Escort Advisor: a website for escorts to contact and give an opinion

Wednesday, 01 February 2023

Hiring company services in Spain is an increasingly common phenomenon. The different escort websites that have emerged in recent years have facilitated the search for this type of professional. Clients, however, face the question of knowing how the escort they want to meet will be and behave. Pages like Escort Advisor try to resolve these doubts. I eat? Next we will explain it.

Escort Advisor offers opinions expressed by clients of prostitutes and escorts once the services have been received. These opinions serve to guide those other web users who want to hire the services of a sex professional.

The operation of this site, its raison d'être and its prestige is based on the fact that access to its community of users and what is discussed in it is conceived by the user of the page as access to impartial and reliable information. That is to say: the user must have the certainty or intuition that what is read on the site will help them decide whether to take the step forward when hiring the services of a sex worker.

However, this website is highly criticized by professionals in the sector because they are accused of "stealing" the photographs from bulletin boards such as (when it was active) and now from websites such as and . To be eliminated, the demands that the page puts are disproportionate and more considering that they have not been published with your authorization.

From our point of view, sex forums such as and have much more credibility, although these are also criticized by professionals for some comments that are poured into them.

In any case, beyond the debate in this article we are going to focus on how this sex worker review platform works.


What is Escort Advisor?

The main objective of this page that could well be called the "Tripadvisor of prostitution" is to help its users in the process of hiring a luxury prostitute.

The user of the site can select a certain location and filter his search based on the services provided. The user also has the option of sorting the search results by relevance or price.

The tools that Escort Advisor puts in the hands of its users allow them, quickly and easily, to know the opinion of other clients about the escort that has caught their attention.

To access this information it is not necessary to register on the web. Yes it is, on the contrary, if you want to express an opinion. No unregistered or validated user can post any opinion about any girl on the site.

Escort opinions

How does Escort Advisor work?

This escort page works like other online review pages . As in other websites, restaurants or bars are valued, here escorts, clubs, agencies, trans , etc. are valued.

The website offers escorts the possibility of registering and offering their escort services .

What do girls put on their profile? The contact information, their physical characteristics (their measurements, their type of breasts, ass or pubis, whether or not they have tattoos or piercings...) as well as the services they offer. They also post a photo. To show or not the face depends on the will of the girl. There are those who show their features, others, on the contrary, choose to hide them in order to protect their identity.

The greater or lesser degree of nudity shown in the photos also depends on them, just as they are the ones who decide whether or not to publish their rates or if, on the contrary, they decide to inform them when the client calls them by phone.

Once all this data is provided, the EscortAdvisor team performs the relevant validation tests and, based on them, publishes or not the girl's profile. Locating fake profiles is one of the objectives of this team of professionals.

Nearly 500 published profiles of escorts, trans and erotic masseurs belonging to the entire national geography attest to the success and prestige of this website.

Not surprisingly, there are many clients of prostitution who highly value the fact that a pleasure professional advertises on a page as Escort Advisor. And it is that you have to have a lot of confidence in your own worth as a professional and in the services offered to expose yourself to the scourge of public criticism, which can be very harmful in a profession like that of sex workers.

In order to post a profile on ScortAdvisor , sex workers must pay fees ranging from a basic price to a premium price. The second guarantees greater visibility on the web. On the other hand, an internal algorithm of the platform is in charge of classifying the best advertisers in real time.

Customers or users, for their part, can register for free. All you need is a name (naturally false), an email, a password and a province. Once these fields are filled in, Escort Advisor sends an email to verify the account and, from there, the registered user can review opinions and profiles.

The registered client can choose between writing comments and/or evaluating the girl, trans or masseuse with stars. The stars can go from one to five. One star rates unacceptable service; with five, the exceptional.

Escort Advisor has always proclaimed that a specialized team of its staff is dedicated to making a careful selection of the published comments. The main objectives of this team is to eliminate those comments that may be false and those that intend to manipulate the web user or, in some cases, the published professional herself.