The erogenous zones of men and women

Friday, 26 June 2020

It is clear that our website, being an important directory of escorts in cities like Barcelona and Madrid, can deal with sexuality. And it is not that we only have in our heads the word to fuck either with luxury or cheap prostitutes, hot girls that we can meet at night or with the usual partner. We are also interested in everything that refers to sex and it is good to know according to what subjects so that later the sexual practice is as satisfactory as possible. Therefore, here we present a topic that will surely be very useful to you.

The largest sexual organ of the human being is the skin. Endless nerve endings come to her and a sense of touch is installed in her, which is essential when having sex. After all, much of the sexual relationship is about touching and being touched. And as exciting and pleasurable can be stroking as being stroked, clawing as being clamped, licking as being licked, especially if what is stroked, clamped or licked are certain areas of the body. These especially sensitive areas are called erogenous zones and we are going to talk about them in this article.

Anyone who has enjoyed sex with a partner knows that it feels great to feel the touch of our partner's genitals in our hands and that it is also very exciting to feel how her hand or mouth runs through ours. The genitals (testicles, penis, vagina, clitoris, vulva) are part of the erogenous zones of the body. They are very sensitive body parts. But they are not the only ones. There are some more and discovering them little by little is one of the best activities that a man and a woman can do. This exploration of the erogenous zones of men and women will serve to discover one thing: that there are erogenous zones common to both and exclusive zones of each.

Converting sex into a simple stimulation of the genitals means losing many opportunities to enjoy. There are many areas of the body that, well stimulated, can be a source of much pleasure. We forget some of them for cultural reasons. Others, due to ignorance, laziness or always following the same routine when having sex. Let's see what those areas are. Knowing them will serve to enrich our sex life and make it more pleasant.

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Erogenous zones common to men and women

If we are to make a list of the erogenous zones shared by men and women, we must undoubtedly talk about hair. Massaging the scalp is very pleasant. Very few people do not enjoy feeling their lover's fingers tangled in her hair. Caressing that erogenous zone before and at the end of the sexual act can be very pleasant. Also during, of course. Can you imagine what it must feel like when your partner's fingers get tangled in your hair while you eat their genitals? Of course, there is a risk that your partner's fingers will twitch when he approaches orgasm and what started as a caress ends up turning into a hair pull.

Another common erogenous zone for men and women is the mouth. The lips are very, very sensitive. This is why kissing is so good. That is why it is so pleasant to feel the burning skin of the couple in them. This is why passive oral sex is so pleasurable, too. Sucking, kissing, licking, putting the couple's nipple, her tits , the lips of her vagina, her clitoris to the mouth ... all this implies great pleasure.

Have you ever squirmed with pleasure when, with your lips, with your teeth, or with your fingers, they have grabbed your earlobe? How easy is it to splice when they nibble your ear or when they play with your tongue with it or even when they whisper things in your ear? The explanation is simple: the ears (and especially the lobe and the back of it) is one of the erogenous zones for both men and women.

The breasts are also one of those especially sensitive areas of the human body, especially in women. The breasts are one of the great centers of feminine pleasure. That is why it is important to know how to caress them as they deserve. Knowing how to treat the breast, how to stimulate the areola and how to play with the nipple are some of those lessons that every man should have learned to know how to increase the excitement of a woman . A sexually aroused woman is a guarantee of pleasure for the man who is lucky to be lying with her. The more we know how to excite a woman, the more pleasure we will receive in return.

The fact that women's breasts are especially sensitive does not mean that men's breasts are not. Have your nipples ever been licked? Have they been sucked on? Have they bitten you? If your answer is yes, we don't need to explain to you how exciting any of these stimuli is. In fact, it seems as if there is a direct connection between the nipples and the penis. It is enough that the first ones stimulate you so that the second one gets hard. The stimulation of this erogenous zone of men and women is a guarantee of erection (in the case of the first) and vaginal moisture (in the case of the second).

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Next to hair, lips, ear and breasts there is a particularly sensitive unisex body area: the feet . There are many nerve endings that converge in the feet and many pleasant sensations that can be experienced when stimulating them. Foot fetishists know it, and so do all the people who have had the good fortune to enjoy a foot massage. Consciously massaging this male and female erogenous zone is one of the main phases of any good tantric massage. This, beyond the sole or instep of the foot, also pays attention to the internal and external part of the ankle.

As erogenous zones shared by men and women we could also mention the arms, the neck, the armpits, the hamstrings or the back of the knees, the back and the abdomen. In the case of women, the navel would be a particularly sensitive area of the body. In that of man, the area between it and the pubis.

Finally, we want to highlight as a unisex erogenous zone one that we have both men and women and that we often leave aside for that reason of the taboos. We are talking about the year. Many nerve endings converge in the anus and, therefore, it is a very sensitive area. Stimulating it well can be a source of great pleasure. But to enjoy that pleasure, especially in the case of man, you have to forget about many taboos. You are no less heterosexual because you enjoy anal stimulation. And whoever tries it, repeats. Not surprisingly, the orgasms derived from anal stimulation are especially intense. Of course: due to the extraordinary sensitivity of this area of the body, it is always recommended to use intimate lubricants and not stimulate the anus with your finger if you do not have short nails. Licking an ass by executing the so-called rimming is also an excellent way to stimulate this erogenous zone of men and women.

Having done this review of the common erogenous zones of men and women, we will stop to review the exclusive erogenous zones of one and the other in future articles.

Common erogenous zones