Erotic postures for sex

Friday, 10 July 2020

Sex can be very varied. Or, what is the same: you can fuck in many different ways . There are those who settle for repeating the missionary over and over with their partner and there are those who like to experiment a little more. Since the Kama Sutra , written hundreds of years ago, became popular, many erotic posture manuals have appeared on the market and many people have followed them.

And it is that you can fuck lying down, standing, sitting, with the man down or vice versa ... There are positions for chubby and chubby, positions to enjoy anal sex more and better, positions to give a special touch to a blowjob, positions to improve cunnilingus ... Each erotic posture provokes certain sensations and requires a minimum type of physical condition in order to carry them out. Without a doubt, there are postures that are not made for everyone. To perform according to what kind of sexual positions you need, for example, to have a certain strength, a certain flexibility or, as a general rule, a combination of both.

Among the most famous erotic positions we have the traditional missionary (the woman, lying on her back and with her legs open, receives the penis of her lover), the horsewoman (the woman sits astride the man and rides him), the little chair (with the girl sitting on top of the boy, either facing him or turning her back) or coital alignment (she is on her back and with her legs closed, receives him, who is on top of her but with her legs open, backwards than in the traditional missionary).

The famous 69, without a doubt, cannot be missing in any relationship of erotic postures. To execute this wonderful posture for oral sex you just have to look for each other's genitals and binge on them. This sexual posture can be done on one side or with one of the partners on the other. Our advice is that the woman get on top of the man so that he (there are men with enough weight) does not oppress her with his weight. In addition, as she is up and freer, she will be able to do fellatio at pleasure. The man, with his head between her legs, will be able to choose which hole to stimulate with his lips and tongue. A 69 executed in this way can be very exciting.

Erotic postures

Erotic positions with an escort

There are women open to the possibility of trying all kinds of erotic postures and women who are not. There are women, for example, who refuse to offer their stern to their partner. They feel unprotected with their pomp ass. In a way, they fear that their partner will choose to penetrate that hole that she wants to keep virgin. So, for example, they refuse to do the puppy pose. "On all fours nothing, heart," they say to their partner. And his partner is left wanting to string his girl from behind, holding on tight to her hips.

Other girls, for example, flatly refuse to practice 69 because they absolutely reject the possibility of having oral sex. At least actively. They do not conceive that putting a cock in his mouth can be something pleasant. Many feel retching just thinking about it. The couple of these girls, therefore, must give up the pleasure of feeling their girlfriend's pussy in their mouth and of feeling how their girlfriend's mouth and tongue entertain each other by sucking, kissing and licking both his balls and his cock.

In these cases, these guys who want to try new erotic postures must find (if they want to make their dreams come true) perfect partners to try out those positions for fucking that are so striking. To avoid wasting time with failed searches, it is best to find a good escort.

Sex with escorts

The luxury prostitutes or escorts perfectly master a wide range of erotic positions and are the best company to put them into practice. Some of them, in addition, offer among their services the possibility of making a trio. The trio, beyond their implicit curiosity, multiply by far the erotic positions that can be adopted while fucking.

Among the knowledge about erotic postures that, thanks to instinct and practice, escorts have, there is one that should be valued very positively: that of knowing which posture works well for each type of cock. Or rather, what posture to choose when the man has a small cock or, conversely, he has a large one. And is that sexual positions also serve to enhance the physical characteristics of each and to correct the difficulties that these characteristics could cause when fucking.

In future articles we are going to recommend a series of erotic postures for a small penis and a few for a large penis.