game full of laughter and fun. And what greater fun and imaginative celebration than dreaming of Edurne naked and fucking ?

We, who have seen her mature and stop being that young girl who was a bit bored and perhaps self-conscious about her sensuality at the Operación Triunfo academy, have her at the altars of the national women who make us horny. And it is that Edurne's age is not a problem to want her more and more every day.

The naturally sexy Edurne is beyond, for the time being, the changes that age and pregnancies effect on female bodies. Perhaps it has widened a bit, but that (together with the increase in her breasts), makes her a more carnal and desirable female.

In that altar of sexy girls that we have talked about and in which we have her placed, she shares space with beautiful and morbid actresses such as Blanca Suárez, Elsa Pataky or Úrsula Corberó. With all of them we would like to shoot a wonderful porn movie. And be, of course, the male leads.

Edurne fucking