Erotic poses for small penises

Saturday, 18 July 2020

There are many men self-conscious about the size of their penis. We already know that saying that size does not matter has become a mantra and that the important thing is to know how to use the instrument that nature has endowed us with, but whoever has a penis that does not stand out precisely for its size does not just fully believe that size does not matter. For starters, for these men size does matter. And a lot. And that, when it comes to enjoying sex, can be a great psychological burden.

Well, men with small penises must be told that they can fully exploit the qualities of their penis, even if it is small, if they properly choose the position in which they are going to fuck. There are postures to fuck if you have a small penis that guarantee a deeper and more pleasant penetration for women. In the cases in which the man does not have a cock to show off in porn movies, the important thing is to look for a posture that, when executed, guarantees that the tip of that cock affects during penetration of the area of the interior of the vagina that is It is known as G-spot. Also, if you go to one of our advertised escorts in Barcelona or Madrid, you can go with complete peace of mind, these escorts are great experts in sex and they know how to take advantage of a small cock for the enjoyment of both lovers.

Among the erotic postures for small penises we can distinguish the following:

The well-to-do puppy

Sex on all fours has something of an animal, of pure instinct released and put into action. When we fuck on all fours we look like puppies (hence their name) that have been found on the street. Among the four-legged sex modalities there is one that guarantees that a small penis directly stimulates the G-spot . To execute it, the woman must make a small variation on the classical posture. This variation consists of dropping the chest, lifting the ass and moving the knees back a little. Positioned like this, the man will be able to hold on tight to his hips to penetrate her with more decision and thrust.

Combine this erotic posture for small penis with stimulation of the clitoris, either with the finger or with an erotic toy, can be a good way to provide women with an orgasm of those that are not forgotten in a long time.

Puppy pose

The drawbridge

To perform this sexual position for a small penis , the woman must lie on her back, raise her legs and support them on the man's shoulders while he penetrates her. By placing herself like this, the woman is fully offered to her male, with her vagina well exposed, and he can penetrate her more deeply.

To intensify the sensations provided by this pose, simply use a pillow. Placing this pillow under the pelvis, the man will be able to make a deeper penetration and will be able to give the woman a lot of pleasure without having to have a 20 cm cock.

Drawbridge sexual pose


This posture for small penises is a variation of the previous one. Here, too, the woman has her back turned, but this time only one of her legs goes up. It is that leg that he places on the man's shoulder, which holds it while he penetrates it. While fucking her in this pose, the man can, with his free hand, caress her body, rub her tits, massage her clitoris ...

Although the man has a small penis, the woman can enjoy the beautiful thing with this posture. All you are required to do is have some flexibility to hold on for a while in that position. The rest of the "job" will depend on the man.

In case the girl gets tired of being in this pose, she could change legs. Sometimes different sensations are experienced if one or the other leg is raised.

The jumping throne

In the three previous positions it is the man who is in control of the situation. In this one that we recommend now, it will be the woman who takes the reins. To perform this sexual position for small cocks, the man must sit down. You can do it in a chair, on a sofa or on the edge of the bed. Placed like this, the woman will sit on top of him and turn his back on him.

Once penetration has occurred, the woman will decide the rhythm and movements to move up and down the shaft of her partner's penis. While she is doing this, the man has his hands free to caress the woman's body. Rubbing her tits well while she rides on him is an excellent and very pleasant way to fuck.


Among the erotic poses for small tails, this one is especially indicated for those couples in which there is a notable difference in height between the two members of the couple. To put it into practice, the girl must lie on her side. The boy, then, must be placed behind her, adapting to the shape of her body in order to insert the entire penis into the body of his partner. This posture allows the boy, from behind, to stimulate the girl's breasts or her clitoris. You can also, from there, bite the girl's ear or whisper spurs in her ear, which is something that always works very well to raise the temperature of a powder. If the penetration rate is slow, the pleasure is greater.


The tsunami

This erotic pose, the last one we are going to recommend for small penises, is not easy to do. It requires some training. To do this, the woman must lie on the edge of the bed and face down. Placed like this, she must drop her trunk to the ground. The man then placed behind will place his legs between hers and penetrate her. A pillow placed on the floor to support her head or face will help to realize this half acrobatic erotic posture. Helping her put her hands on the floor will also help her execute it. To enjoy this pose for small phalluses it is better to look for a bed not too high. The important thing is that her head and arms can touch and rest on the floor.

To enjoy from behind

One of the great advantages of having a small penis is that the woman will put less problems when evaluating the possibility of enjoying anal sex . A small dick is less scary, when it has to enter from the rear, than one of those glossy cocks that look like they are going to destroy everything. Any posture for anal sex is good to enjoy a Greek when you have a small penis. Of course: no matter how small the cock is, we must not forget the use of lubricant. And is that the anus is not a vagina. It does not have the same ability to dilate and you have to help it.

Anal sex