Sugar Baby or Escort? Know the differences between them

Wednesday, 06 July 2022

What is the difference between a sugar baby and an escort ? Or are they the same? There are many people who ask this question. We are going to try in this post to clarify both concepts.

For the enemies of SugarDating , sugar babies and escorts are the same. According to the opinion of these people, both of them practice a form of prostitution.

In this article we are going to shed light on the matter and we are going to outline both figures to demonstrate that a baby sugar is not the same as a luxury prostitute.

To do this, we will explain what exactly Sugar Dating is and what a baby sugar is . Once we have explained it, it will be seen that a "sugar girl" (that would be the literal translation of the aforementioned English expression) is not an escort.

Sugar babe or escort

What is a Sugar Baby and what is SugarDating?

Sugar Babies are becoming more and more common. The increase in university fees makes it so. And we must not forget that the vast majority of sugar babies are young university students seeking financial and personal support to meet their university expenses and also, why not, to be able to afford the occasional whim (expensive clothes , a complement, a trip...).

To do this, the sugars try to contact men who are generally mature and well positioned economically and who are called Sugar Daddy . These gentlemen lend the girls that financial support in exchange for their company.

The relationship between daddies and babies can reach the sexual (in many cases it does), but the determining factor in it has to do directly with the emotional. One and the other are in contact beyond the time they are physically together. What does it mean? That in a habitual and routine way there is crossing of messages, whatsapp's, calls...

The demands imposed by this type of emotional bond (essential to be able to talk about sugardating) means that the sugargirl rarely has relationships with more than one daddy. Not surprisingly, the bond established between the gentleman and the young woman is similar to that between a father and his little daughter.

Undoubtedly, this type of ties are unimaginable in the usual relationship between an escort and her client. To understand to what extent they are different, let's see below what an escort is .


What is an escort?

Luxury companions or escorts can also serve to meet the emotional needs of a gentleman, but, make no mistake, their main function is to meet other types of needs. Which? The physical ones. The client of a luxury escort seeks, above all, sexual satisfaction when contacting her.

The escort, for her part, is not looking for a daddy with whom to maintain a relationship that goes beyond "I rent you my physical company and my erotic services on a timely basis and you pay me for them".

The "punctual" nature of the relationship between a luxury prostitute and her client is essential when it comes to marking the differences between them and sugargirls . So is the fact that the escort is not exclusively related to one gentleman, but to several.

In SugarDating, on the other hand, the relationship is more strictly stated. Every girl usually has her daddy and very few of them have more than one, and vice versa. At the same time, the relationship is considered in the medium or long term. The fact that later the stress of everyday life and our rhythm of life impose short-term meetings between a sugar daddy and his little daughter does not prevent the ultimate aspiration from being the prolongation in time of that mutual exchange of favors between adults who, at After all, it is Sugardating.


Differences between the sugarbabe and the escort

By way of conclusion, and making a brief review and summary of what has been said so far, we can determine that a babysugar and an escort are not the same.

The differences between one and the other would be the following:

  • The aspiration of those who participate in a sugar relationship is to last as a "couple". The escort and her client, on the other hand, do not consider that: they simply carry out a transaction. Monetary exchange (direct and fixed through a combination of fee and time) occurs in exchange for the provision of sexual services.
  • The escort exercises a profession; sugar girl chooses a lifestyle
  • While the sugarbabe pursues quality in her relationship with her daddy, the high-end prostitute seeks as many relationships/transactions as possible. The lack of emotional involvement allows it to be so. The sugar girl, beyond economics, can look for the figure of a mentor, maturity, a certain emotional balance...


How to contact a Sugar Baby?

Finally, it should be noted that the way of contacting one and the other are similar and. at the same time, different. In the time of the Internet, dating websites are the easiest, fastest and safest way to contact each other. But one and the other are advertised on different websites.

In the same way that clients of luxury prostitution go to certain portals to contact escorts, those who are looking for a sugar daughter can also find their specialized pages, their Internet communities and their social networks on the Internet.

One of the most popular pages internationally in the field of SugarDating is Seeking Arrangement . This platform, with several years of history behind it, has allowed many daddies and babies to contact each other in recent years.

At a Spanish level, one of the latest novelties in the field of luxury dating sugardating is . Unlike other websites, here the user does not have to register. Your entry on the page is free so, once on it, you can choose your Sugar Baby.

Of recent appearance, this site is in full development and is emerging as an innovative and serious offer for lovers of this type of relationship.