Erotic masseuses and erogenous zones

Saturday, 04 July 2020

In this article we are going to deal with the main erogenous zones of women and men. Engaging each other in exploring and stimulating them is the best entertainment a man and a woman can have. Basically, this is the basis for erotic preliminaries, which are so important in all sexual relationships.

A good way to enjoy the different erogenous zones of our body, whether we are men or women, is to hire an erotic masseuse. No one like an erotic masseuse to know how to stimulate the different erogenous zones of our body. In the hands of an erotic masseuse we will ascend to the seventh heaven of pleasure.

An erotic massage professional will find the right touch and rhythm to put us on a thousand touring with her hands the different areas of our body. No one will stimulate our nipples better than she. No one like her will know how our testicles like to be touched. Visiting the trunk and the different parts of our cock, no one like her will have a better erection.

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Erotic masseuses

Erogenous zones of man

Beyond the erogenous zones shared by men and women there are a series of especially sensitive zones of the organism that are exclusive to one or the other sex. Those erogenous zones are mainly focused on the genitals. In the case of men, we will mention the prostate, penis and testicles as especially sensitive body parts.

Talking about stimulation of the prostate (popularly called the male G-spot) also implies looking at the taboo that for many men implies anal stimulation. Mentally associated with gay practices, many straight men absolutely reject any sexual practice that involves something having to go through their asses. As they say: not even the hair of a shrimp. And the most direct way to access the prostate to be able to stimulate it, either with the finger or with any type of P-point stimulator with or without vibration, is through the anus. This is why many men are unaware of the pleasures that come from prostate stimulation. This, combined with masturbation, causes very intense and prolonged orgasms.

Another way to stimulate the prostate is by massaging the perineum, the area between the testicles and the anus. Pressing on this area and massaging it can also achieve a noticeable increase in male arousal, and although stimulation of the prostate is not as direct here as it is through the anus, more intense orgasms can also be achieved.

The penis is, without a doubt, one of the most important erogenous zones of man. Every man likes and is excited to be stroked on the penis, especially in the area of the glans, on its sides and in the frenulum. If it is with the hand, well, if it is with the tongue, the better. Among the sexual pleasures most appreciated by men is, without a doubt, that women kiss, lick or put their cock or a large part of it in their mouths. The man enjoys a lot when the woman stimulates her glans with her mouth. A blowjob is always very pleasant and always very exciting. And the higher the man's arousal, the harder the dick gets and the closer it is to ejaculation.

Along with the penis, the testicles are another of the most important male erogenous zones . This is forgotten many times. Focused on the striking expansion of the penis, many lovers forget how sensitive the testicles are. Every man likes to have his eggs stroked with wisdom. Let them lick them. Even that the woman puts them in her mouth to savor them as if they were a caramel, moving them with her tongue. This stimulation, in addition to being pleasant, is very productive. Well-stimulated testicles go crazy to make semen and that, later, is noticeable in ejaculation. A well copious run is always the best way to finish off a powder and well stimulated testicles guarantee it.

Erogenous zones man

Erogenous zones of women

Having seen the exclusively male erogenous zones, we will turn our gaze to the female erogenous zones . The mount of Venus, the vaginal lips and the clitoris would be those three especially sensitive areas of the female anatomy. All three are located in his genital area. There are few things that make a woman as horny as feeling a wise hand caressing the different areas of her pussy. The vaginal lips, the greater ones and, especially, the smaller ones, are grateful for being inflamed and moistened with pleasure. They also appreciate, of course, that a tongue and lips are dedicated to stimulating them well stimulated.

If we talk about the vagina as a woman's erogenous zone, we must point out that not all of the vagina is equally sensitive. The part closest to its entrance is more sensitive than the deepest part. Inside it, in addition, there is an area formed by a special fabric. That area, which would be found, as it enters the vagina, at its upper part, is called the G-spot . Some people say that the existence of the G-spot is a myth, but you try to stimulate women in that area. Do it with your fingers or with an erotic toy. In the market you can find dildos and vibrators specially designed to design the G-spot. You will see how, most likely, the woman will twist with pleasure in her hands. In some cases, even stimulating that area is enough to guarantee a very intense orgasm. If you want to hear how a woman roars with pleasure, stimulate her G-spot.

Talking about female orgasm involves talking about a very special female erogenous zone: the clitoris. Many women only achieve orgasm thanks to stimulation of the clitoris. When you have a woman with her legs open before you, separate her vaginal lips, look for the cap that protects the clitoris and, either with the cap on, or with the cap removed, stimulate that sensitive nugget in which a very high number of Nerve endings. The clitoris, like a small penis, will swell and harden when stimulated by your fingers, lips, and tongue, or by a clitoral stimulator or sucker. The market is full of them and some brands have become very famous. In recent months, a certain clitoris sucker has become a best seller in the erotic toy market. And it is that the stimulation of this erogenous zone of the body of the woman of which we speak is practically infallible. Few women do not end up cumming with pleasure when they massage and stimulate the clitoris.

Erogenous zones of women