Positions for large penises

Thursday, 23 July 2020

In the same way that there are positions specially indicated for fucking when you have a small penis, there are also positions for fucking when you have one of those dicks that cut your breath and look so good in porn videos and in the gym locker room.

A big cock always brings joy and is, for any man, a source of pride. Visual, at least. And it is not always pleasant for a woman to feel impaled by a ram of meat and veins. A big cock can be very pleasurable, but it can also be painful. So you have to know how to choose the right erotic posture to fuck when you have a large penis. So, in the same way that we have recommended some erotic postures for a small penis, we are going to recommend in this article a small series of erotic postures for a large penis.

When you have a good dick, if you want to penetrate a vagina, the first thing you have to do is make sure that the vagina is perfectly lubricated. A stimulated pussy is a pussy that will better accept the entrance of that ram of meat and veins of which we spoke that a pussy that is not. Lubrication, in this sense, is essential. It can be achieved with intimate lubricants or it can be encouraged (we recommend this) with a good pussy meal. The cunnilingus thus becomes an invaluable aid for fucking when you have a large penis.


Cunnilingus is not exactly a sexual posture , but a practice. But this practice can be done by taking various positions. We will soon dedicate one of our articles to the positions for a cunnilingus.

Once the vagina is stimulated by a good job of oral sex, it is time to choose a position for penetration. We offer you four.

The swing

To perform this erotic pose for large penises , the woman must be placed on top of the sitting man, with his legs stretched out and slightly apart. Once the man is positioned like this, the woman will sit on him, facing away from him. For a more comfortable posture, the woman will lean forward slightly and rest her hands on the boy's thighs.

What must man do to put this posture into practice? Nothing. Enough is enough to bring your dick. He should just sit still and let the woman choose how much inside he wants to let that cock in and at the rate that he wants to be penetrated. It will be your needs and your pleasure that determine the rate and degree of penetration.

Sexual pose on the swing

Rocking Chair

This erotic posture for big cocks is something of a variation on the previous one. In this case, the man is also sitting and the woman is also facing away from him. But this time the girl does not sit on the boy, but squats. Placed like this, he decides the rate of penetration and chooses the depth of the penetration (as long as he stays still and doesn't push up, of course).

By adopting this posture for big cocks, the man can caress, kiss or bite his partner's back. And also the nape of his neck. It should not be forgotten that the nape of the neck is a very sensitive erogenous zone for both men and women.

Rocking chair sexual pose

The linked vines

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when looking for a position to fuck when you have a large penis is that it is a position in which the woman is in control of the situation. Let it be, as we have said, who decides the rate and depth of penetration. Letting the man decide on that is very risky. When passion is unleashed you lose consciousness and you can push yourself beyond what is reasonable when you have a cock of according to what size. This posture of the linked vines meets that requirement: it is the woman who decides.

To perform the posture of the linked vines of the Kamasutra you must lie on your side and with your legs intertwined, face to face. Placed like this, the depth of penetration will depend on the woman. As she stretches or flexes her legs, so will penetration. The best thing in these cases is that the woman stretches her legs. If you flex them, it is easy for that big dick to get too much into it and the dust is not so pleasant. Or if. After all, it is she who must say it.


The Dragon-fly

To perform this erotic posture of the Kamasutra, men and women must lie on their sides as in the previous posture. In this case, however, the woman must have her back to the man. To allow penetration, the girl must flex her leg. By adopting this posture, it is difficult for the man with a large penis to insert his entire apparatus into the woman's vagina. To give more emotion to the posture and raise the degree of excitement of his girl, the man can caress her ear, bite her or, as we have said before, tell her all those filthy things that occur to her and that can serve to make her man horny. girl.

Dragonfly Kamasutra