Seeking Arrangement: the most famous platform of Sugardating

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Talking about sugardating platforms necessarily implies talking about Seeking Arrangement , a "sugar dating" website founded in 2006 by Brandon Wade .

Taking into account that the translation of seek is to search, the name of this site to which we are going to dedicate this article could be translated as something like "Looking for a Fix".

What is the goal and main function of SeekingAgarrangement ? Meet the needs of Sugar Babies (young men and women) and Sugar Daddies or Mommies.

What is a Sugar Daddy? A generally mature man with a good economic position who, in exchange for company in the medium or long term, offers financial backing, support and a certain social status to a young woman who wants to be attended by someone mature.

This platform, therefore, is used for babies and daddies and mommies to contact each other. How? As we will discuss in the following sections of this article.

Seeking Arrangement

How does Seeking Arrangement work?

Like many other dating websites , this one has a free version that allows you to subscribe to it but does not allow too many "joys" of participation. Male members of it, for example, can send a maximum of 10 messages to other people.

How can you have more interaction and get more tools to be able to contact and search for a Sugar Baby ? Hiring the Premium version of . The Premium subscription of this platform has a series of advantages for the user. Thus, it can:

  • Hide your status when you are online, as well as the date of registration and the country in which you live.
  • Hide your profile so it doesn't appear in search results.
  • List three locations.
  • Skip posting photos (Standard members, meanwhile, must post photos).
  • Use advanced search filters. These filters allow you to find the best match between a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby. Thanks to them, those looking for a long-term relationship and those looking for a casual date will be able to meet.
  • Receive a notification when a message from you is read.

Next to the Premium membership there is a Diamond that serves, above all, to improve search results. To access the Diamond category you must have been Premium for two months.

Registration on is free.

The fact that there are thousands of profiles activated on SeekingArrangement makes this site one of the most popular within this segment of dating pages . Communication between its users is carried out only through messages.


SeekingArrangement: registration process

As with other dating sites, registration is very easy. With little information and quickly, the user can already register on the site.

The first thing that the user of must choose is the type of account. The options are three:

  • sugarbaby
  • sugardaddy
  • Sugar Mommy

Having said that, the user must indicate with which gender they wish to maintain a sugar relationship. There are also three options: men, women or both.

At this point it's time to talk about money. How much do you expect from your sugar daddy or your sugar baby mommy? How much does daddy or mommy want to spend? Whoever fills out the profile must answer that question from their position in the relationship they are trying to forge.

To complete the registration process in Seeking , you must indicate an email. To increase the chances of connecting with other users it is recommended to connect Facebook , Instagram and other social accounts to the profile.

Finally, the user of this platform must upload a profile image.

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Seeking Arrangement app

Like all contact pages , there is a mobile application for this platform. This presents an image very similar to the desktop of the website.

Both one and the other may seem very simple to younger users, but you have to think that there are quite a few Sugar Daddys who, due to age and lack of recycling and comfort, are not very into the subject of new technologies and that, therefore, they appreciate a simple and very visual design that is comfortable for them when using it.

The design of the app is simple and users can access the features through the navigation bar that appears at the bottom of the screen.

The application uses the GPS service to perform searches and matches, but for privacy reasons it only shows the country and city, never a more exact location.

That this is the most popular Sugardate platform in Spain does not mean that it is the only one. Not even the most modern. The example of demonstrates it.

What is Zukery ? A recently created website that, operating in Barcelona and Madrid, facilitates the establishment of relationships of this type in Spain.

With strict access controls, on this site the subscribers are the "sugar girls" and the "sugar daddies" are anonymous users who will contact the girls through the contact information provided on the web.

One of the great advantages that this website offers its users is that they do not have to create any profile to contact a sweet girl. Of course: in order to do so, they must comply with the strict rules set by the site. Compliance with these rules is essential (and a mandatory requirement) so that the relationships established belong to the Sugardating universe and not to any other type of relationship between adults.

But the website also has a social network of sugar girls in the style of Onlyfans but open, without the need to pay to view the content.

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