The new contact and appointment websites: Scompi and

Wednesday, 01 February 2023

On October 7, the popularly called Law of Only Yes is Yes came into force. Said law includes an article that declares prostitution advertising illegal. By virtue of said article, the universe of dating websites has undergone a remarkable transformation. Some have disappeared and new ones have come into operation. Among the new dating websites we can highlight Scompi and . We are going to talk about them and their characteristics in this post.

Talking about contact websites that disappeared as a result of the entry into force of the aforementioned law is talking about pages as popular as Slumi or . Both were reference pages within the sector. There were many sex workers who published in them and many users who found the escort to hire there.

But the fact that a law comes into force and some contact pages disappear does not necessarily imply that the girls who want to contact boys and the boys who want to contact girls will disappear with it. Neither is the fact that some of these contacts are made through some type of commercial exchange. After all, and as long as said exchange is carried out freely and without any of the parties suffering any pressure, it should be considered lawful or, in other words, one more way in which people can exercise power should be conceived. her sexual freedom.

For the reasons stated in the paragraph, there are still contact pages (who can prohibit men and women from wanting to meet?) and that is why new websites have sprung up from the ashes from which they had to lower the blinds due to the entry into force of the aforementioned Law of Only Yes is Yes . Among them, Scopy and DeContactos stand out. Let's see how each of these websites works.

Scompi: a social network reminiscent of Slumi

Scompi defines itself as a social network made up of people who, having their own hobbies and declaring themselves fond of various activities, try to find partners ("compis") to share said activity for a certain time and in exchange for a certain remuneration.

What activities are we talking about? To spend time in contact with nature, for example. To go out for dinner or to have a drink. To go dancing From running. To go together to see a first-run movie. To spend an evening, at home, watching that TV series that they both like.

This website, stylistically traced to what was , publishes profiles of women, men and trans . To publish a profile on this dating website, it is necessary, as in all social networks, to create an account.

Once the account has been created and a profile activated, the user who wishes to do so must pay a special fee to ensure that their profile periodically rises to the top of the listings. highlights in a special way that the web as such "does not intervene at any time between two compis". So what does this social network do? Publish the profiles of those people who, in exchange for a remuneration set in advance, are willing to share their time with someone to enjoy a certain activity together.

The conditions and terms in which this sharing occurs, point out the administrators of the page in it, depends solely and exclusively on the two people who decide to establish contact with each other. a contact website with the aroma of Mileroticos

As it happens with Scopi, which seems to be a branch sprouted from the Slumi tree, it happens with DeContactos regarding Mileroticos . The design is similar. The content varies as far as types of texts are concerned. Here we talk about hobbies and interests as in we talk about erotic services. The bottom? What two people do when dating depends solely and exclusively on them. What we intuit can lead us to success or error.

The administrators of decontactos com define the escort as a paid companion. In other words: someone whom a certain client pays to go with him to a party, a meeting, a trip to another city, etc.

Within the term escort , this dating page distinguishes two types: the one that offers sex and the one that does not. The one who offers sexual services , the site points out, is a prostitute; the one that does not, a companion.

DeContactos specifies on the main page of its site that none of its ads offer sex. Thus, it emphasizes that the profiles published on the page correspond to women, men, gays, transsexuals and transvestites, as well as masseurs who offer themselves as companions to outings, dinners and events or to carry out activities.

To avoid any kind of suspicion that its activity could be advertising for camouflaged prostitution , the site administrator clearly specifies on the main page of the site that the website is not responsible for any service that is not advertised on it.

To further allay suspicion, specifies that it neither knows its users nor participates in the creation of their personal profiles. The role of the site team, then, is limited to providing technical and computer support so that users can create their profiles and, with them, make it easier for those who require their accompanying services to contact them.