Eromassage: more than a blog about erotic massages and Tantra

Wednesday, 13 September 2023

That human beings are sexual beings is something that cannot be disputed. It is also accepted that our sexuality is much richer than it may seem on the surface. Obsessed with intercourse and reaching orgasm, we lose many possibilities of enjoying sex. This happens because we have the habit of forgetting a fundamental concept: that of eroticism. Eromasaje is a website that aims to fight against this trend and against this oblivion. As? With a series of proposals and contents that we are going to explain and comment on below.

erotic massage

What is Eromassage? defines itself as "an initiation to the art of the senses", as well as a website that proposes a series of techniques aimed at achieving more sensual, relaxing and, at the same time, exciting sexual practices .

Pleasure, in the broadest sense of the term, and the techniques that can be used to intensify said pleasure are the thematic axes on which the contents of are articulated.

The contents of this website are grouped into four general themes:

  • Erotic massages .
  • Sex toys .
  • Tantra and its different practices.
  • The Kamasutra , its contents and the readings that have been made of it throughout history.

Given the content (both graphic or visual and textual) collected on the site, Eromasaje should be understood as a website for adults . Access to it is prohibited to minors.

In the next section we are going to see what those contents are, basically.

erotic massages sections and contents

When accessing the main page of , the user finds four options to click on and a search magnifying glass.

These four options, which give way to four different types of content, are the following:

  • Store
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Blog

The Eromassage Store is an online sex shop that offers the possibility of purchasing, through Amazon , different products from the world of erotic toys and others related to pleasure and sexual practice.

Thanks to the Store section, the user of this website can purchase massage oils and candles, masturbators for men and women, aphrodisiacs for either sex, teaching books on the practice of erotic massage and condoms or condoms of the best quality. brands (Control, Durex, etc.).

Simply click on a product to access the page that the Amazon website has dedicated to it in order to be able to purchase said product.

When you place the cursor on the tab dedicated to the Barcelona section, it is displayed and offers three selection options: Escorts, Erotic Massages and Sexshops.

If you click on Escorts, the user of this website dedicated to eroticism and pleasure finds the opportunity to, with a single click, access GirlsBarcelona , updated version of GirlsBCN , a directory of luxury companions (that, precisely, means the word escorts) with 20 years of experience behind them.

Clicking on the Erotic Massages option, for its part, allows access to basic information about the different types of erotic massages and how they can end.

This section also includes a series of basic recommendations on the advantages of going to a good massage center and some of the main ones in Barcelona are mentioned.

Finally, and in this same section of Barcelona, if the user clicks on the Sexshops tab, they will be able to access double information. On the one hand, it explains what you can buy in a sex shop and what advice you should follow to choose an adult toy and buy in a physical or virtual store. And on the other hand, you are offered a list of some of the best sex shops in Barcelona .

Everything explained for the Barcelona tab also applies to the Madrid tab. We are going to talk about the content collected in the Blog section in the next section.

Erotic masseuse

The Eromassage Blog

The Blog section of the Eromasaje website collects all those articles and posts that offer information on the four items mentioned above. That is to say: erotic massages, erotic toys, Tantra and Kamasutra. Each of these items forms a category within the Blog. To them is added a fifth, generically called blog, in which information related generically to sexuality, sexual practice and carnal enjoyment is collected.

In the Erotic Massages category we can find posts dedicated to any aspect related to this pleasurable practice. Thus, the user can learn basic techniques to perform the different types of existing erotic massages (lingam, nuru, body to body, tantric...), how these massages can end (basically, manually, orally or with vaginal penetration). or anal), what oils can be used to perform them, how that oil can be made or what relationship this practice has with male or female masturbation.

The Erotic Toys category, as its name suggests, is intended for sex toys. Penis rings, anal plugs, masturbators for him or her, vibrators, Chinese balls, Thai balls, clitoral suckers... all these adult toys find their place in this category in which they explain what they are for and how different products are used.

Tantra is a category that, within the Blog, is dedicated to that oriental discipline that, halfway between the esoteric, the Buddhist and the Hindu, has a directly sexual aspect that proposes another way of enjoying our body and to enjoy and give meaning to our sexual relationships. Included in this category are posts about different ways of breathing, about how to learn to control ejaculation and about different tantric practices alone or as a couple.

The Kamasutra is, without a doubt, one of the most famous treatises on sexuality in history. And the oldest. Many people consider it a book of sexual positions. Whoever thinks yes is wrong. The Kama Sutra is much more than that. To demonstrate this, the Eromassage Blog includes the Kamasutra category. It contains, logically, articles about certain sex positions, but also posts about many other aspects related to the legendary book by the master Vatsiaaana.

Finally, the Blog category, as we have indicated before, includes posts generically related to sexuality and in which topics as varied as sexual rights, bisexuality, types of penis or vagina, anorgasmia, TTE, etc.

Eromassage enjoys a Responsive design that makes it a website that is easily accessible and viewable from any type of device, thus becoming a tool always at hand to increase our erotic wisdom and improve our sexual life.