Úrsula Corberó naked and fucking: hot and sexy photos and videos

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Is it possible to desire a teenager? Humbert Humbert, the protagonist of the famous novel Lolita , written by the writer Vladimir Nabokov, would certainly say yes. And we would agree with him by contemplating the images of the Catalan actress Úrsula Corberó in the series Physics and Chemistry.

When that series was shot, Ursula Corbero was already 19 years old. So he was of age. But her youthful physique and her mischievous girl's face allowed her to play the role of a student from the famous Zurbarán institute in the famous television series broadcast by Antena 3 between February 2008 and June 2011. We already saw then what the Catalan was going to be : one of the sexiest actresses in our country.

And it is that the adjective sexy is the one that best suits Úrsula Corberó. In the classic way, it is possible that there are more beautiful actresses in our cinematographic panorama, but few can compete with her when it comes to morbidity.

This actress, born in August 1989 (she is on her way to an impressive 33 years), is pure morbid. Provocation and concupiscence nest in his gaze; in his smile, mischief and rudeness. Her slim body but with aphrodisiac curves is a monument to temptation. If the demon were a woman, she would undoubtedly have the face and forms of the Ursu.

That was exactly how he appeared to us one night on El Hormiguero , the program hosted by the Valencian presenter Pablo Motos. Ursula was wearing jeans and a T-shirt with a big heart stamped on it. What challenge did the redhead pose? Dance to a Beyoncé theme.

La Corberó had gone to the program accompanied by Amaia Salamanca. Both premiered at that time XP3D , a horror film in 3D. But what we saw that night on the set of El Hormiguero had nothing to do with terror and everything to do with lust.

The actress from Sant Pere de Vilamajor taught us in just two minutes what it means to make the staff horny by shaking her waist and shaking her ass. The actress, who at that time was a provocative dancer, patted her butt, her divine butt, those buttocks that lack nothing or have nothing left over and that are one of the most outstanding and attractive parts of the anatomy of this morbid actress .

Ursula Corbero boobs

Ursula Corbero nude

Seeing Úrsula Corberó naked and from the back is enough to go crazy with desire for her, to bet everything on the card of obeying her orders and to resign ourselves to kneeling at her feet, submissive like obedient puppies.

And there is nothing like Ursulita's butt to confirm how exciting and provocative a woman's rearguard can be. Úrsula Corberó 's ass is an ass that seems made to be sodomized. It seems that it is crying out for someone to penetrate it. Or someone burying his face between her buttocks and savoring everything that a woman has to savor in that part of her anatomy.

Ursula Corberó nude and from behind is an invitation to anal sex, a black kiss, doggy style, spanking... From the front and looking into our eyes, she is simply the living image of lust, of sex without measure or complex, of a carpe diem built on the basis of kisses, licks, caresses, hickeys... Overflowing passion in its purest form. Kamasutra reviewed over and over again.

If we were mothers we wouldn't want you as a girlfriend for our children. And not because we have seen you, machine gun in hand and in red overalls, assaulting Mint and Stamp Factories and Banks of Spain in La casa de papel . We would not want you as the partner of our offspring, not because you are a thief, but because you are sexually irrefutable.

If someone in a red jumpsuit that isn't too tight makes us so horny either... how can we not put ourselves in a bikini, with a gala dress, with a carefree casual look or topless, surprised on the beach wearing those pretty peaches that do you have boobs?

Úrsula Corberó's boobs don't break the visual balance of her slender body. Thinking about how her nipples must bristle when grazed or when her owner gets horny is something inevitable. She doesn't need an abundance of breasts to be lethal. For the actress, that penetrating, ironic, haughty and ripped look is enough, those dreamy curves in a doll's body, that unbeatable ass and those seductive lips both in seriousness and in the smile to radiate morbidity through all the pores of her skin. .

Ursula Corbero nude

Úrsula Corberó fucking

The morbid image of this beautiful thirty-year-old who from time to time posts wonderful photos on social networks (search for Úrsula Corberó on Instagram and discover what good eroticism and sensuality are in abundance) makes us think of a sexual panther.

Úrsula Corberó fucking shouldn't be anything. We could ask one of the men who have passed through his life. Among them we find the actor Israel Rodríguez, the tennis player Feliciano López , the actor and model Andrés Velencoso and, currently, also the actor Chino Darín, whom the actress met shooting the series The Embassy . We could ask him, yes, but we prefer to imagine.

Imagination is essential in sex and in that we are not going to let ourselves be defeated by anyone. Our imagination has no limits. That's why he conceives the fucking of this thirtysomething as the unbridled fucking of a nymphomaniac who sensed that there is no tomorrow. We imagine Úrsula Corberó naked and fucking giving it her all without taboos or squeamishness in bed, in the garden, in the bathroom of a shopping center, on a dark staircase, on the kitchen counter...

In a woman with the image projected by this famous actress, prejudice seems to have no place. That is why we believe with all the firmness of our erotic faith that for this attractive and sexy woman, sex is like breathing. That you need it daily to feel good. And with that image we locked ourselves in the bathroom to pay tribute to him.

Úrsula Corberó fucking