Going out to party at night in Valencia

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Bright during the day and at night. This is Valencia, a city that treasures all the best of the Mediterranean: a mild climate and a unique way of celebrating life. In this article we are going to explain what you can do in Valencia when the sun goes down. The leisure options are endless and the danger of boredom does not exist. Of course: you must know when to lift the STOP poster, because the party in Valencia has no end and can last, as they say, until the body endures.

Bustling and lively, Valencia has a number of areas where nightlife is guaranteed. In these areas you can go out for drinks or go out dancing and you will be able to enjoy very varied atmospheres at all times that turn the Valencian night into a landscape to explore and an experience to live.

If you want to enjoy nightlife in Valencia , take a walk through the Carmen neighborhood, drop by Ruzafa, enjoy the eclecticism of the Marina or explore the most varied corners of the City of Arts and Sciences or some other areas of which we are going to talk about next.

Nightlife in Valencia

Carmen neighborhood

To speak of the Valencian night is to speak of the Carmen neighborhood. Located in the historic center, the Carmen neighborhood is a bustling area full of streets and alleys dotted with tapas bars. Sitting on a terrace in the Plaza del Negrito, El Tossal or Doctor Collado is a good option to open your mouth.

Later, if you want to enjoy the night party in Valencia in this traditional neighborhood, you can choose to go to the Café de las Horas to enjoy its charming neo-baroque air and to taste its famous Valencia water or you can dance without brake on Radio City, one of the most emblematic pubs in the neighborhood and where you can enjoy a wide cultural offer. In the Valencian Radio City there are also scheduled live musical performances, film sessions, exhibitions, etc.

Other notable nightlife venues in the Carmen neighborhood are La Flama (known for its beer offering and rock atmosphere), Jimmy Glass Jazz (a New York-style venue with live performances and a wide range of drinks and tapas), the Bigornia Café Pub (where excellent jam sessions and jazz concerts are scheduled), the Gong (with its charming retro atmosphere) or the very pleasant Café Bolsería.

Within the nightlife offer in the Carmen neighborhood, the Calcatta Discoclub should be highlighted. The fact that this club is located in an old palace from the 17th century makes it, without a doubt, a special place on the map of the night party in Valencia and where you can meet girls to fuck.

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Ruzafa neighborhood

If you like alternative atmospheres, the Ruzafa neighborhood, located in the heart of the Valencian Eixample, will offer you what you are looking for. It is here where you will find some of the most modern bars in Valencia and here where you can dine in solid prestige restaurants such as the Nozomi Sushi Bar, the Dos Estaciones or the Canalla Bistró. In any of these places you will find a quality gastronomic offer that will allow you to gather the necessary strength to face the excesses of the Valencian night.

Lovers of moving the skeleton will be able to enjoy hours and hours of dancing in discotheques like Play or Nylon (a disco with two settings and where indie, pop and rock sounds) or in a wide range of small rooms that schedule sound sessions Independent.

Among the entertainment venues in the Ruzafa neighborhood we can highlight the Delorean Lounge Ruzafa (set in the movie Back to the Future), Radio Tránsito (venue where Spanish eighties music usually plays), the Electropura hall, the Xtralarge, the Liverpool English Pub or the Carpe Noctem.

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Fuck with girls in Valencia

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