Eurogirlsescort: directory of escort girls from all over the world

Wednesday, 14 June 2023

Wherever you are in the world, there is a website that allows you to find an escort near you: Eurogirlsescort .

Eurogirls is an advertising platform that publishes escort ads from a long list of countries on five continents.

The site could be understood as a directory of escorts , but the administrators of this website, which operates from the Czech Republic, prefer to advertise itself as a "global European index" that allows its user to order the girls published based on a series of factors or preferences.

Whoever is looking for a female company in any of the countries present on the web can carry out a filtered search based on items such as age, hair color, breast size, breast type (natural or silicone), size, the race, if the girl in question is a smoker or not... In summary: that the user of can find his ideal woman in the sample book of this site.

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How to create independent escort ads on Eurogirlsescort

The Eurogirlsescort is offered as a possibility for all those girls who wish to work as independent escorts to enjoy the possibility of advertising on a website that has 7 different language versions (Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Czech and Russian).

As indicated in their subscription conditions and rules, independent luxury escorts , escort agencies and nightclubs can be published on Eurogirls. They cannot, however, create accounts for webcam sites, dating websites , or escort directories. The site offers this type of customer the possibility of paying for a banner space.

Eurogirlsescorte offers independent escorts the possibility of creating an account. Once created, the luxury escort who wants to advertise on this website must fill in the information requested (age, nationality, measurements, weight, type of weight, hair color and length, etc.). You must also provide those photographs that you want to appear on your profile.

For those who want to create ads on Eurogirlsescort, the web gives them the following advice:

  • Place real and authentic photos. A profile on this site must have at least 3 photos in their gallery.
  • Make a good description.
  • Indicate clearly and only the services provided and the rates corresponding to them.
  • Check that the phone number is correct.

All these tips, well applied, can serve to improve the attractiveness of an escort advertisement and, therefore, its appeal and its visibility.

The website advises against, in any case, posting false photographs and/or profiles, using CAPS LOCK (writing in capital letters) for the entire presentation text, posting strange or unusual names, or posting hardcore images in profiles.

Once created and filled out, the account or publication request will be reviewed by the eurogirls team so that the applicant, once the account is approved, can start posting ads.

If the advertiser has a personal web page and wishes to publish ads on this site, she must place the Eurogirlsescort banner on the main page of her website.

The process that agencies must follow to post girl profiles on this site is similar to the one that independent escorts must follow. Agencies are also imposed a condition that they must scrupulously comply with: each of the profiles that they publish on the site must represent only and exclusively one person. The web explicitly prohibits both profiles shared by several people and duplicate profiles.

The site offers the possibility of placing free ads , although to improve visibility it is always recommended to hire and/or activate premium advertising.

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How are ads ordered on Eurogirls?

Whoever enters this website, the first thing they find in it is a series of photographs of VIP Escorts . In the upper part of each photo you can see the name of the escort in question and, in the lower part, the city in which she provides her services. In the left corner of the photo there are a series of circles that provide some type of information. For example: if the escort is independent, if she is new, if her profile includes a video, if there are comments about her... To enter the profiles, just click on the photo.

Above the space where the cover photos of the profiles appear, the Eurogirls website offers a series of filters to carry out searches. Thus, the previously mentioned filters (age, weight, hair, services, etc.) and others can be applied to select those escort ads that have comments, that belong to newbies, that have videos or that, for example, are pornstars . (among other options).

Whatever filters are used, the first profiles shown are those with VIP status. This is acquired by paying a fee and guarantees an increase in traffic to the profile.

On the left side of the main Eurogirlsescort page, all the countries that have escort girls with a profile published on the web are displayed vertically and with their respective flags symbolizing them. The site separates them into two large groups: Europe and World. More than 40 countries are represented in the first group. Next to the flag and the name of the country in question it is indicated how many profiles of that country are published on the site.

On the right side of the home page, for its part, a series of banners from agencies from different countries are displayed vertically.

Apart from the main page, the ads on the site are arranged like this:

  • TOP Verified.
  • TOP Not Verified.
  • Recently verified.
  • Verified within the last 30 days.
  • Verified.
  • New non-ferified.
  • Not verified registered during the last 30 days.
  • Not verified.
  • Older than 10 months.

On the home page or main page of this website of euroscorts and luxury escorts from other parts of the world, only VIP ads appear that change randomly with each update of the page.

TOP status is acquired by paying a fee that must be "recharged".

Verified profiles are those in which the advertiser has sent the verification photo. The increase in reliability of these types of ads guarantees them better visibility. Logically, unverified profiles do not enjoy that reliability and, therefore, appear worse positioned.