Cybersex and sex toys

Sunday, 07 June 2020

In the market you can find many types of erotic toys and many of them are ideal to enjoy cybersex. Couples can even count on devices that work through mobile applications. Controlling the gadget with which your partner masturbates many kilometers away is very useful to symbolically reduce those kilometers and make distance sex a very rewarding experience. According to statistics, the sales figures for this type of sex toy have multiplied worldwide since the pandemic began.

Cybersex, in order for it to work well, be stimulating and serve to make us very horny, must be understood as a kind of very spicy game. For distance sex to bear fruit we must enhance its playful facet. It includes remote striptease, the practice of dirty talking or dirty talk (how exciting it can be to say or be filthy!), Masturbation at the same time and posing challenges. He dare you ...? It is a good way to increase sexual tension. There are applications designed to practice sexting that are based precisely on sending challenges to the game partner. Surely, the most famous application of this type is the Desire app. By shaking the phone, Desire offers us the possibility to choose between different message options.

Given the importance that distance relationships have acquired, the most powerful dating applications on the market (Bumble, Tinder, Grindr or Coffee Meets Bagel among them) are beginning to incorporate video chat functions. In principle, the objective of these applications is not that thanks to them people fuck from a distance, but we do not doubt that there will be many people who, once they have connected especially with someone, end up practicing, in one way or another, virtual sex.

And is that men, who can doubt it, we like to fuck. And if we can't do it face to face, we look for ways to do it virtually. There are straws and straws, and the straw that one makes while having sex at a distance is much more enjoyable than the one we make ourselves by pulling our imagination and in the absolute seclusion of our room or our bathroom. Virtual sex is in fashion and we must take advantage of it to keep our sexual machinery greased waiting for better times. On the network we can find virtual reality strip clubs, sex parties organized by Zoom video calls, webcam sex on porn pages ... the possibilities of enjoying cybersex are becoming more and more extensive.

Escorts and erotic toys

Escorts and remote sex

The professionals of erotic accompaniment, always attentive to the needs of their clients, are aware of the extent to which men cannot live without sex and the extent to which life is more joyous with sex. That is why there are many escorts who, in this seclusion time, offer their clients the possibility of enjoying some exciting virtual sex sessions.

Many GirlsBCN advertisers offer the option of alleviating the wait with video calls or fire-busting webcam sex sessions. Without being able to enjoy the pleasure of caressing the curves, the breasts or the asses of the irresistible callgirls that are advertised on our website or the maddening joy of fucking them in their private apartment, in the facilities of their agency, in their own home or In a hotel, gentlemen who are willing to contact them to meet face to face and enjoy their multiple charms in person can do so, virtually, to get laid from a distance.

Do not miss the opportunity that confinement has given us to discover a new way of relating and enjoying your sexuality enjoying the virtual company of a beautiful, sexy and irresistible luxury escort.

Escorts and cybersex