Erotic games and toys in sexual foreplay

Friday, 14 August 2020

We continue on the path of sexual preliminaries and as a good directory of luxury escorts in Spain, we transpose it to sexual relations with the delicious luxury prostitutes of which we are true fans. And many times we meet to get intimate with a luxury whore, so as not to wear out too much and to be able to prolong the excitement to the maximum, the professional or we propose some erotic games in which the famous sex toys may or may not intervene. We are going to talk about this today, we hope it is very gratifying for your imagination and you start it with a very horny woman, whether or not she is a company girl.

Most common practices in sexual foreplay

Once the basic rules that should govern the performance of sexual foreplay are given, we are going to stop to analyze the most common sexual practices that are usually carried out during sexual prolegomena.

One of them, capital and basic, is the kiss. The kiss is essential in sexual foreplay. The kiss is, so to speak, an instrument of exploration. Starting from the lips, the kisses can be distributed throughout the lover's body: the earlobes, the neck, the nape, the shoulders, the armpits, the back, the breasts, the nipples, the belly, the thighs , the ankles, the feet, the crotch ... With more or less intensity, counting on the collaboration of the tongue and teeth or not, kisses are the starting point of some good sexual preliminaries.

Along with kisses, caresses are, as mentioned above, a fundamental practice in erotic foreplay. If they are given with lubricant, much better. In some cases, these strokes can turn, plain and simple, into masturbation. Manually stimulating the clitoris and the vaginal lips of the woman or the testicles and the penis of the man are practices that should not be lacking in some sexual prolegomena.

Another practice that is often part of good sexual foreplay is oral sex. Cunnilingus and fellatio are very pleasant and exciting practices that often give meaning to a sexual encounter by themselves. And it is difficult for a man not to come when he receives a good blowjob and there are few women who resist a good pussy eating. Stimulating with the tongue, the lips and, moderately, the teeth, the clitoris or the glans are very effective practices when what you want is to gradually lead the partner to the best of orgasms.

Erotic games

Erotic toys and sexual foreplay

Finally, in this article about sexual foreplay, we want to highlight the value of instruments that should always be taken into account and that can serve to turn the prelude to intercourse into an exciting, fun and very pleasant adventure. We are talking about erotic toys.

Erotic toys serve to introduce into the sexual relationship that very important playful element that we have talked about previously and to also increase both the sexual pleasure experienced and the nuances of it. Today the best place to buy them is online sexhops .

Let your imagination fly for a moment. Do you realize how much your routines could vary when performing your foreplay if you were to introduce some kind of erotic toy into them? How about a cock ring that gives more strength and resistance to your erection? And a clitoral stimulator to play with your partner? And a dildo to penetrate her while you lick her clitoris? And an anal plug with which to stuff her ass while you perform the wisest of cunnilingus? And a male masturbator for you while your partner (forget about taboos) stimulates your anus with his tongue?

As you can see, erotic toys can be a fantastic and irreplaceable ally when it comes to taking your sexual foreplay to another dimension. Do you dare to choose one of them and experiment with it? A whole universe of erotic sensations is waiting for you. You just have to step forward and indulge in the pleasures of slow sex. For the quickie, after all, you will always have time.

Erotic toys