The power of lipstick: tips for using a lipstick

Monday, 07 November 2022

No feminine make-up can be understood if the lips have not been made up. The power of lipstick is hardly compared to other products created to be applied to the face. In this article we are going to explain the reason for this power and we are also going to comment on how a lipstick should be used to get the most out of it.

The lips are, without a doubt, one of the most sensual parts of the face. Highlighting its virtues is one of the tasks that no make-up artist should overlook when exercising their trade.

When treating this striking area of the face, however, we must not forget that the tissue that forms them is one of the most delicate in the human body. With little melanin and very sensitive to the effects of the sun, following an intense beauty routine to take care of them is essential.

In this article we are going to explain to you to what extent the use of lipstick can serve to change a woman's mood and we are also going to teach you what we must do to take care of the lips and what are the steps to follow to paint them.

woman lips

The power of lipstick on self-esteem

We do not invent anything. It is studied. A well -worn lipstick can lift a woman's spirits and self-esteem. Especially if the bar we are talking about is red.

Without a doubt, a red lipstick is not the most suitable makeup product for the woman who wants to go unnoticed. Rouge is very striking, but precisely for this reason it has a very clear psychological effect on the woman who wears it. It gives you strength. It gives her self-confidence. Armored with that security, the woman does not feel uncomfortable before the looks that rest on her.

It is known that physical appearance, self-esteem and emotions are concepts that go hand in hand. You can't have good self-esteem if you don't feel comfortable with your body. A simple gesture like putting on red lipstick can be enough to boost morale.

And it is that the positive effects of red lipsticks are many:

  • Provides luminosity to the skin.
  • Rejuvenate.
  • Balance the features of the face.

All of this, combined, helps increase female attractiveness and therefore a woman's self-confidence.

Red lipstick is also considered a weapon of seduction. Not surprisingly, red is the color of passion and refers us to the idea of sexuality.

A woman who paints her lips red is a woman who is empowered, independent, brave... even rebellious. The woman who wears red lipstick is a woman who exhibits a strong image.

In 1912, without going any further, red lipstick was associated with the image of suffragettes, women who asked to be able to vote just like men did. Elizabeth Arden herself, creator of a world-renowned brand of cosmetics and facial care products, distributed rouge lipsticks on 5th Avenue in New York to the women who attended the march called by the suffragettes.

makeup lips

Red lipstick: social power

But the power of the lipstick (and especially the intense red one) is not limited to the private or individual sphere. It is also demonstrated in the social sphere. Let's see why.

There are studies that show how, in times of crisis or collective uncertainty, the sales of this lip makeup product increase substantially.

The data collected shows that during and after the Second World War, in New York in the months after 9/11 or during the economic recession of 2008, sales of cosmetics, and especially lipsticks , increased notably.

According to the studies carried out in this regard, the main reason why more units of this cosmetic product are purchased in times of social uncertainty is the following: in times of crisis, consumers substitute the purchase of luxury goods for that of simpler products and cheap. In the case of women, they stop buying high-end dresses, jewelry and cosmetics and consume cheaper products. Among the latter, lipstick is king.

One historical figure often cited when discussing the power of lipstick is Winston Churchill. In the midst of World War II, the British president made lipstick be considered a product of first necessity.

In the middle of the armed conflict, eggs, sugar and gasoline were rationalized. Lipsticks, on the other hand, were distributed free of charge to the entire population. The reason? They were considered a symbol: the symbol of high morals.

Once we have seen the power that this humble cosmetic product has both on a personal and social level, we are going to see how it should be used. In the next section we will give some basic tips to know how to make up this important part of the face to extract all its power from the lipstick.

Red lips

Basic tips for lip makeup

To extract the maximum power from a lipstick, the first thing to do is take care of the skin in the area that we have to paint. The care of this very sensitive part of the face goes, first, for its hydration.

To hydrate the lips you have to:

  • Consume healthy fats: olive oil, eggs, avocado...
  • Exfoliate lips from time to time.
  • Apply lip balm, especially in winter.

Once lip hydration is assured, it's time to choose the color that feels best. Intense red matches any type of hair, especially in night makeup, but if it is daytime and you want to choose another color, you have to know which tone best suits each hair color.

For blondes, for example, pink and nude colors (that is: the same tone as the skin) suit them well.

The nude, along with the brown, also suits redheads. For the night, apart from rouge, burgundy tones are very appropriate in this case.

For chestnuts, on the other hand, peach tones look good (in addition to nudes). Discreet pinks are, in this case, very appropriate for partying.

Finally, brunettes should choose to be favored shades of peach lipstick or discreet pinks for the day and mauve reds for the night.

Chosen the color, it's time to make up the lips . For them, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Gently massage the area to be made up with a toothbrush to remove skin.
  2. Cover them with makeup base using a sponge. This will serve to vary its shape. Each type of lip requires a different treatment.
  3. Outline the lips to define their contour.
  4. Fill with brush.
  5. Press with a piece of paper between the lips to remove excess cosmetic.
  6. Apply gloss to the center of the lip. With the gloss volume is given.
  7. Correct small defects.

It is enough to follow all these steps and the tips that we have given previously to verify the power of lipstick.