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Monday, 27 July 2020

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And now, after our tips for fucking girls in Ibiza , we are going to continue with the leisure areas in Ibiza.

Sant Antoni

This nightlife area in Ibiza stands out for its markedly British atmosphere. The English who visit the White Island have long chosen Sant Antoni as the ideal place to enjoy the night in Ibiza. When choosing, they did not choose badly, since Sant Antoni is one of the areas with the most atmosphere on the island. In addition, this area has an advantage that makes it special compared to other areas of the island: its leisure options are geared towards residents, which means that in winter it offers approximately the same gear as in summer. In its bars you can enjoy a wide variety of music, from pop to rock, to Spanish and Latin music.

Among the most famous bars in Sant Antoni we can find the Mar 5 (with days of the week dedicated especially to a certain type of musical style) or the Casanova pub, a place that will delight reggaeton lovers. Lovers of rock, indie or pop, meanwhile, will find in Bar Colón an ideal place to feel very comfortable.

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This is one of the most youthful atmosphere areas in all of Ibiza. In these streets you can find a large number of places where you can enjoy very different musical styles. This variety of musical offerings in the premises of this nightlife area in Ibiza also translate into a diverse concentration of people of all kinds, and although the youthful atmosphere predominates, as we have said, we can also find its locals people of all ages enjoying the popular prices of the bars and pubs in this area. Among all these bars we will highlight four: Malanga Café (where music such as funk, hip-hop, reggae, soul and black music in general reigns), La Sal (where the most current hits of rock, pop and reggaeton) and Mala Fama, temple of the music of the 80s and 90s of this area of Ibiza nightlife.

Near this area is a very special room: the BDSM Art & Fetish. In this Ibiza nightclub you can have a drink while enjoying shows related to the BDSM world. Lovers of bondage, shibari or the softest sado can find BDSM Art & Fetish, their temple of nightlife in Ibiza.

Ibiza nightlife

Park square

This area of Ibiza is ideal to start the night. Its bars are not, to put it in some way, bars to dance, but they are to see and be seen and, above all, to enjoy the terraces of the many bars and restaurants that are concentrated in this square that, in some In this way, it becomes the epicenter of the famoseo and of the tourist maelstrom that takes over the island in summer.

It was exactly a few meters from this wonderful square where a mythical place in Ibiza was located: the Pereyra Theater. In it, and for more than three decades, an endless number of live concerts were scheduled. Currently, the activity carried out by the Pereyra Theater takes place on the ground floor of the Hotel El Puerto, in the Ibiza Theater.

Santa Eulàlia

This Ibiza town is another of the great nightlife centers of the White Island. Among the Santa Eulàlia locals you can find the Estel restaurant (located on the Paseo Marítimo), the Quintana Brewery on Sant Vicent street or the XTu, a restaurant located on Sant Jaume street and where you can enjoy a good musical selection.

Those who want to enjoy the night of Santa Eulàlia dancing should go to the area of its marina. There, for example, you will find places like Guaraná Ibiza or the + Ke2, which opens until late at night. And watch out, you can find many luxury whores in this area of Ibiza .

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