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Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Anyone who lives or is passing through the capital of Spain and is looking for a companion to enjoy a dinner, a drink, an outing or any type of event more and better has an infallible tool at hand: .

What is GirlsMadrid ? To answer this question we are going to first say what it is not.

GirlsMadrid com is not a sex advertisement website. Prostitution services are not promoted or advertised there. Anyone looking for luxury whores in the capital of Spain should look for them on other websites.

By defining itself as an "escort directory intended exclusively for the city of Madrid", specifies how the term escort can be translated as "companion". Without further ado. Without any nuance and without any reference to the provision of sexual services in exchange for money.

Thus, this social network for adults should be understood as an online escort directory in which profiles of women of legal age who provide their company without sexual involvement are displayed. It is, therefore, not a website where you can search for whores, prostitutes, brothels or brothels.

The administrators of this site, which is part of the online dating website GirlsBCN , emphasize this especially on their home page. And they also highlight their lack of responsibility for the private agreements that the users of the website and its subscribers could reach, if necessary.

Girls Madrid

GirlsMadrid: contents and formal appearance

The first thing to highlight about www girlsmadrid com is the visual strength of its main and opening page. What stands out above all is a slider that takes up almost the entire page. In this slider, at intervals of around five seconds, images of the subscribers who have contracted said service appear. In the lower left margin of these images a box appears in which the name of the subscriber and her age are reported. By clicking on the View Portfolio box you can access the companion's profile.

To the left of that large central image that is the slider, we find a column that offers us the possibility of accessing different ways of viewing subscriber profiles and other types of information.

At the top of said left column, the web user finds a fundamental tool: Quick Search. In the next section, in which we will talk about how to find a luxury companion in GirlsMadrid, we will analyze this and other search and filtering tools on the site.

Under this tool, and in said left column, we find the following options:

  • Languages. This luxury escort website offers versions in nine languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Traditional Chinese and Japanese. Each language is identified by the flag of the country of origin. Simply click on them to access the chosen language version.
  • Escorts Madrid. By clicking on this option you access a version of the website that offers a panel with cover photographs of the profiles of the published subscribers. Below the photograph of each of them appears their name, their age and a symbology that indicates the exclusivity of their company. To access a subscriber's profile, simply click on the photo or its name.
  • Mosaic Version. Clicking on this option appears a version of the website very similar to the previous one. Cover photos of subscribers' profiles also appear here, but information about their name, age, or company exclusivity is only visible when the cursor is placed over the photo. As in the previous case, just click on the box in which the photo appears first and then the information to access the profile.
  • Zukery. By clicking on this option you will be taken directly to
  • News. This section gives direct access to the most recent profiles published on the web.
  • News. This section is of great importance for users of the site. Those who follow can know which subscriber is no longer available or is available again, which has been published for the first time, who has changed photos or released a video, etc.
  • Escorts Map. Clicking on this option allows you to access a map of Madrid in which different points are marked with beacons. Each of them corresponds to the approximate address in which a subscriber can accompany a user.
  • Contact. This section allows both subscribers and users of the site to contact Girls Madrid . It also offers information about the website, both in terms of its spirit and mode of operation and its data and cookie policy.
  • Escorts Barcelona. Clicking on this option allows you to access, a directory of profiles of luxury escorts in Barcelona.
  • Start. This option, finally, allows you to return to the home page and, with it, to the sliders.

In the next section we will explain how you can find a luxury escort in Madrid using this directory.

Girls Madrid: how to find a luxury companion in the capital of Spain?

As we indicated previously, is part of the GirlsBCN website. Thus, the profiles published on Girls Madrid also appear published in the section dedicated to the capital of Spain on .

That is to say: subscribers who contract the publication of their profile in this online directory see how said profile is displayed on two different sites and with two very different formal aspects, although both are closely related to each other.

One of the great virtues of this page is its accessibility and the number of search tools it makes available to its users so that they can filter their searches in the desired way. GirlsMadrid allows you to find luxury companions in many different ways.

One of the options offered is Quick Search (which we already referred to in the previous section), which can be used on the home page and can continue to be used throughout the website.

Another very useful option is the so-called Basic Filter, which is offered in the Mosaic version. From here you can search by name or filter by age or by exclusivity of the accompaniment.

The Escorts Madrid section, for its part, offers the Advanced Filter, a sophisticated filtering system that allows you to select from certain physical features (hair color, eye color or breast size), to the place of origin, through the languages spoken by the companion or by another series of factors that may determine a greater affinity between the user and the subscriber.

Girls Madrid has a Responsive design, which allows you to browse it from any type of device. Of course: certain content has been reduced in the Smartphone version with the aim of improving the browsing experience. After all, browsing on a medium or large screen is not the same as browsing on a small screen.

Girls Madrid, as an integral part of the GirlsBCN directory, is a reference in the world of accompaniment in the capital of Spain. Not in vain, GirlsBCN was inaugurated 20 years ago, in 2003. That priceless experience places it in the top ten of dating websites .