Luxury and sex in the nightlife of Marbella

Tuesday, 07 July 2020

There are cities that at some point become fashionable as places to have fun and there are cities that, in that sense, are always in fashion. Marbella belongs to this second category.

Marbella has been synonymous with party and exclusive leisure for decades. It has been said of her that the jet set lives its great saraos in its premises and in its private rooms. Marbella has been said to be a VIP universe. It is also known that this city is the place where more than one Arab sheik laden with petrodollars and an entourage of people at his service who number in dozens go on vacation. And so year after year for many decades. In a country, like ours, focused on tourism and highly dependent on its income, Marbella is, without a doubt, one of its great capitals.

Capital of the Costa del Sol, Marbella offers an endless offer of day and night leisure. Theme parks, pubs, beach bars, bars, clubs ... in Marbella there is everything you need to turn life into a party and to forget about anything other than having fun.

Marbella's nightlife can have many nuances. There are places that stand out for their exclusivity and places that stand out for their elegance, modernity or, sometimes, for their underground air. All this makes this Malaga city the preferred leisure place (especially when summer arrives) for many night lovers, both Spanish and foreign.

Marbella also offers to those who visit something priceless: its climate. Smooth and typically Mediterranean, the climate of the Costa del Sol is ideal to enjoy the night in Marbella until the sunrise is sensed.

In a couple of articles we are going to list some of the most emblematic places to enjoy nightlife in Marbella.

Fashionable places in Marbella

Marbella nightclubs and discos

If you want to enjoy the night out in Marbella dancing to your favorite music, choose one of the discotheques and nightclubs that we propose below.

Nikki Beach

If you want to meet those famous Spaniards and foreigners that you usually see on TV and in magazines, come to this place located on the beach. You cannot talk about nightlife in Marbella without talking about this place where the best DJs perform. Latin rhythms and funky house prevail in the musical selection of this place that offers entertainment until the morning. Elegance and exquisite food are also among the wonderful leisure options at Nikki Beach in Marbella.


The most luxurious and exclusive area of Marbella is Puerto Banús , where the most beautiful and desired women on the Costa del Sol are located. It is there, in the heart of this exclusive area of Marbella, where your Tibu, an exclusive venue, is located. young people and fashion lovers often come. In Tibu there is a dance area and also VIP areas where elegance and tranquility prevail. On the dance floor, the gogós color the atmosphere by dancing on the podiums to the rhythm of the funky DJs play.


Named after an English footballer, this is the night spot in Marbella where sports lovers can enjoy more and better. Electrifying atmosphere and the occasional VIP: this is what you can find if you drop by the Linekers. On its upper floor, this Marbella nightclub has a bar with a pool table and where you can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. Good music is one of the great attractions of this place to enjoy the night in Puerto Banús.


House lovers who want to enjoy the night out in Marbella have an ideal place to do it in this club located in the Puerto Banús marina. The terrace of this Marbella nightclub is a true wonder. Leaning out of the Strait of Gibraltar, it offers its visitors unique views of both the Mediterranean Sea and the Moroccan coast. Enjoying a cocktail on the terrace of this club on the Costa del Sol is an experience made for the best palates.


Parties should always have a beginning, and therefore a place to start. Lemmon is an ideal place to have the first drinks. With a very original design, this cocktail bar in Marbella stands out for its fun atmosphere and good music. Here you can listen to acoustic concerts and enjoy the spread of a theme party.

Marbella nightclubs

Sex and luxury escorts in Marbella

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