Basic rules of sexual preliminaries

Friday, 07 August 2020

Like everything in sex, sexual preliminaries are also very personal. Not all people like the same thing in bed. For example: oral sex can be highly valued by some people and absolutely rejected by others. There are those for whom licking a cock or a pussy is very pleasant and exciting and there are those for whom that is just an inconceivable filth. So there is no single, perfect formula on how to perform erotic preliminaries. These, after all, are a kind of code that each couple must develop little by little. Discovering this code is also one of the main tasks that a couple who wants to enjoy a pleasant and satisfying sex life must undertake.

The fact that an exact formula cannot be given on how sexual preliminaries should be does not mean that we cannot give a series of guidelines on what the practices that can be part of them can be. Then, each one choose their preferred practices and make them a central element of those preliminary erotic games that will allow and guarantee an orgasm as explosive and intense as it is unforgettable.

A fundamental concept when speaking of sexual preliminaries is that of exploration. Erotic preliminaries are, so to speak, an excursion through the body of the couple. Discovering your erogenous zones and stimulating them properly is the basis on which sexual prolegomena are based. To bring that to completion, caress is capital. Sexual preliminaries cannot be conceived without caress and kiss. With them we explore the body of our lover. With caress we discover what her reactions are when feeling caressed in different parts of her body. With it we gradually increase his excitement.


If there is a practice that perfectly serves to explore the body of the lover and discover its erogenous zones, that practice is that of erotic massage . The sexual preliminaries can thus be perfectly articulated by performing an exciting erotic massage. With aromatic or edible oils or with special gels for massage, the hands will slide down the lover's body sowing it with very pleasant sensations.

Another fundamental concept in sexual preliminaries is that of play. Too often we eliminate the concept of playfulness from the act of fucking. By doing so, we add significance to intercourse and take away fun. And that works against him. He fucks and plays to have fun. Combining the folleteo and the game is, therefore, an excellent way to pass it twice as well. The game also stimulates the imagination and originality. Playing, playing, you will dare to perform erotic practices that, most likely, would not otherwise become part of your sexual repertoires. If you introduce erotic games in your erotic preliminaries (from erotic dice to card or board games), you will turn these into something much more fun and, at the same time, exciting.

In the trunk of erotic games there are many types of practices that can serve to warm the environment. We will list only some of them here. Sexting (sending hot messages or, directly, with pornographic content) could be one of them. With this erotic game, the sexual preliminaries could even start at a distance. The classic game of truth or action, the joint elaboration of an erotic story that must then be put into practice, playing with an ice cube, sharing a shower, doing a sptriptease, playing games could also serve this purpose. RPG...

The options, as you see, are many when it comes to introducing a playful element in the sexual preliminaries. From watching an X movie together to covering the couple's eyes while they are immobilized, there are many practices that can be done to turn sexual preliminaries not into the anteroom of something but into something that is important in itself.

Preliminaries with an escort

What the escorts suggest to us

When we read the presentation of an escort on GirlsBCN, it already gives us an idea of how the relationship with the girl will be. For example, Paola Evergarden tells us the following:

I like to flirt, caress, dance a little on your legs. I love to move my hips when I'm on you, feeling the heat of our bodies when your weapon is inside me. You can caress me where you will feel how soft my skin is. I can fulfill some of your fantasies ... This whole situation excites me because you are a new person, a stranger to my body and my mind. I love that you are generous and if you are, I will like you much more. Due to today's stress, she also performed relaxing massage from neck to toe with great sweetness. I can receive you lingerie or as you prefer you can ask before.

She herself gives us many clues as the prelimars in her company can be. When you contact an escort, it is important that you empathize with her presentation and also when you contact her by phone or WhatsApp, you will see if there is chemistry between the two and it is the best sign that the relationship has great possibilities of being a success.