Going out at night in Benidorm

Wednesday, 02 September 2020

Splendid beaches and a very varied and extensive offer of nightlife. What else can a town offer to become an ideal place to enjoy the summer? Benidorm, one of the pearls of the Costa Blanca, offers all that and much more and that is why for decades it has been one of the stellar places on the Spanish coast and one of the main centers of tourist attraction.

Called "the Spanish Manhattan" for the huge skyscrapers that personalize its skyline and that make it one of the most recognizable towns on the Mediterranean coast, Benidorm has a vibrant nightlife that, without a doubt, will satisfy the tastes of everyone who visits it. , whatever those tastes are.

Lovers of indie, rock, pop, flamenco and all kinds of music will find in Benidorm a place to enjoy their favorite music, as well as a wide range of bars, pubs and discos where they can enjoy the Benidorm night. In many of these venues, bands that pay tribute to and imitate pop and rock stars perform. Thus, those who visit these music bars in Benidorm can experience the illusion of having seen stars such as Elvis Presley, Abba, Adele, Meatloaf or Michael Jackson perform.

Those who want to party at night in Benidorm should know that there are several areas where they can move. We are going to talk to you about these areas below.

Old Town

Like all coastal towns, Benidorm also has what is often called "the old part of town". That is to say: its old town. The one in Benidorm is made up of the streets that go up to Plaza del Castillo. These streets are dotted with shops, bars, pubs, discos and restaurants and it is an ideal area to walk from bar to bar or to enjoy from a terrace the always live show of people who come and go down the street wanting to enjoy the summer and nightlife in Benidorm.

Among the streets of the Old Town of Benidorm we can highlight El Carreró del Cats (Alley of the Cats), Carrer del Metge Don Cosme Bayona and Calle Costera del Barco.

In the aforementioned streets and in those that surround them, we find places such as Mars (an ideal place to have a good cocktail), Callejón, Manhattan, El Nido, La Posada, La Sal pub, Kentuky (with its concerts of rock live) and the one that is the biggest place in the whole area: the Portobello. From the Portobello, a place where you can listen to both international and Spanish music, you can enjoy wonderful views of the sea.

The Old Town area, which is very busy by the Spanish, is a good starting point to start enjoying the nightlife in Benidorm. In this area, in addition, the drinks are cheaper than in the area closest to the beach.

Levante Beach or Paseo

Lovers of nightclubs have an unavoidable date with the Paseo de Levante . In this lively promenade, located next to Levante beach, you will find the best clubs in Benidorm. We will mention the Penelope Playa, the KU Playa, the KM Playa, the Bay Beach and the Richard New Look Playa, a club in Benidorm that has become famous for having hosted various events of the popular television program Mujeres, Hombres y Viceversa and for performing stripteases inside.

Although the drinks are more expensive in these clubs than in the Old Town, it should be noted that the entrance to these clubs is usually free and that public relations of each place roam the entire area offering discounts for drinks and invitations for shots to the people who want to enjoy nightlife on the Levante beach in Benidorm.

In this area of this town on the Costa Blanca the public is usually very varied and of many different nationalities. Undoubtedly, it is in the Paseo de Levante area and in the bars that stand next to its beach where it is perceived that Benidorm is a town with a great tourist attraction.

Among the bars on the Paseo and Playa de Levante we can highlight the Heartbreak (a biker bar where they do live concerts) and the Daytona Rock (a bar in the purest North American style with a mostly English clientele).

Benidorm beach

English zone

Of all the tourists who come from abroad to enjoy the Benidorm nightlife and all the charms of this Alicante city, the English are surely the most abundant. Here they find the ideal environment to let go. Here they abandon themselves to what the body asks of them. That is why this is the area, of all the nightlife areas of Benidorm, the most out of control.

There are several main streets in this area and among them we can highlight Gerona, Mallorca and Lepanto streets. In it you will find, dazzling in neon, nightclubs such as the Red Lion, the Lennons, the Jocker's, the Rock Dog (a place where you can take your dog while listening to 70s and 80s rock) or the Hippodrome Disco Club. The most varied music can be heard in these discos in Benidorm and in them you can experience the craziest summer holidays in Spain.

In this area we also find the Rock Star, a pub where you can enjoy good concerts while enjoying an excellent beer.

In the English area of Benidorm there are also three venues where you can enjoy excellent live music concerts. Those three locations are the Ambassador Hotel, Morgan's Tavern, and Sinatra's.

English area Benidorm

Escorts in Benidorm

Well, we fear that it will be quite difficult to find escorts in Benidorm , at least outside of the summer season. As is usual on our website, we have an escort section in Alicante and some of the girls offer their services in Benidorm, but it is not usual because the tourism that goes to this town, or is alcohol tourism (and they always find alcoholic girls to fuck, mainly on the beach) or they are tourist families whose parents don't have the audacity to visit a girl company. What is abundant is a cheaper type of prostitution for the locals or the typical hostess clubs of a lifetime (today classified as whorehouses). In any case, from what we see, it is not a conducive city to practice sex with luxury girls.

Whorehouses Benidorm